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Drug Use, Policy, and Management, 2nd Edition

Drug Use, Policy, and Management, 2nd Edition

by Richard E. Isralowitz


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This new edition provides an up-to-date examination of the key issues of the drug problem, including cigarettes, heroin, alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana. It offers a current review of definitions of drug use and dependence, the latest developments regarding tobacco use and the historical agreement between government and industry, and research and analysis from a cross-cultural perspective. A detailed account of opium and heroin distribution and control in the region of Afghanistan provide valuable insight.

Whether it be illegal drugs such as marijuana, heroin, and cocaine or legal substances including cigarettes and alcohol, drug use is a deeply imbedded characteristic of society. An immense amount of money and human resources is spent in the United States to address drug use. For example, the cost of substance abuse to the U.S. economy each year is estimated to be over $414 billion. In terms of illegal drugs alone, the U.S. drug market has been estimated to be $150 billion a year. The annual federal anti-drug budget for law enforcement is about $12 billion per year; and about $3 billion goes to overseas drug wars alone with about half of that amount going to Colombia to eliminate opium and coca cultivation. It has been reported that substance abuse and addiction will add at least $41 billion to the costs of elementary and secondary education for 2001 due to class disruption and violence, special education and tutoring, teacher turnover, truancy, children left behind, student assistance programs, property damage, injury, and counseling. The cost to the nation for each of its hard-core addicts, per year, is about $30,000. The amount spent on the drug problem does not include the cost of drug use measured in human suffering, increased violence, and lost lives, nor does it include the damage done by cigarettes and alcohol.

The second, updated edition of this important work examines issues about the use and abuse of legal and illegal drugs from multiple perspectives including the social context of reality, historical and present patterns of use, causal factors associated with addiction, research findings including those of a cross-cultural nature, case studies of addicts, and the management of services provision.

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Publication date: 06/30/2002
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About the Author

RICHARD E. ISRALOWITZ is Professor and Director, Israel Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Resources Center, Ben Gurion University.

Table of Contents


Drug Use and Abuse: Definitions and the Social Context of Reality—Tobacco

Theoretical Considerations and Risk

Heroin: The King of Illegal Drugs

Alcohol and the Alcoholic

Cocaine and Crack

Marijuana: Is It Really a War of Values and Special Interests?

Management: Elements of Drug Treatment Services Organization and Development

Epilogue: The Final Straw—A Response to the War Against Drugs

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