Driven by Fate (Serve Series #5)

Driven by Fate (Serve Series #5)

by Tessa Bailey

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A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

The first rule is obey... and she already broke it.

Francesca "Frankie" De Luca always pays her debts. Even when it means stepping inside Serve, the sensuous Manhattan club that caters to particular adult desires. For Frankie, it's a taste of something she's always wanted—and never received. Until a sharply dressed Brit orders her into his room, and instructs her to undress before delivering the carnal punishment she so desperately needs...

She wasn't the woman Porter Evans was expecting. Not this wild thing with the pale, silvery eyes. And such cheek. But she violates Porter's strict rules of control. Temptation is a dangerous thing indeed. Yet everything about Frankie cries out for schooling about the tantalizing interplay of pleasure and pain. So Porter offers Frankie a deal she can't refuse—and the only thing she owes him is submission...

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ISBN-13: 9781633752153
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 02/16/2015
Series: Serve Series , #5
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 235
Sales rank: 106,248
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Tessa Bailey lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and young daughter. When she isn't writing or reading romance, she enjoys a good argument and thirty-minute recipes.

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Driven by Fate

A Serve Novel

By Tessa Bailey, Heather Howland

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2015 Tessa Bailey
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-215-3


Toto, I don't think we're in Queens anymore.

Frankie De Luca stepped back just in time to avoid a dancing couple that certainly hadn't left enough room for Jesus between their writhing bodies. They stumbled toward an elevator located along the back of the dance floor, drawing Frankie's attention to the massive, golden mouth framing the doors. Welcome to hell? A man sporting an earpiece pressed the button just in time for the doors to open and swallow the couple whole, taking them upstairs to join in the revelry that went on at Serve, Manhattan's exclusive club for the adventurous. Upstairs was where Frankie was supposed to be headed, but her reflection in the steel doors of the elevator kept her rooted to the spot as the party raged on around her. She'd worn Converse and ripped jeans to a BDSM club. Was she serious?

Two stylishly dressed women brushed past her, giving her curious looks. Frankie's chin automatically lifted even though she could feel the holes in her jeans widening by the second. No one gave a shit about her clothes during her day job. Hell, her customers couldn't even see her attire from the other side of the plastic partition. Driving a cab had its perks. A keen fashion sense might not be one of them, but the job paid the bills.

Or most of them, anyway. There was one behemoth expense accumulating over head with way too many zeroes attached. Frankie didn't do debts. Or charity. Which was what had brought her to Serve that night. She'd come to pay it back.

Okay. That was one reason. The other wasn't so easily summed up.

Tonight, she'd get some clarification.

Forcing her features into an expression that said I'm supposed to be here, she went toward earpiece-guy, who, upon closer inspection, proved to be just as eye-catching as his surroundings. He lifted a lazy eyebrow at her approach, but she didn't let his lack of verbal greeting faze her. "My name is Frankie De Luca. I have a meeting with Jonah Briggs."

"Really." The man consulted his clipboard. "He doesn't usually take meetings."

"Believe me. I know."

The owner of Serve was notoriously private, despite the recent media circus surrounding his relationship with notable financial journalist, Caroline Preston. It had taken Frankie months to get Jonah to agree to this meeting. In the end, her loose connection to the Preston family had gotten her a fifteen-minute time window, one she planned to use wisely.

"It appears you've breached the inner sanctum." Earpiece-guy punched the elevator's call button and stepped back. "Congratulations."

"I'm honored," she mumbled, doing her best not to stare at the man as she stepped though the doors. When they bumped closed behind her, she jumped a little, then rolled her eyes. Compared to picking up passengers in her cab at three o'clock in the morning, this meeting would be a piece of cake. It was what could come afterward that had her nerves expanding beneath her skin, twisting and crackling. Anticipation or dread? Guess she'd find out.

When the elevator doors opened, she peered into the darkened space, expecting to see an orgy in full swing. Instead, she saw a sprawling, tastefully decorated floor, complete with a lounge area. Several couples were speaking in hushed tones, hands roaming, but nothing she hadn't seen before in her rearview mirror. How disappointing. With a shrug, she turned down a hallway with several doors on either side. One swung open to reveal Jonah Briggs. Arms crossed over his chest, he looked about as inviting as the subway after New Year's Eve. Too bad the red licorice scent that wafted off him was a comfort whether he liked it or not.

"I don't have much time," he told her.

