The Duelling Handbook, 1829

The Duelling Handbook, 1829

by Joseph Hamilton


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Profoundly embedded in our cultural consciousness, the art of duelling evokes images of a dramatic past, where the laws of courtesy, civility, and honor were enforced by the end of a rapier at the first rays of dawn. In this engrossing historical record of the codes and conduct of the duel — originally written in 1829 as "The Only Approved Guide Through All the Stages of a Quarrel" — every aspect of the arcane practice is brought to fascinating light.
Offering authentic advice on such subjects as withdrawal of challenges, weapons, distance, and the fate of survivors, The Duelling Handbook also brims with vivid anecdotes recounting duels between brothers, duels between friends, and those arising from disagreements over religion, women, gambling, and other volatile standpoints. A genuine historical treasure, Hamilton's unequaled guidebook will captivate — and enlighten — a wide audience of readers, especially those intrigued by the moral and sociological issues surrounding the art of the duel.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780486454689
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication date: 06/05/2007
Series: Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor Series
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 1,212,120
Product dimensions: 5.37(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

The Point of Honour
Testimonials from Prince, Nobleman, Clergyman, Officer, and Author
The Royal Code of Honor
Some Short and Useful Reflections upon Duelling
The Court of Honor Circular
Brief Anecdotes of Duelling
Royal and Viceregal Quarrels
Danger of Being Seconds, or By-standers
Successful Interference
Imprudence of Friends and Relatives
Trifling Causes of Quarrel
Quarrels Arising from Mistakes
Duels between Brothers
Duels between Friends
Quarrelsome Persons
Tricks and Stratagems
Responsibility of the Press
Responsibility of the Bar
Responsibility of Public Functionaries
Quarrels about Ladies
Influence of Woman
Quarrels about Religion
Appeals to the Laws
Recognizance to Keep the Peace
Gambling Quarrels
Obsolete Regulations
The Irish Duellist
Notes and Cases
Fate of Survivors
Disobedient Principals
Challenges Withdrawn
Refusing to Fire at an Injured Challenger
Alternate Firing
A Snap is as Good as a Shot
Drawing Blood or Firing in the Air
Disuse of the Horsewhip
Deciding Elections by a Shot
Danger of Publicity
Diminishing the Mark
Slighted Challenges
Surgeons in Attendance
Jokes and Horse Play
Season and Weather
One Second
Double Duels
Written Statements
Generosity of Combatants
Court of Chivalry

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