Dual Diagnosis: The Big Book

Dual Diagnosis: The Big Book

by Angela Menius


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In 1987, Dual diagnosis was identified as a legitimate mental health category. Since, then they have done study's and trials on treatment models for the programs for the dually diagnosed. However, the health professionals have not put into place as of yet a program for the individuals suffering from dual diagnosis. Individuals are being treated with medications for dual diagnosis but they are not given information on why they are taking the medications or what the medications are for. This author has been there. I have had to do all the research on the medications and diagnosis myself. I decided to write a book to explain the ins and outs of dual diagnosis so the individuals who are suffering from the disease will know what they are dealing with. It is a life long disease. It needs to be treated as if it were diabetes or another physical disease. It is a disease. It is not our fault we have it and we did not do anything to get it. It just is.

Dual Diagnosis is a book that will give you all the information you will need for the understanding of what dual disorders is and how it affects the individuals life. It touches on different many different areas of our life. I have been through the changes I needed to make due to the psychological affects of the disease. I have put in my book how to change the different areas to a more positive and healthy way of living. Dual disorders has destroyed hundreds if not millions of men and women's lives over the decades.

Men and women who are affected with dual disorders need to educate themselves on the disorders and how it affects them. Dual Disorders book gives individuals the understanding of dual disorders and exactly what it is. The book will help men and women understand how the disease affects the brain and it's functions. It breaks it down into words that you can understand.

My hope is this book will reach as many suffering dually diagnosed individuals as it can. Knowledge gives us power. The more we know about what is going on with us the more we can be involved with our treatment and be able to ask questions about our treatment. We do not need to be afraid of the disease. We can and must fight for a better way of living and not hide in the shadows anymore. We can and must lead a healthy and constructive way of life. We deserve it.

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