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ISBN-13: 9780880484305
Publisher: American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 01/28/1995
Edition description: 1st ed
Pages: 501
Product dimensions: 7.09(w) x 10.11(h) x 1.04(d)

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The Foundations of Psychiatric Diagnosis. Roots: a brief history of psychiatric classification. Conceptual issues in psychiatric diagnosis. The Development and Use of DSM-IV. The preparation of DSM-IV. The DSM-IV road map and classification. The nuts and bolts of using DSM-IV. The yeas and nays of the multiaxial system. The retirement of the term organic. The DSM-IV Diagnoses. Delirium, dementia, amnestic, and other cognitive disorders. Mental disorders due to a general medical condition. Substance-related disorders. Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. Mood disorders. Anxiety disorders. Somatoform disorders. Factitious disorder and malingering. Dissociative disorders. Sexual and gender identity disorders. Eating disorders. Sleep disorders. Impulse-control disorders not elsewhere classified. Adjustment disorders. Personality disorders. Disorders of infancy, childhood, and adolescence. Other conditions that may be a focus of attention. Not Ready for Prime Time. Some future contenders. “Hot” controversies. Study Guides. The capsule summary: What everyone should know about DSM-IV. Quiz yourself: 100 questions toward DSM-IV mastery. Afterword. Bibliography. Index.

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