Drums and Shadows: Survival Studies Amongst the Georgia Coastal Negroes

Drums and Shadows: Survival Studies Amongst the Georgia Coastal Negroes

by Georgia Writer's Project

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ISBN-13: 9781300206828
Publisher: Lulu.com
Publication date: 01/21/2013
Format: NOOK Book
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Drums and Shadows: Survival Studies Amongst the Georgia Coastal Negroes 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I sighed. "I ALWAYS have to stay at the campsite!" I whined,knowing i shouldn't have. My mother shot an angry look at me. I glared back"Thats because your the youngest!" My mother said. "You are also acting annoying and irresponsibly." "Fine!" I snapped and stomped off to my tent. Once inside i grabbed my pack. Inside was my knife, notebook,granola bars, pencil ,binoculars, flashlight,water bottle,and my clothes,including my swimsuit. "Just because im twelve doesn't mean im not old enough for fun stuff!" I fumed"I'm more responsible than Sadie! " my anger grew and grew. Finally,i made my decision. Later that night,when everyone was asleep, I grabbed my sleeping bag and pack. I snuck out of my tent and ran off. After 3 hours,I stopped to rest. "2 minutes " I tell myself. During that time I eat a candy bar and sip some water. Then I get up and begin to hike again. The sun starts to come up. I suddenly realized I need to pick up the pace. I began to hike faster. I hike all day. When I stop i climb up a tree,slip into my sleeping bag, and tie myself onto the tree. For a while I stare up at the stars,thinking."When the birds stop humming,and the crickets start strumming- I will lay thee down,without a single frown." After a while I trail off. When I wake up I yawn. I look around. I see a birds nest with a egg that didn't hatch. I grabbed it and sucked it.(( Thats where you poke a hole in the shell and suck the insides of the egg through the hole)) After a while I see an old cottage. I creep closer to get a better look when"What do you think you're doing?" A beautiful woman bellowed((Tell me wht you think of this,then I'll write the second part))
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Located at ready to write res two.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Scorchtail silently creep through the woods, his jet-black fur brushing against dappled leaves. His brother, Driftbriar, followed him, his green eyes narrowed at his brother. Scorchtail suddenly caught a delicious scent up his nose; very fresh and not far away. Scorchtail followed the scent until he spotted a light brown small figure beyond large bushes. 'Mouse!' Scorchtail thought. He pushes himself into the bushes quietly and looked out from it. Scorchtail was right; it was a mouse. It looks asleep, too. Scorchtail focused his deep blue eyes on the mouse as he creeps foward. Making no noise, he gets ready to pounce..."ouch!" A voice echoed through the forest. The noice touched the mouse's ears and get up, looking around in surprisement before running away. "Fox dung!" Scorchtail cried out and turned to his brother. Driftbriar's left fore-paw had a thorn in his pad from one of the bushes. "You scared away my prey!" Scorchtail hissed. Driftbriar flattened his ear. "Sorry but there's a large thorn in my paw!" He whined. "Quiet! Or you'll scare more prey away!" Scorchtail hissed impatiently. "But my pad!" Driftbriar cried out. "Stop it! You're acting like a whining kit! If your pad hurts, go back to CherryClan camp and ask Blossomspirit, our Medicine Cat, if she can take a thorn out of your pad!" Scorchtail snapped. Driftbriar stiffened. "Fine." He murmured before his gray-and-white fur dissappeared among the bushes. Scorchtail sighed and search the forest to find more prey. -------------------- "ooh, that is a big one!" Blossomspirit exclaimed when Driftbriar showed her his pad. "Hold on, this will hurt a bit." Blossomspirit meowed as she locked her teeth to the thorn and pull on it. The thorn came out roughly, but it is out. Driftbriar's pad was swollen and filled with little blood. Blossomspirit spitted the thorn out of her mouth. "I'll get some cobwebs." She meowed before padding to the back of the Medicine Cat den. Driftbriar looks at his pad and sighs. Scorchtail is right; he acted like a whining kit back there and he mess up Scorchtail's concetration. Blossomspirit came back with cobwebs and place it on Driftbriar's pad. "Just stay here for a bit and it'll clear up." She instructed Driftbriar. A sudden shreik echoed through the CherryClan camp. Sweetstar came out of the leaders' den and stared at the cat who did the shreik. "Sweetstar!" The cat meowed. 'Grassdust!' Driftbriar remembers his mother's voice. "W-what is it?" Sweetstar asked. "Scorchtail is dead!" Grassdust yelled. "No!" Driftbriar whispered in sadness. "How?!" Sweetstar demanded. "A border patrol found his body at the edge of CherryClan camp! They told me about it first! They also found a clump of ginger fur in his claws and there is a large gash on his throat! He was murdered!" Grassdust reported. Driftbriar knows there is only one cat in CherryClan and that is Scorchtail's best friend, Breezespirit. How could Breezespirit do that? "Order a patrol to retrieve his body back here. We will sit vigil for him because he was the deputy. But tell the Clan that Breezespirit is now deputy." Sweetstar ordered. Driftbriar gasped. 'Breezespirit did it because she will be deputy! Even though she was his brother's best friend!' Driftbriar thought. "Sweetstar! You can't!" Driftbriar shouted. "Can't what?" Sweetstar asked. "Brezespirit killed Scorchtail because she wants to be deputy!" Sweetstar nodded. "Then you'll be deputy Driftbriar." She meowed. Driftbriar nodded.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Shellflower walked sadly across camp. There was a disease in RunningClan, an uncurable one. Both the medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice were working their tails off (no pun intended) trying to find an herb that cured the sickness, but nothing worked. Cats prayed to StarClan it would soon be gone, but even StarClan seemed to have no control over it. Yesterday two of Shellflower's kits had died, the little ones Nectarkit and Honeykit. Her last kit and her mate were close to meeting StarClan, and Shellflower was filled with grief. Nobody listened to her, beautiful but more than middle-aged Shellflower, the silver tabby with a few gray hairs who had birthed eight litters and supplied the clan with most of their warriors. She insisted that there had to be a cure, that nearly every disease had one, but the medicine cat had shouted her down. There is no cure, he had said. What do you know, you're just a queen with a direct path to the elder's den. Age has muddled your brain! The words still rang in her head. Stopping to visit her mate and kit, she left for the warriors den. She felt elderly and tired, and she fell asleep almost immediately. A StarClan cat visited her in a dream. "In a mountain, healing will be found, when it is, peace and love will resound," she said, and disappeared. Shellflower was still puzzling the meaning of the dream when everything clicked into place. A journey! To a mountain! There must be something there that would heal this! She stole some traveling herbs from the medicine den and set off. The medicine cat had predicted Stonewind, her mate, two days to live. She had to hurry. Days and days she went, barely feeding herself, when she found what she had wanted. A mountain. Climbing it, she saw a deep cavern when she got to the top. Then she knew what she had to do. She jumped. Something cushioned her fall, and she saw an orb of white light next to her. "W-what are you going t-t-to d-do with me?" Stammered Shellflower, gasping. "P-please show me where the healing herb is so l can heal my clan." The white light glowed brighter. "The healing is not an object. It is you. Your love, combined with my strength, will heal your clan. We cannot heal without each other." And then the light enveloped her, and she glowed like fire and wind and sunlight, and she floated out of the mountain and, abnormally fast, down to her clan in only a few minutes. There she found the medicine den and drifted down. In her heart, she knew what to do. Touching a paw to each victim, they were healed. Last, she came to her mate and kit. Slowly she touched both of them, and they became free of sickness. Shellflower lived to an old age and was never forgotten.