Droga Do Nieba (Road to Heaven)

Droga Do Nieba (Road to Heaven)

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This collection of Sona Van’s poems is a tribute to the victims of genocide and war. With extraordinary feminine sensitivity, the poet looks at the world in all its striking contrasts, constantly probing the depths of her consciousness with new modes of expression. The collection consists of ephemeral poems characterized by dramatic encounters with nothingness in which an uncanny ability to capture extreme situations prevails. Sona Van’s poetry represents the truest testimony of historical experience and the reality in which it still lives. Full of unexpected juxtapositions of time, rhythm, and imagery, the poems are inspiring to believers and skeptics alike.

Full contents:

File 01:

1. Libretto dla pustyni (Libretto for the desert)

File 02:

2. Jestem wiecznym pająkiem (I am the eternal spider)

3. W ciemności oszalała… (Going crazy)

4. Gdy mnie nie będzie… (When I’m gone)

5. Lubię twoją… (I like your…)

6. Wierzę… (I believe)

7. Biografia (Biography)

8. Boże Narodzenie (Christmas)

File 03:

9. W tym dniu (On this day)

File 04:

10. Znudziłam się (I got bored)

11. Życie… (Life)

12. Gdy chcę (When I want)

File 05:

13. Inna zima (A different winter)

File 06:

14. Przysięgam (I swear)

File 07:

15. Zabawa w chowanego (Hide and seek)

16. Wreszcie… (At last)

17. Muzo… (Muse)

18. W dniu… (When)

19. Zderzyłam się z tobą… (I bumped into you)

File 08:

20. Dlaczego nie doczekałam końca (Why I didn’t make it to the end)

21. Niebo?… (Sky?)

File 09:

22. Z okna samolotu (From the window of an airplane)

23. . Moja muza… (My muse)

File 10:

24. Emigrant Ormianin (Armenian emigrant)

25. Moje sny niezliczone wariackie (Countless wild dreams)

File 11:

26. Mijają miłości (Love passes by)

File 12:

27. Jakie to uczucie (What kind of feeling)

File 13:

28. Wziąć… czapkę? (Take …. a hat?)

File 14:

29. Nieważne jak się nazywam (It doesn’t matter what my name is)

File 15:

30. Uśmiechający się ptak (Smiling bird)

31. Przed chwilą złamał się (Just broke)

32. Wkrótce zrobi się ciemno (Soon it’ll be dark)

File 16:

33. Najpierw piorun… na pewno (Lightning comes first)

34. Kiedy… (When)

35. Znalazłam już (I’ve found it)

36. To nie wydaje mi się (I don’t think so)

File 17:

37. Poczekaj trochę (Wait a minute)

38. Ja?…(Me?)

File 18:

39. Daj mi odejść (Let me go)

40. Oto i nasza wieś (Here is our village)

File 19:

41. Pierwsze skurcze (First contractions)

42. Jeśli wina naprawdę… (If a fault…)

43. Urodziłam się z człowieka (I was born of men)

44. Dobro i zło (Good and evil)

File 20:

45. Wszechświat w Tobie (The universe inside of you)

46. Stań mój proroku (Wait my prophet)

File 21:

47. Świat jest pełen dawnych miłości (The world is full of old love)

File 22:

48. Noc zmienia wszystko (Night changes everything)

49. Ostatnio… (Lately)

File 23:

50. Ballada o koniu (A ballad about a horse)

File 24:

51. Szczęśliwy jest ten… (Lucky is the one who sees but not believes)

52. W dni… (During those days)

File 25:

53. Gdy jestem sama… (When I am lonely)

54. Wybudowałam miasto (I created a city)

55. Wiatr… (Wind)

56. Ostatni dzień jesieni… (Last day of fall)

57. Czy pamiętasz polanę? (Do you remember the glade?)

File 26:

58. Pierwszy był płacz (First there was a cry)

59. Poeta zmarł… (The poet died)

File 27:

60. „Tajemnica życia Władcy” (The Lord’s secret)

61. Znalazłam Cię Panie Boże (I found you God)

File 28:

62. Laska niewiedzy (Cane of ignorance)

63. Czy była to chwila… (Was it a moment)

File 29:

64. Osobista historia (A personal story)

65. Czasie… (Time)

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About the Author

Sona Van (Sona Ter-Hovhannisyan) is a poet and essayist who was born in Yerevan, Armenia. She is the recipient of the gold medal from Armenia’s Ministry of Culture as well as many other international cultural prizes, awards, and diplomas. Her books of poetry have been translated into more than seventeen languages. She is the cofounder of the literary journal Narcissus.

Beata Poźniak, known for playing Marina Oswald in Oscar-nominated JFK, has narrated bestsellers The Winter Palace and Empress of the Night: A Novel of Catherine the Great. The Illuminae Files received an Audie Award and The Tsar of Love and Techno was selected in the Top 5 Best Audiobooks of the year by The Washington Post. She is a human rights activist, and introduced the first bill in the history of US Congress to recognize officially International Women’s Day in the United States.

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