"Me either," she returned, bypassing him into his office. An oversized, carved mahogany desk took up most of the space in the first room, covered in neat stacks of paperwork and several framed photos of Caroline Preston, interspersed with others of a young girl. His daughter? There was a second door across the room, and an electric blue glow coming from beneath it suggested monitors or televisions on the other side. "Quiet night out there."

"Give it an hour." Jonah took a seat behind his desk, thoughtful eyes flicking over the pictures of his girlfriend, as if it were an unconscious action. "You mentioned over the phone that this had something to do with my daughter."

Frankie nodded, refusing to let her gaze dip. She hadn't liked using another person's weakness to secure the meeting, but desperate times had called for it. This debt of hers would be repaid by fair means or foul. "You wouldn't have agreed to see me without knowing everything about me." No reaction. "So you already know that your girlfriend's family is responsible for sending me to Columbia University. I'm the first beneficiary of the scholarship they set up in their mother's name."

Jonah leaned back in his chair. "I might know something about it."

"Right." Her response was dry. "I've met the Prestons enough times to know they won't accept repayment from me."

"A grant doesn't require repayment."

"Maybe for some people. But I boned up on you, too, and I know you're not the type to accept something for free, either." She gave him a meaningful look. "I never could have done this without them and I'm grateful. But when I graduate, it'll be on my own dime."

"What does this have to do with my daughter?"

Frankie glanced at the photo on his desk depicting a young girl dangling off a jungle gym. "I want to make the payments to you. The Prestons don't need to know about it." She forced herself not to play with the fringe on her jeans. "I'd like it set aside for your daughter to use when she's my age. Kind of an indirect way of paying back the Prestons by sending someone they care about to school."

Jonah didn't speak for a moment. She'd surprised him. Good. "I don't need your money to send my daughter to school. In fact, that's a privilege I'd prefer to keep."

"Understood." Damn. She should have anticipated that. "Your daughter can donate it to a charity of her choice when she turns eighteen, then. Or send another poor unfortunate to college with the money." She secured her poker face. "Take the payment from me or I'll drop out."

"You're that serious about it." It wasn't a question. Again his gaze flicked toward the pictures on his desk. Over a smiling Caroline Preston who would probably be upset if she returned the grant money. For all their newsworthy shenanigans, the Prestons were good people. They had taken a chance on her, changed her life, really. But she already owed too many people in this world.

Jonah rubbed his knuckles over his jaw. "I'll put aside these payments for you on one condition."

Frankie raised an eyebrow, not ready to commit until she heard the terms.

Jonah's lips twitched. "If you need the money, you come back and get it." He stood and extended his hand. "And Ms. De Luca? I'll know if you need it."

"I appreciate your concern." She shook his hand, sealing the deal. "But I won't."

As soon as he released her hand, she dug in her pocket and took out a white envelope, sliding it across the desk. "Here's my first payment. It's not much. The business classes I'm taking make it difficult to drive my cab, but I'll make sure I match it down to the penny."

"Something tells me not to doubt you."

Frankie felt her own smile threaten, but it faded when she remembered her other purpose for the night. Her relief over having Jonah accept her terms allowed for anticipation to trickle through her midsection, blending with fear of the unknown. A significant part of her wanted to take her victory and run, but she'd come there tonight to kill two birds with one stone and that's what she would do. No backing out now.

When Jonah sat back down at his desk instead of heading right for the second room, Frankie predicted she'd have about two minutes to appease her curiosity just beyond the door of his office, curiosity she'd been harboring for two years. Before attending Columbia had gone from pipe dream to reality, night classes had been all she could afford. One night, after missing a lecture due to an overtime shift at work, she'd stopped by a classmate's apartment to copy her notes. Instead, Frankie walked in on her having sex with her boyfriend. Not just any sex, though. The woman's legs and hands had been bound to the bed while the guy gripped her chin, telling her who she belonged to. Pumping in and out of her. Hard. At the time, Frankie had ordered herself to move. Get away before they caught her. Eventually, she'd managed it, but there had been no mistaking one fact. She'd been turned on to an almost embarrassing degree. In fact, she hadn't stopped being turned on since that day, but there'd been no appeasement. Where did one go for an experience like the one she'd witnessed?

Here. Serve.

Frankie backed out of Jonah's office, returning his wave as he answered a phone call. Her stomach felt like it had been pumped full of helium as she closed the door behind her, finding herself alone in the darkened hallway. To her right, a sliver of light caught her eye—movement behind a slightly ajar door. She squared her shoulders and eased toward it, hoping for a peek of what lay on the other side. Just a peek.

What she saw through the crack woke up her hormones and twisted them into a pretzel.

