Dude Ranch from Hell - Darla

Dude Ranch from Hell - Darla

by La Marchesa


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Now a full fledged member of the libidinous Dude Ranch from Hell BDS&M private sex club, Lily begins to fall for the boss, Tex. Then when he brings the beautiful and vivacious Darla back to the ranch to have sex with both of them Lily doesn't know what to think.
Rocking me from side to side, Master Tex, shook me. "Wake up Lily."
As usual I'd slept in Master Tex's bed. I sat up. I blinked several times, rubbed my eyes to clear the nighttime debris from them and glanced at the clock. "What for, Master. It's only seven o'clock. I don't have to be available in the lounge until eleven o'clock."
Dressed in a tan summer western suit, brown lizard boots and of course his signature black cowboy hat and sunglasses, Master Tex said, "Get dressed. You aren't going to work today. I'm taking you with me to pick up a friend at the Midland airport, right after we grab breakfast."
I had a load of questions, but dared not ask them. Hopefully, Master Tex would answer my unasked questions on the hundred mile trek to Midland without being asked. I slid out of bed and stood naked pushing out my chest. "What should I wear, sir?"
Master Tex leered at me.
"Is something wrong, sir?"
"On the contrary. Something is very right. I never get tired of seeing you naked."
I couldn't hold back the grin. "Why, thank you Master."
"I mean it. That's why I picked you."
Picked me? How, what's he talking about? "Picked me, Master? I don't understand."
"I know you don't."
I frowned and cocked my head. "You didn't answer my question. What should I wear, sir?"
He shrugged, "Something casual but dressy."
I went to my dresser and looked at him. "Bra and panties?"
He shook his head. "A bra would be an insult to your breasts."
Smiling, I opened the closet. Since most of the clothes were for customer fantasies like cheerleader etc, I didn't have a large selection. I settled on a denim skirt, a floral blouse tied off under my breasts, a feathered, cowgirl hat, a burnt sienna scarf and calf high suede boots.
Master Tex grasped my hand and yanked. "You look good. Let's go."
Hoping Master Tex would continue talking, I remained silent as we ate a quick ham and eggs breakfast in the cantina. Since he didn't say much, I continued the silence while he led me outside and ensconced me in the passenger seat of his Jeep Wrangler.
Passing through Big Lake, Master Tex headed up SR137 to SR158. He seemed nervous, fidgeting around and tapping his fingers against the steering wheel. Finally after turning onto the road to Midland, he broke his silence, "Another thirty minutes and we'll be there."
I took broken silence as opportunity to query him. "Who are we picking up, sir?"
With grin on his lips and a note of excitement in his voice, he answered, "We are picking up Darla. She's the only woman who ever appealed to me as much as you."
Darla! The woman Simone mentioned. I felt conflicted. "May I speak, sir?"
"Yes, you are my submissive only when we are in the Playroom or otherwise involved in sexual activities. At this minute, think of yourself as my girlfriend."
A chill ran through me. His girlfriend. That was the first sign of affection he'd allowed me. After a couple of minutes, I asked, "Is Darla your girlfriend, too, sir?"
"Sort of. Darla has a career in Los Angeles and we exchange visits. We're extremely attracted to each other and have fantastic sex, but I doubt she considers me a boyfriend. I'm probably more like a fling for her."
"Are you extremely attracted to me, sir?"
Snatching a glance my way Master Tex grinned and raised a single brow. "Isn't that obvious?"
Leaning partly against the door, I angled my body more toward Master Tex. "I guess. Is that why you picked me, sir?"
His head hitched a slight nod. "Ah-huh."
"And when, sir, did you pick me?"
Though his sunglasses hid his eyes, his scowl was noticeable, Master Tex glared at me. "That's enough. Just be quiet until we get to the airport. I've already said more than I should'v

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Pages: 148
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