Drury Lane Drama Factory: Stephen Price, Yankee Impresario, Part 1, 1826-27

Drury Lane Drama Factory: Stephen Price, Yankee Impresario, Part 1, 1826-27

by Terry Russell


In 1826, London's Theatre Elites were shocked when a Yankee Impresario - Stephen Price of New York - had the temerity to take control of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, the venerated "Home of the National Drama" since the Restoration of Charles II. This is the first of four Illustrated Chronicles of Mr. Price's tenure from 1826-1830. In the form of a Diary of Performances, Personalities and Events, it addresses the scale and risks of directing the vast theatre as a commercial undertaking: and what it was like for the actors whose success or failure was arbitrated every night by tetchy critics, untamed audiences and fickle weather. Mr. Price's Drama Factory produced astonishing volumes of material, far beyond modern theatres and actors. Old Drury operated 6 nights a week for 212 nights from late September to July. Nightly performances included at least two dramatic pieces, interspersed with ballets, divertissements, etc. Programmes were changed every night by mixing new pieces with repeat performances. To sustain this level of output Mr. Price's Company performed 107 new and revived titles, which, with repeats, amounted to well over 500 performances across the full range of Shakespearian drama, Restoration comedy, Farces, Melodramas, Operas and other musical entertainments. This Chronicle utilizes a sample of 178 playbills (of 212) to detail nightly programmes and actors, with over 100 reviews, news and stage gossip items from contemporary newspapers and literary journals. There are 111 biographical notes for actors and authors. It is illustrated with 73 images of actors, playbills etc. It is supported by 12 appendices and readings. This edition is revised December 2016.

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