A man dressed in all black, right down to his leather gloves, was visible in profile. But it was enough to daze her. Not just darkly, criminally handsome ... intriguing, to boot. Every line of his body was tension-filled. His jaw, his shoulders, his thighs. Powerful chest muscles flexed beneath the expensive material of his shirt. He was pulling items out of a leather bag and laying them neatly on an elevated table, every single movement precise. Almost angry. This was a private moment she was seeing, but she couldn't look away. His energy was hypnotic.

If he was in one of these rooms, did that mean he was here to meet someone? To do those things she'd fantasized about since the day she'd walked in on her friend? Jealousy summersaulted inside her ribcage. Ridiculous. He hadn't even looked at her. She didn't even know him. It remained there, anyway, turning faster and faster.

When he spoke in a taut, yet smoky, British accent, the tumbling stilled instantly.

Everything inside her went still.

"If you choose to stand there much longer, you will be punished for your lateness." Golden eyes locked on her. "Choose wisely."


This ... girl is not my partner for the night.

Porter Evans paused in the act of removing tools from his leather bag to watch her enter the room. It was impossible not to watch her. Her expression spoke of a readiness to take on the world but her fingers were fiddling with a string hanging from her jeans. For the love of God, the sodding jeans alone were going to be the death of him. Had she purchased them in such a disheveled state or done it herself with a pair of scissors? Either method baffled him, but he couldn't help noticing the skin each hole in the denim revealed. Soft, olive-colored skin. Italian skin. Marked skin. But not from the kinds of pursuits he engaged in. Her knees appeared to be scratched up from a fall of some kind.

Soothe her. Porter was so surprised by the uncharacteristic urge, he dropped the flogger he'd been holding, immediately reaching down to straighten it without taking his gaze off the girl. His eyes tracked downward to light on her ancient pair of runners, enough dirt on them to suggest she'd earned those toned legs from physical activity. It didn't excuse their hideousness.

What did excuse it? Big silver eyes. Yes, silver. They were the lightest shade of blue he'd ever seen. Not even enough to be categorized as blue. The contrast they created against her tanned skin was extraordinary, exotic, at total odds with her tomboy appearance. If she'd walked into Serve wearing leather, she never would have made it to this room, not if any other man in the building had a say in it. As it was, though, this ragamuffin—who couldn't be older than twenty-two—had shown up in his room.

And she wasn't his arranged partner. There was protocol that he always followed when arranging this type of thing and it included knowing what the woman looked like. Her limits. This was not that woman.

Was she attempting to pretend otherwise? Allowing this situation to go on any longer went entirely against his personality. He liked terms stated up front. Keeping an airtight schedule. Yet there was an insistent, undeniable need to let the charade play out, if she was indeed trying to fool him. Even if he didn't quite understand why the need existed, it pulled at him with compelling force. The words that would break the spell refused to come.

"Do you need a reminder to remove your clothing?" He lifted his leather bag off the bed and set it down carefully on a nearby chair. "I can't imagine why. It was very clearly stated in the terms that the clothes come off immediately."

Her confidence wavered a moment before that stubborn chin lifted once more, sending long brown hair—in desperate need of a brush—sliding over her shoulders. Lust pooled low and heavy in his groin at that show of mettle. It only increased when she clutched the edge of her shirt and tossed it over her head. Onto the ground. Any other time, he would order his submissive to pick up the discarded garment and fold it neatly. He needed everything in its place, goddammit. But he couldn't—could not—tear his eyes away from the breasts she'd revealed. A groan even managed to slip from his mouth before he could catch it.

She was golden all over, everywhere but the pink tips of her nipples. An image of her arms stretched and bound above her head while he sucked those peaks made his cock rise in his pants. This had been a mistake, going through with the ruse. He was supposed to be appreciative, aroused, but never ... tempted. These encounters were a healthy environment to exercise control over himself. Another person. But at that moment, his thoughts were anything but in control. There were ... the beginnings of chaos.

"Man. Are you always this tense?" She swaggered toward the bed and hopped up onto the padded surface, making her breasts jiggle. "Seems like that should be my job considering you just picked up a horsewhip."

He had? Porter looked down to find the leather object wrapped tightly in his fist. "It's called a crop," he enunciated. "And I don't recall giving you permission to get on the bed."

"Should I get off?" She reclined back, supporting herself with her hands. "Because that actually does seem like your job."

Porter's restraint caved in on itself, causing reality to blur. In that moment, he forgot this wasn't the person he'd arranged to see, but someone else entirely. Someone who obviously didn't know what the hell she'd gotten herself into. The beautiful temptation that had chosen to defy him, to seek punishment. He was all too willing to oblige her.

