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Drug Legalization

Drug Legalization

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by Scott Barbour

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Here are three new titles in this valuable anthology series that presents reprints of primary sources representing various sides of social and political issues. Drug Legalization, for example, considers the question of whether prohibition is an effective strategy, offering opinions by people like Barry R. McCaffrey, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy ("An International Drug Prohibition Effort is Needed"), contrasted with those of, for instance, Jesse Jackson ("Drug Prohibition is Unfair to Minorities"). Other questions considered are whether U.S drug policies should be liberalized and whether marijuana laws should be relaxed, with professors, newspaper columnists, and congressmen, among others, weighing in with opinions excerpted from newspaper articles, journals, and government testimony. An introduction sets out the issues, and chapter prefaces summarize some of the arguments. There is a line or two of biographical information about each author. The other titles follow a similar format. Suicide examines whether suicide is an individual right, what its causes are and how it can be prevented, and whether physicians should help the terminally ill commit suicide. Ethics examines what motivates people to behave ethically, whether American businesses are becoming more ethical, the ethics of modern biomedical practices, and how to teach ethical behavior. Each title includes an annotated list of organizations to contact. Titles coming up in 2001 include The Abortion Controversy, Censorship, Family Violence, Hate Crimes, Teen Pregnancy and Parenting, and Violence in the Media. Useful as a way of sparking discussions in social studies courses as well as for research in allhigh school and public libraries. (Current Controversies). KLIATT Codes: SA—Recommended for senior high school students, advanced students, and adults. 2000, Greenhaven Press, 154p, 99-053091, bibliogs, indexes, 23cm, $14.86. Ages 16 to adult. Reviewer: Paula Rohrlick; January 2001 (Vol. 35 No. 1)

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Greenhaven Publishing
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Current Controversies Series
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6.78(w) x 9.76(h) x 0.65(d)
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15 - 17 Years

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Drug Legalization 1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Alex_gallagher More than 1 year ago
In this book I learned a lot about different people’s opinions about the serious situations going on in the world today. The Current Controversies Series examines today’s most important social and political issues. Each volume in the book presents a diverse selection of primary sources representing all sides of the debate in question.  In each chapter it talked about different situations in the world dealing with drugs, prohibition, war, and all different types of laws that concern a lot of people. This book was very interesting because I got to see each side of the debate and I learned a lot of new things that I never knew were occurring in the world. Some of the chapters were very powerful in their choice of words and it was hard to understand in some ways.  This wasn’t my best choice of a book because it talked a lot about the government and different laws that I never knew about or never cared to learn about. This book would benefit somebody who is interested in learning about the government and reading about facts that not many people know about. This book would also be a good choice for someone who likes to read about different arguments and debates about drug laws, drug legalization, and the benefits for some people. I did enjoy reading the opinions from some of the people because it gave me a different outlook on the certain situations in the world that they talked about. It was also interesting to compare the different laws between the the United States and the other different countries they mentioned because I never realized how situations can be so different in each state or country. An interesting topic that also caught my attention was all the different drugs in the world and what harm they can do to an individual person and how it effects everyone around them, and it was really sad to read about that.