Drive Through the Night: A Poetic Memoir on Taming, Reclaiming & Becoming Wild

Drive Through the Night: A Poetic Memoir on Taming, Reclaiming & Becoming Wild

by L.M. Browning
Drive Through the Night: A Poetic Memoir on Taming, Reclaiming & Becoming Wild

Drive Through the Night: A Poetic Memoir on Taming, Reclaiming & Becoming Wild

by L.M. Browning


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Following the release of her micro-memoir, To Lose the Madness, and the TEDx Talk at Yale University based on her life, Browning returns from a six-year poetic silence with, Drive through the Night

Raw, gritty, lonesome, and stunningly authentic—we pick up Browning’s trail at mid-life as the poet reflects on her journey through her major relationships, both with lovers and self.

The map of these poems traces the poet’s journey of overcoming and re-becoming while simultaneously set against the iconic backdrop of the American Southwest. In her words, “These poems and ponderings were written across the nights—while traveling the distance between who I was expected to become and who I authentically (irrevocably) am.”

In Drive Through the Night, we follow the trail of an orphan-turned-vagabond who left behind the white picket fence for the open range and open road.

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ISBN-13: 9781953340450
Publisher: Homebound Publications
Publication date: 04/26/2022
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

(L.M.) Leslie M. Browning is the award-winning author of twelve titles. She grew up in the small fishing village of Stonington, Connecticut. In her writing, Browning explores the confluence of the natural landscape and the interior landscape. She is a convergence of her flannel-clad New England roots and the wide-sky, high-desert of the Southwest. Over the course of her career to date, Browning has garnered several awards, including: 5 Pushcart Prize nominations, 2 Foreword Reviews, Awards, and the Nautilus Gold Medal for Poetry. In 2011, she founded Homebound Publications & Divisions, which has gone on to become a leading independent publisher in the country. She has served two terms on the Board of Directors for the Independent Book Publisher's Association, is a Fellow with the International League of Conservation Writers, and recently became a Tree Ambassador with One Tree Planted. Following the release of her micro memoir, To Lose the Madness in 2018 Leslie was invited to present at Yale University's TEDx Conference entitled, Uncharted, to share her own journey with successive trauma and search for transcendence in her talk, Writing on Life. Browning holds an degree in Philosophy from the University of London and a Liberal Bachelor or Arts focusing on English, Psychology, and Digital Media from Harvard University. A vagabond-turned-homesteader, Browning is carving out a farm in the Berkshire mountains and holds a position at the press; main office in Northampton, MA. When not writing, or publishing the work of indie authors, she is roaming the mountains . . . which are ever-calling.

Table of Contents

Finding True North xvii

The Photography xix

Land Acknowledgment xxv

Part 1 The Taming

The Distance Between Here and There 3

The Whole of Life in a Day 5

The Reckoning Begins 6

Seeking Saviors in all the Wrong Places 9

The Next Morning 11

Cyclical Wounding 13

The Road From Santa Fe to Cimarron 14

Valentine 17

The Recurring Dream 18

Lobo 20

Wanderlust & Other Desert Towns 22

Diez 24

Deep Cuts, Minor Chords 27

A Coward in the Night, Death & Rebirth 29

Gutshot 31

Part 2 The Breaking

Limbo 35


For Want of Care 37

Nerve-shaken 38

White Squall 41° North 39

Go Ask, Alice 40

Finally Talking with Him about the Twins 41

Cliff-jumper 42

Unaddressable 43

The Runaways 44

Constellation of Wounds 45

Toxic Amnesia 46

The Laws of Gravity 47

Thinking About It All 48

Hanging in Bardo 50

Waking Up Alive 51

Woundmates 52

Eclipse 53

No Boundaries 54

Just Get in the Damn Car 55

Part 3 The Bolting

Roman Candle in the Night 58

Rise 60

Sirens 63

Freedom 64

Hungry Ghosts 67

Going to See the Shaman 68

Without Destination 71

In Santa Fe with Tim Leary 72

Save Yourself 75

The Dirge 77

The Technicolor Burning Bush 79

A Spark of Knowing 80

Desert Descent 83

Unspoken 84

Wildfire 86

Advice from a Stray 89

Mustang 90

Counting Coup 92

Just Let It Be 95

The Last Exit 96

Neon Trails & the Wild Unknown 99

Part 4 The Reclaiming

This is What You Shall Do, and Not Do 103

Cataloging the Crossing 104

Dialogues Along the Stream of Consciousness 106

Rites 8C the Alchemy of Resurrection 108

When It If Fixin' to Storm 110

Saying Goodbye 113

Flash Flood 115

Unconditional Love 116

Kinfolk 119

The Two Trees 121

This Dirt 122

True North 125

My Promise To You 127

Closing Note

End Notes

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