He gripped her knees and yanked her off the bed, and a slight tremor passing through those limbs knocked some sense into him. Just not enough. He whirled her around until she faced the bed, aligning himself flush with her back. Fuck, she curved right into his lap. "I don't think you heard me. You couldn't have, since your ass if still being hidden from my eyes by these jeans." He unsnapped the top button, savoring the way she gasped with awareness of who was in charge. Finally. "Maybe I should just rip them off you. Put them out of their misery."

"Fine." She sagged onto the table. "Just put me out of mine, too, please."

She came into sharp focus then. Not just her physical attributes, which were more than enough to keep his attention. It was the plaintiveness in her voice, though, that captivated him. He'd only been in her presence for minutes and he knew this wasn't someone who begged, or revealed weakness if she could damn well help it. Not unless she sorely fucking needed it. That need demolished him. For so long, he'd been playing out scenes, but they never felt real. She was real. She was happening to him.


Excerpted from Driven by Fate by Tessa Bailey, Heather Howland. Copyright © 2015 Tessa Bailey. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Driven By Fate (Entangled Brazen) 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## I'd never thought I'd say this about any book written by Tessa Bailey, but I didn't care for this one. AT ALL. God, Porter was such an ass*ole. He was an arrogant, condescending, pompous jerk. I really dislike Dom/sub stories and don't generally waste my time with them but I gave this one a chance because I buy everything written by Ms. Bailey (she's simply remarkable). However, this one missed the mark for me. The "hero" (and I use that term lightly) ruined it for me. Sure, he came around in the end but for 3/4 of the book he was insufferable. Doms don't always need to be d*cks. They can be comanding in the bedroom (which is hot, hot, hot) but can still be decent human beings which Porter was not. Won't be reading again.
CindyMeyer More than 1 year ago
Enigmatic. Intense. I hated Porter Evans in one minute, and fell for him in the next.  The best book of the series!  Perfect!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Do not hesitate to buy this book. Sexy,funny and sweet. I fell in love with the chatacters and the story. If you are like me and enjoy a smartly-written and steamy story look no further.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
OH MY! I love Tessa's books and this one is really hot. It took Porter quiet awhile to get his emotional act together but it was understandable since he had no role models in life for anything. Frankie with her open and stubborn self helped him to break down the walls to learn how to love. As far as their chemistry together ..... they had that perfected from the first. I love the dark intriguing men Tessa writes about. Love the gifts they gave each other because let's face it not many women would Love a toy metal cab? Not many but it was perfect for Frankie and showed much caring by Porter even when he had no experience with. Loved the book and as always look forward to more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So hot and awesome! I finished them all in 3 days. Great story line and really loved their nicknames for each other. It's always nice to read a story and really feel their connection. How they both complete each other. This one is a definite must read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this one
Mennina1 More than 1 year ago
Frankie always pays her debts. When she goes into Serve to start payments for her college she wanders into a world that intrigues her. She stumbles into a room with Porter Evans and after he harshly address her to undress and does things to her she only has ever imagined she is hooked. Now if she can just figure it all out. Porter typically doesn't make attachments with his subordinates. But there is something about Frankie he just can't get out of his mind. He just has to have her again. This is the third book in the series I have read and I love the books. I am looking forward to more!
Mikki4ABookishEscape More than 1 year ago
5 erotic, steamy, mesmerizing, opposites attract stars! Driven by Fate, which is Tessa Bailey's third book in the Serve Series, kept me up the whole freakin' night! I was anxiously waiting, reading device in hands, for Frankie and Porter's book to appear so that I could start my non-stop reading escape! Once I start reading one of Tessa's book there is nothing that is going to stop me from finishing it! We previously meet these characters in Owned by Fate and Exposed by Fate. I had mixed feelings about Porter when he was introduced in the previous books, but once I finished reading Driven by Fate I understood his reactions and the way he was revealed to us. Frankie on the other hand, I knew she was a tough cookie from the moment she was introduced in Exposed by Fate. I can still remember that scene like I read it yesterday. I told myself that this girl was going to drive a man wild someday, Oh dear Lord! Did she ever!!!!  