Droid 2: The Missing Manual

Droid 2: The Missing Manual

by Preston Gralla


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Ready to unleash the Droid 2? This entertaining guide helps you take full command of Motorola’s sleek new device to get online, shop, find locations, keep in touch, and much more. Every page is packed with useful information you can put to work right away, from setup to troubleshooting, with lots of valuable tips and tricks along the way.

  • Get organized. Sync your contacts, calendar, and email with your Google Calendar and Outlook accounts.
  • Go online. Make your phone a portable hotspot or a modem to get your laptop online.
  • Be productive. Use Google docs to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Play music. Purchase music from Amazon and sync your Droid 2 with Windows Media Player.
  • Capture photos and video. Edit your photos and share everything you shoot—instantly.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781449301699
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/09/2011
Series: Missing Manual Series
Pages: 373
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Preston Gralla is the author of more than 40 books that have been translated into 20 languages, including Galaxy S 5 The Missing Manual, Windows 8 Hacks, NOOK HD: The Missing Manual, Galaxy Tab: The Missing Manual, The Big Book of Windows Hacks, How the Internet Works, and How Wireless Works. He is a contributing editor to Computerworld, a blogger for ITWorld, and was a founding editor and then editorial director of PC/Computing, executive editor for CNet/ZDNet, and the founding managing editor of PC Week.He has written about technology for many national newspapers and magazines, including USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Dallas Morning News (for whom he wrote a technology column), PC World, and numerous others. As a widely recognized technology expert, he has made many television and radio appearances, including on the CBS Early Show, MSNBC, ABC World News Now, and National Public Radio. Under his editorship, PC/Computing was a finalist for General Excellence in the National Magazine Awards. He has also won the “Best Feature in a Computing Publication” award from the Computer Press Association.Gralla is also the recipient of a Fiction Fellowship from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with his wife (his two children have flown the coop). He welcomes feedback about his books by email at preston@gralla.com.

