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Drum Building Secrets!: Build A Drum Set In 10 Simple Steps!

Drum Building Secrets!: Build A Drum Set In 10 Simple Steps!

by Brian Maroevich


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"Drum Building Secrets" is a step-by-step guide that shows you the techniques you need to know to succeed at building a professional level drum set.

8.5 inch x 11 inch format!

In "Drum Building Secrets" you'll discover what kind of drum shells to choose, and how to build a professional level drum kit from the ground up from your home or in your workshop.

Building a quality drum set is not easy! Nothing worthwhile is easy. But I make it much easier and eliminate the frustration you will encounter when you try and do it all by yourself.

I make it easier for you by providing you with 10 simple step by step directions...

Table Of Contents:

Introduction 4

Getting Started: A Broad Outline 5

What Makes a Great Drum?: The Basics of

Building a Fine Instrument 8

The Shell 8

Head 13

The Bearing Edge 13

Hoops 15

Lugs 16

The Essentials: What You'll Need to

Complete This Drum-Making Project 18

Drum Components 18

Equipment and Essential Tools 19

Other Helpful, Though Not Essential,

Items 20

NOTE: Read This Section Before Beginning the Step-By-Step Instructions 22

Step 1: Prepare the Drum Shell 24

Step 2: Sand the Drum Shell 30

Step 3: Dye or Stain the Shell Wood 32

Step 4: Re-Sand the Newly Stained or

Dyed Shell Wood 34

Step 5: Finish the Shell with a Clear

Protective Coating 36

Step 6: Apply the Wrap 39

Tape Versus Glue: A Brief Explanation 39

Applying a Wrap with Hi-Bond

Adhesive 40

Applying the Wrap with Glue 43

Step 7: Drilling the Lug Holes 52

Step 8: Drill the Vent Holes 57

Special Note For Snare Drums 58

Step 9: Putting Together the Final

Pieces 59

For Toms 60

For Bass Drums 61

Step 10: Setting Up Your Drum Set 62

Conclusion 64

Appendix A: A Drummer's Glossary 66

Appendix B: Resources for Drummers 69


"I ordered the drum building secrets manual, and it's amazing! Thank you so much for putting it together, it really does make a big difference. I want to tell all my drum friends about it, but at the same time, I kind of don't want to (so they don't find out where I get my tips from), but, nonetheless, I have told quite a few people.

I had many questions and self-doubts about attempting a build, but after reading the e-book, I have nothing but confidence, and my first build (an 8" tom) was a great success!"

Thanks again,
Jimmy Shand

"I really enjoyed your book and I did actually use it, I built a snare drum. Nothing fancy, just used the basic information to build a basic drum, it was very informative and did help me with all the details I needed. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to build a single snare to a full double bass set. In fact I plan to build a complete set next summer and will use Drum Building Secrets again! Thank you."

Mauricio V. Cordova, TX

Drum Building Secrets will give you the knowledge you need to speak intelligently about how drums are built.

There is nothing more satisfying than building your own drum kit.

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