The intense and deliciously erotic connection between Frankie and Porter begins when Frankie visits Club Serve to repay a debt. After her meeting with the owner of Club Serve ends, she decides to take a look around. Club Serve is exactly the place where they can deliver the pleasure that she always craved, but never received. Frankie's curiosity leads her to taking a sneak peek into one of the room. What she never expected was to come face-to-face with a man that would make her body come alive. Porter offers her a deal that she simply can't refuse. Porter is all about control, but from the moment Frankie enters his life he can't seem to stop losing control. Nobody has gotten under his skin until her. Will he be able to let her go after their deal or will he be the one begging for more? I absolutely loved these two characters! It was so easy to connect with Frankie. I would totally hang out with her and give her a call so she can drive me safely around the city :) Her personality is addictive and she makes her own rules. She has a plan in life and nothing or nobody will get in her way. This determination made her brakedown Porter's walls. Porter was very different from all the other leading male characters that Tessa has written. That is why I also liked him. He was different. I can see why it would have never worked between him and Eliza, which is the main heroine in Exposed by Fate. She was just not the right person for him. Frankie is. She is exactly what he needs in his life and she completely understands his behavior, his struggles and his feelings.  The important thing for me when I read a story is that I believe and feel the story that I'm reading and, I absolutely did believe in Frankie and Porter's love story. Their chemistry was explosive, all-consuming and addictive! OMG! The sex scenes in this book?? Bow chicka wow wow!!! I know what I will be thinking about the next time I find myself in a cab *Fans Self* I love how Tessa always includes little details in her stories that makes it impossible, for us readers, to forget about her books. Once again, Tessa has exceeded all of my exceptions and leaves me wanting always more!  I give, Driven by Fate, by Tessa Bailey, 5 erotic, steamy, mesmerizing, opposites attract stars!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
and there story. Tessa Bailey rarely disappoints, and this book is no exception.
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
A great addition to this wonderful series. I was hooked from page one and couldn’t put it down, the chemistry between Porter and Frankie is wonderful and Porter is one hot and sexy Dom. This story is well rounded, plenty of steamy sex and an entertaining story. I loved it.
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
The first rule is obey... and she already broke it. Francesca "Frankie" De Luca always pays her debts. Even when it means stepping inside Serve, the sensuous Manhattan club that caters to particular adult desires. For Frankie, it's a taste of something she's always wanted—and never received. Until a sharply dressed Brit orders her into his room, and instructs her to undress before delivering the carnal punishment she so desperately needs... She wasn't the woman Porter Evans was expecting. Not this wild thing with the pale, silvery eyes. And such cheek. But she violates Porter's strict rules of control. Temptation is a dangerous thing indeed. Yet everything about Frankie cries out for schooling about the tantalizing interplay of pleasure and pain. So Porter offers Frankie a deal she can't refuse—and the only thing she owes him is submission...  Review: Tessa Bailey sure does write some awesome sexiness! I was not sure this series cold get any steamier, but she proved me wrong.  Don't get me wrong she creates a great whole package, with romance, story and characters expertly woven together. I really liked Frankie from the first time we meet her.  She is spunky, independent and smart.  The perfect partner for Porter, tough but craves what he can give her.  Porter was for me a little to cliche and I did not connect with him as much as the other male leads in her stories. I liked the story though and was able to overcome the non-connection with Porter because of the story and Frankie. While this may not be my favorite of the series, I still think because of her writing it was a great read. I am curious though to see what the next story will bring. 3.5Stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So good!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Driven by Fate brings us back to Frankie DeLuca, we met her in one of the first installments of the Serve series. Frankie was the recipient of the scholarship that Oliver wanted to start in his mother's name. Frankie was a struggling taxi car driver with big dreams. On a chance encounter with Porter Evans one night after leaving Serve, and boldly observing him as he sets up a scene, joins him in his room. Porter knows immediately that she is not the woman he was waiting for, but for some inexplicable reason allows it. From there he can not allow her to get away from him. On the other side of the coin, Frankie can not allow her secret unrequited desires to lie dormant anymore and sees/feels an undeniable pull towards Porter.  I have to say this edition of Serve we are greeted with a bit more of a darker desire than the others. It does hold on to the dominant/submissive undertones, but Frankie is definitely a stronger than normal submissive. I love that she doesn't let Porter get away with dominating her to the point of embarrassment. She is able to submit without giving her spirit away and it is a definite enjoyment to read a the lovely steaminess!   
SummerSnowFalls More than 1 year ago