Table of Contents

The Missing Credits;
About the Author;
About the Creative Team;
The Missing Manual Series;
About the Droid 2;
About This Book;
About the Outline;
About the Online Resources;
Safari® Books Online;
Chapter 1: The Guided Tour;
1.1 Power/Lock Key;
1.2 Headset Jack;
1.3 About the Screen;
1.4 Status Bar Icons;
1.5 Notification Light;
1.6 The Four Keys;
1.7 Slide-Out Keyboard;
1.8 Micro USB Port;
1.9 Ringer Volume;
1.10 Microphone;
1.11 SD Card and Battery;
1.12 Camera;
1.13 Charging Cable and AC Adapter;
1.14 Home Screen;
1.15 Customizing the Home Screen and Panes;
1.16 Controlling the Droid 2 with Your Fingers;
Chapter 2: Typing and Texting;
2.1 The Three Keyboards;
2.2 Using the Multi-Touch Keyboard;
2.3 Using the Swype Keyboard;
2.4 The Physical Keyboard;
2.5 Copying and Pasting Text;
2.6 Searching Your Droid 2;
2.7 Voice Search;
2.8 Text Messaging (SMS);
2.9 Google Talk;
Chapter 3: Phone Calls;
3.1 Placing a Phone Call;
3.2 Dialing a Call;
3.3 Managing Contacts;
3.4 Designating Favorites;
3.5 Setting Up Speed Dial;
3.6 Answering Calls;
3.7 Conference Calling;
3.8 Visual Voicemail;
3.9 Call Waiting;
3.10 Call Forwarding;
3.11 Caller ID;
3.12 Bluetooth Earpieces;
Chapter 4: Music;
4.1 Where to Get Music;
4.2 Using the Music App;
4.3 Choosing from the 3D Gallery;
4.4 Playing Music;
4.5 Creating Playlists;
4.6 More Music Options;
4.7 Using Your Droid 2 While Playing Music;
4.8 Playing Music and Media on Other Devices;
Chapter 5: Camera, Photos, and Video;
5.1 Opening the Gallery;
5.2 Editing Photos, Sharing Photos, and More;
5.3 Working with Multiple Photos;
5.4 Videos in the Gallery;
5.5 Taking Still Photos;
5.6 Customizing Your Photo Shooting;
5.7 Photo Settings;
5.8 Taking Video;
5.9 YouTube;
Chapter 6: Maps, Weather, and Other Droid 2 Apps;
6.1 Maps;
6.2 Turn-by-Turn Navigation;
6.3 Street View;
6.4 Weather;
6.5 Reading News;
6.6 Calculator;
Chapter 7: Calendar;
7.1 Using the Calendar;
7.2 Geolocation and the Calendar;
7.3 Google Calendar on the Web;
7.4 Synchronizing Your Calendar with Outlook;
7.5 Corporate Calendar and Microsoft Exchange;
Chapter 8: Getting Online: Wi-Fi, 3G, and Mobile Hotspots;
8.1 How the Droid 2 Gets Online;
8.2 Connecting via Wi-Fi;
8.3 Turning Your Droid 2 into a Wi-Fi Hotspot;
8.4 Airplane Mode;
Chapter 9: The Web;
9.1 The Droid 2 Browser;
9.2 Basic Navigation and Managing Windows;
9.3 Navigating a Web Page;
9.4 Multiple Windows;
9.5 Web Pages Designed for Mobile Phones;
9.6 The Address Bar;
9.8 Most Visited and History Lists;
9.9 Tapping Links;
9.10 Saving Online Images;
9.11 Finding Text, Copying Text, Getting Page Information, and More;
9.12 Browsing with Keyboard Shortcuts;
9.13 Getting the Facts with RSS;
9.14 Online Privacy and Security;
9.15 Using Other Browsers;
Chapter 10: Email, Gmail, Facebook, and the Universal Inbox;
10.1 Understanding Email on the Droid 2;
10.2 Setting Up Gmail;
10.3 Reading Mail in Gmail;
10.4 Replying and Forwarding in Gmail;
10.5 Understanding Gmail’s Organization;
10.6 Managing Incoming Mail in Gmail;
10.7 Writing Messages in Gmail;
10.8 Working with Labels and Search;
10.9 Searching Gmail;
10.10 Setting Up Email Accounts;
10.11 Reading Mail;
10.12 Handling Attachments and Pictures in Email;
10.13 Managing Mail;
10.14 Creating and Sending Mail;
10.15 The Universal Inbox;
10.16 Using Web-Based Mail Programs;
10.17 Facebook on the Droid 2;
Chapter 11: Downloading and Using Apps;
11.1 The Droid 2’s Free and Easy Approach to Apps;
11.2 Apps and Multitasking;
11.3 Where to Get Apps;
11.4 Using Market;
11.5 Downloading from the Web;
11.6 Downloading and Using a Bar Code Scanner;
11.7 Updating Apps;
11.8 Managing, Sharing, and Uninstalling Apps;
11.9 Putting an App on the Home Screen or Panes;
11.10 Troubleshooting Apps;
11.11 Five Great Apps;
Chapter 12: Syncing and Transferring Music, Videos, Pictures, and Other Files;
12.1 Connecting Your Droid 2 to Your Computer;
12.2 Transferring Files Using Your PC;
12.3 Transferring Files Using Your Mac;
12.4 Transferring Music, Videos, and Pictures from a PC Using Windows Media Player;
12.5 Transferring Music, Videos, and Pictures to Your PC;
12.6 Transferring Pictures to Your PC in Bulk;
12.7 Using the Droid 2 Files Application;
12.8 Checking Space on Your SD Card;
Chapter 13: Taking the Droid 2 to Work;
13.1 Setting Up Your Droid 2 with Your Company Account;
13.2 Virtual Private Networking (VPN);
13.3 Using Google Docs;
13.4 Microsoft Office;
Chapter 14: Controlling the Droid 2 with Your Voice;
14.1 Two Ways to Control the Droid 2 by Voice;
14.2 Using the Magic of Voice Actions;
14.3 What You Can Do with Voice Actions;
14.4 Using Voice Commands;
14.5 What Can You Control with Your Voice?;
14.6 Training the Droid 2 to Obey;
14.7 Setting Voice Commands Options;
Chapter 15: Settings;
15.1 Wireless & Networks;
15.2 Call Settings;
15.3 Sound;
15.4 Display;
15.5 Data Manager;
15.6 Backup Assistant;
15.7 Location & Security;
15.8 Accounts;
15.9 Applications;
15.10 Battery Manager;
15.11 Privacy;
15.12 SD Card & Phone Storage;
15.13 Search;
15.14 Language & Keyboard;
15.15 Voice Input & Output;
15.16 Accessibility;
15.17 Date & Time;
15.18 About Phone;
Setup and Signup;
Choosing a Plan;
Upgrading to the Newest Software;
Useful Accessories;
Places to Shop;
Troubleshooting and Maintenance;
Make Sure Your Software Is Up-to-Date;
Fixing a Frozen Phone;
Correcting Email Settings;
Troubleshooting the SD Card;
Resetting the Droid 2;
Warranty and Repair;
Finding Help;

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