Dual Diagnosis - Journaling and More

Dual Diagnosis - Journaling and More

by Angela Menius


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Dual Diagnosis - Journaling and More discusses how to start journaling and the steps to be successful at it. When you have dual diagnosis, you will be going through a lot of changes and have a lot of different feelings and emotions. It is good to be able to journal and get the feelings out and into a journal. It is not only for recording them but to get them out of your head and onto paper. Once the feelings and emotions are out on paper you will be able to release them and not hold on them anymore. The changes will come in the form of doctors appointments, psychologist and therapist appointments medications, changing of behaviors in different areas of your life in different ways. Recording these changes and different events happening in your life is a record to see what works and what does not work. It is a reference point for progress in recovery. You can make notes on how you feel about the changes and you may have your own ideas of what might work and try it then record what happened. You can put your charting in the journal. Charting on moods, menu, exercising, dieting, and more, Put in there your book work and keep up with the progress you are making on changing different behaviors. It can be used for so much. It can be invaluable to you. You can go back in a years time and review and see the progress you have made in your recovery.

The more of the book refers a lot to relapse prevention. It discusses the ins and outs of prevention. It gives you ideas for distractions. It gives you a relapse prevention plan example and a blank plan for you to fill out for your own personal needs for a relapse prevention plan. What will work for you and what you will need during a crisis. This book is filled with valuable information in different areas. It is a must have book. It bill benefit you in a lot of different areas. It was written with the dual diagnosis individual in mind. It is a proven book techniques which works. The men and women who have used the skills in the book have reported they couldn't have gotten through recovery without the skills in the book. I hope you feel the same way after reading the book and practicing the skills talked about in the book. I wish you all the success in your dual recovery journal.

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