Frankie is the epitome of an independent, self-sufficient woman – to the point of paying back a scholarship she received for business school. SHE is the one to brazenly instigate her initial D/s encounter with Porter at Serve and I loved this unexpected switch since it is usually the Dominate who pursues and persuades the submissive. Frankie is an intelligent, creative woman (I love the idea of Frankie’s Fleet!) with a strong sense of family. Her desire for family puts her at heartbreaking odds with Porter. Porter is the silent partner of a high profile security firm. His need for control and order bleeds through into all aspects of his life, which in turn inform his choices and actions with Frankie. Watching Porter’s personal character growth from uncaring Dominant to caring family man is perhaps one of the most satisfying parts of this book. And don’t worry – Porter is still very much a Dominant; now he is just a Dominant in love. Even better! Frankie and Porter make excellent partners. They compliment and challenge each other just like any real couple. The sex is hot, but a lot of the satisfaction comes from the build-up and anticipation as well as Porter’s sinfully wicked dirty talk! This is one erotica where I actually wish there were more sex scenes! And I would love to see a sequel (of sorts) that goes more in-depth into Frankie and Porter’s relationship between the ending and the epilogue because I absolutely LOVED the epilogue! Originally posted at Plot Twist Reviews [dot] Com I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sami_Creech More than 1 year ago
Frankie is one very determined girl. She hates feeling like she owes anyone anything and has a secret desire to enter the world of BDSM. When she goes to Serve to speak about repaying a scholarship she also takes the opportunity to dip her toes into her fantasy world. Frankie gets way more than she bargained for. Porter lives a very regimented life. Everything has to be in perfect order including his emotions. When a woman who is not the person he is expecting enters him room in Serve he feels a pull towards her that he cannot explain. This of course throws Porter completely out of his element. When his new little sub tries to run away he tracks her down and makes a proposition he have never made before. These two have a chemistry that flies off the pages and will make you hot and bothered. Frankie is not easy to tame and Porter finds he actually likes the challenge. Can these two be the ones to tame each other? A great book by any standards.
Sheri_B1975 More than 1 year ago
Originally posted on my blog: Tangled Up In Books I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating! Ever since opening up the first book in the Serve series, also by Tessa Bailey, Owned by Fate, I have been crazy about it. It's intense, steamy and just the right amount of BDSM to not quite push me out of my comfort zone reading wise but just linger right there on the edge, well except maybe this one. The men are all true alphas, filled with dominance and yet not so tough that there doesn't seem to be a heart deep inside there waiting to be brought out by the right woman. And the women are feisty and independent in a lot of ways that don't give up total control too easily. It's been the perfect blend of give and take. I was so excited to see that Frankie was getting a book of her own. She makes some brief appearances in the first couple of books in the series and she was very memorable. She's a tough cookie. We're talking New York, tom boyish, raised by a bunch of New York male cabbies, including her uncle, kind of tough. Full of attitude and pride. I had already admired her spunk and sense of determination before starting this book and in finishing it I like her so much more. I figured it would be interesting to say the least to see someone with a personality as strong willed as Frankie's allow herself to be dominated. Boy was it. She's become my favorite female in the series at this point. On the other hand, normally someone like Porter would be my ideal guy, someone I'd be attracted to beyond all reason. He's British (my weakness...), very alpha, powerful, controlled, a bit dangerous and intimidating. I'd be falling at this guys feet! But there were too many times throughout this book that I just did not understand him. He seemed so contradictory and at times and not in a good way. It was just a bit too confusing to me. Plus his intensity was just too much. I mean he literally scared me at times with his very dark side. It had been mentioned in previous books that Porter did have this side to him and I think for me most of the time he was going way out of my comfort zone. By the end he went from being my ideal to someone I just sort of...tolerated to finish the book, which left me sad. I did enjoy the storyline though which had everything to do with Frankie. The realness of her and her depth made up for everything I felt Porter was lacking. I still enjoyed parts of it even though it was my least favorite book in the series. I love Tessa Bailey's writing quite a bit so it leaves me feeling sad to say that. I guess I'd say read it if you don't mind having your limits pushed and going into a much darker side of BDSM. Thank you Entangled Publishing for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!
mkendallauthorMK More than 1 year ago
ARC provided by publisher. I'll be the first to admit that I love the Serve books but I can safely say Driven by Fate has been my fave in the series so far. The chemistry between Frankie and Porter is smoking hot and that 'chase' scene hottest damn scene ever. I give this 10 out of 5 because it is just that good.
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
