Driving the Future: Combating Climate Change with Cleaner, Smarter Cars

Driving the Future: Combating Climate Change with Cleaner, Smarter Cars


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Now in paperback, with a new foreword by Fred Krupp, an expert's illuminating preview of the cleaner, lighter, smarter cars of the future.

In Driving the Future, Margo T. Oge portrays a future where clean, intelligent vehicles with lighter frames and alternative power trains will produce zero emissions and run at 100+ mpg. With electronic architectures more like those of airplanes, cars will be smarter and safer, will park themselves, and will network with other vehicles on the road to drive themselves. As the director of the EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality, Oge was the chief architect behind the Obama administration’s landmark 2012 deal with automakers in the US market to double the fuel efficiency of their fleets and to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2025. This was America’s first formal climate action using regulation to reduce emissions through innovation in car design.

Offering an insider account of the partnership between federal agencies, California, environmental groups, and car manufacturers that led to the historic deal, Margo discusses the science of climate change, the politics of addressing it, and the lessons learned for policy makers. She also takes the reader through the convergence of macro trends that will drive this innovation over the next forty years and be every bit as transformative as those wrought by Karl Benz and Henry Ford. Driving the Future is for anyone who wants to know what car they’ll be driving in ten, twenty, or thirty years—and for everyone concerned about air quality and climate change now.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781628726916
Publisher: Arcade
Publication date: 09/20/2016
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 376
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Margo Oge retired as director of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality after thirty-two years with the EPA. While at the EPA, she was a chief architect of the most important improvements of air quality from the transportation sector, resulting in the prevention of 40,000 premature deaths and hundreds of thousands of cases of respiratory illness annually. She received Presidential Awards from Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and numerous environmental and industry awards. In commending her achievements, President Obama wrote, "Under your tireless leadership, we have realized significant environmental achievements in the transportation sector, from making diesel fuels cleaner to finalizing the most aggressive fuel economy standards for cars and trucks out to model year 2025."

Margo is vice-chairman of the board of DeltaWing Technologies, which is creating a new, high-efficiency passenger car based on the DeltaWing race car, and is a board member of the National Academy of Sciences, UCS, ICCT, and ACE. She also sit on a Department of Energy advisory committee on hydrogen and fuel cells and a National Academy of Sciences advisory committee on US global climate change research. Margo has an MS in engineering from the University of Massachusetts–Lowell and attended George Washington and Harvard Universities. She resides in McLean, Virginia.

Table of Contents

List of Figures xi

Foreword Fred Krupp xiii

Introduction 1

Part 1 The Climate Journey

1 The Dawn of Automobility 13

2 The Discovery of Earth's Climate 22

3 Hot Air 42

Part 2 The Big Deal

4 My New Boss 63

5 The Secret Weapon 76

6 Yes, We Can 90

7 Fuel Economy's Revenge 101

8 Golden State 108

9 Tortured Policy 120

10 The Most Popular People in the Building 138

11 VOLPE to OMEGA 144

12 Just Get It Done 152

13 722 Jackson Place 165

Part 3 Imagining Tomorrow

14 The "Four Wheels" Driving the Car of the Future 183

15 Going for Zero Emissions 217

16 Lighter and Stronger 245

17 Defossilizing Fuels 257

18 A World of Connections 268

19 Lessons and Pathways Toward 2050 283

Afterword 317

Acknowledgments 318

Abbreviations 324

Notes 326

Index 337

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