I am a diehard Tessa Bailey fan and I love reading her books. However and unfortunately, Driven by Fate did not capture my interest. Don't get me wrong, the writing is superb, the characters are intriguing and kinky, and the plot and subplots are interesting. However, the main characters, Francesca “Frankie” De Luca, a 24 year old college student who also drives a cab, and Porter Evans, a 30 year old security expert and antique purveyor, did not float my boat. Their chemistry felt forced and as a result, I was unable to connect with them as a couple. However, as individuals, I liked them very much. They were warm, welcoming and truly cared about those around them. As the story progressed, an emotional bond did finally develop between them, however I could not get myself to like them in an emotional way. Overall an okay read. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher.
NerdyChic2 More than 1 year ago
Driven by Fate by Tessa Bailey is my favorite read this year thus far. The characters, the writing, the laugh out loud moments (so many!!), the hot steamy sex, those incredible kisses. Everything worked for me in this book! "You need a ride somewhere?" "Don't tell me you drive this thing," "Well, I can't fly it." Frankie (Francesca) DeLuca is a sassy, tough as nails cabbie from Queens that has always had a desire for something more when it comes to her sex life. She wants to be swept up, to be brought to the edge and taken over. So when she enters Serve, a Manhattan Club known for such adventurous undertakings, how can she resist trying to get what she wants. What she gets is sexy, uptight British Dom Porter Evans who tempts her at every turn.  "Where in God's name did this girl come from? How could she look at him with breathtaking vulnerability while serving up such a healthy dose of disrespect?" Porter has never met anyone who's tested him as Frankie does. Sassy, vulnerable, beautiful and yet not as feminine as the women he's usually attracted to, she's a complete dichotomy. Yet, everything about her tempts him in the worst way. He finds himself wanting to laugh and smile at her even when trying to be the serious Dom. He's always kept people at a distance and yet with Frankie, he can't seem to stay away.  "Letting her leave his arms felt wrong. Horribly wrong." These two are both stubborn to a tee. Porter is all about control but this gorgeous woman in her ripped jeans makes him want to throw some of his own rules out the window. He knows that one night won't ever be enough with her and yet, doesn't think he's the relationship type to try and make this something more. Frankie is independent but wants someone to take control and show her what it's like to be submissive, to take someone of that independence and satisfy her like she never has been before. These two have insane chemistry together and that's what I loved most about this book. That these two characters who are absolute opposites and yet, Tessa Bailey made them work!! I reread the book I just loved Frankie, who is such a strong female character with attitude, and Porter, who is stiff and yet, oh so sexy! I can not wait to read more from this author!
Kiwibooknerd More than 1 year ago
Advanced Readers Copy Courtesy of Entangled Publishing....:) mmmmm so while I enjoyed the latest book in this freakishly hot series, I am gonna say it was not my favourite..... That honour still belongs to Jonah and Oliver..... We have met both characters in previous books. Preston is the hot sexy Brit, who was lusting over Eliza and Frankie was the tomboy taxi diver who received the scholarship from Oliver and Caroline's family.... The book starts off with Frankie going to see Jonah to talk to him about paying off her scholarship. She hates being indebted to anyone and is a very independent person who likes to make her own way. After concluding her business with Jonah her curiosity over Serve and its "wicked happenings" takes over and she ends up walking into a room that Porter is busy getting ready for another sub. One look at her and Porter is hooked. He knows she is not the sub he is waiting for, but he cant deny that he wants this feisty, hot curious girl who has walked into his room. This is where the story begins as Porter offers Frankie a opportunity to come work for him until 5pm every day and then let the play time begin. Tessa Bailey has once again proven why she is taking over as the Queen on hot erotica in this 5th book that has us panting and drooling for more....:)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this series by Tessa Bailey. Her writing always draws me in and this is no exception. Love it.
JillianReadLoveBlog More than 1 year ago
Driven By Fate is the fifth book in the Serve Series, the third in the series written by author Tessa Bailey, and focuses on Frankie and Porter. We’ve briefly met these two in the earlier books and I have been dying to dig into their story. Well, I can say that it was worth the wait and lived up to all of the delicious expectations I had. If there’s one word people would use to describe Frankie DeLuca it would probably be formidable. Not meant in a negative sense, but in a sense that she always worked for what she had. She was strong and determined and didn’t take crap from anyone. She had her dreams ahead of her and will do whatever it takes to see those dreams come to fruition. Those dreams included owning a business that would cater to women and get them from place to place without the fear of becoming a victim after a girls night out…a cab company with all cabs driven by women. Being in the taxi business she understood the misgivings women had sometimes and she wanted to do something about it. She was tough as nails and can handle most men, but there were plenty of women who were the complete opposite. She saw opportunity there. Now she just needed the funds to get the business off the ground. That should be her sole focus right now, not the sexy Brit she had a chance encounter with. Now he seems to be the only thing she can focus on. Him and his dominating ways. She had never taken orders from anyone, but with him she felt she wanted to and that scared the hell out of her. She wanted him with a need that defied anything she’d ever known. And he wanted her as well. So much so that he offers her a chance to realize her dreams…investing in her cab company. Most of you know I’m a huge fan of Tessa’s work and always look forward to seeing what she comes up with next. She never ceases to amaze me. This book was no exception. Frankie and Porter’s story had a different feel than most of her other books and it was sublime. Frankie is tough and sharp and is just figuring out who she is. That includes being dominated in the bedroom.  That, obviously, is at odds with the face she puts on for the rest of the world. She’s used to being the only woman in a man’s field and is ok with it…but the hardness she’s had to gain over the years gets tiring at times. Sometimes she just wants to let go. That’s where Porter comes in. Oh, my, Porter. Steely, dominating, sexy, Porter. He is just as indomitable as Frankie but in a way that compliments her beautifully. Two hard-headed people, used to working hard and getting their way, fighting for the upper hand in their encounters can only add up to some combustible and heated moments. And oh, yes, it does. It adds up to heat that only Tessa Bailey can write. Of course, both Porter and Frankie find a softer side that only shines for one another and it was so amazing. It was beautiful to see the change in both of them and to see their relationship blossom into so much more than just sex. The ending of this story had me crying sappy tears and made me love Porter even more *dreamy sigh* Once again, Tessa Bailey delivers sensuous heat, delicious dirty talk, and raw emotion with Driven By Fate. Thank you, Tessa, for yet another amazing read!
LovinLosLibros More than 1 year ago
Driven by Fate is the third Serve book written by Tessa Bailey and it is definitely the darkest and most intense. I had no idea Porter would turn out the way he did and I have to say, I'm really glad Eliza didn't get her chance with him. Frankie is much more suited for him than she was, even with Frankie being a newbie to the BDSM environment. We also met Frankie very briefly in the previous novel, as she is the recipient of the Preston's memorial scholarship fund. She is my kind of girl- tough, sarcastic, and proud. It kills her to take handouts and doesn't want to feel indebted to anyone. However, without that scholarship she wouldn't be taking business classes at Columbia University either. She does have a plan of action and that is what lands her at Serve in the first place. She would be lying if she said this world didn't intrigue her. Which is why she steps into Porter Evans' room in the first place. She knows he's expecting someone else, but after he commands her to come inside... well she can't help the temptation she feels from the sexy Brit. Porter's tastes are more intense than I thought they would be and while that wouldn't be a bad thing, I felt his cold, detached demeanor was too harsh at times. He isn't a man to show vulnerability. In fact, he doesn't even bother with kissing because that is too personal. Frankie is vibrant and willing, but I didn't like how he handled a lot of things with her. He knows Frankie is new to this world and he doesn't even try to ease her in gently. The Dom is supposed to take care of the Sub's needs and Porter did not do that for Frankie. He pushed too hard, was in too deep with his feelings of lust for her that he caused her real emotional pain for the way he treated her. He is not completely to blame though. Frankie is still a consenting adult and she didn't safe word either, instead just getting upset and running away afterward. That was the one thing I had a problem with in this book. I didn't really see Porter's redemption. He purposefully distances himself from her instead of showing her his true feelings and I hated seeing Frankie hurt because of that. It isn't until the end where Porter makes his grand gesture that I saw a glimpse of a guy who was hiding behind his hardened exterior. I do like the epilogue in this one, as it showed that he was earning his way with her. I had trouble with them as a couple because I didn't feel their connection. I would have liked to see them talk more and have more playful, fun moments with one another to offset the harsh, upsetting ones. With that all being said, this is still an incredibly steamy, sexy book. The scenes of them together where he wasn't breaking her trust were great. I especially loved the one at her house before he went all freak out in his head. It showed a sweeter, more playful side to him and I would have liked more of those. Through it all, Frankie is one resilient girl. Even with Porter acting the way he does, she still manages to keep her pride and dignity. She is a smart woman with great ambition and I loved seeing that take on an important part of this book. I love the idea behind her business venture and I don't know if something like that actually exists, but wow- I would be so down for that. She has a big heart and I loved seeing how much her 'family' meant to her. Frankie is definitely someone I would want to be friends with and want in my corner. Oh and there's a cameo from Tessa's Line of Duty series, so that was really fun to witness and made me smile. While this isn't my favorite of the Serve books, I did still enjoy it and look forward to more books in this series.