Duggie to the Rescue

Duggie to the Rescue

by Wilma Handley


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The book is to help young children who are being bullied. To help them realize that just because we aren't all alike that we are all special in our own way.

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ISBN-13: 9781504905107
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/28/2015
Pages: 20
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.05(d)

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Duggie to the Rescue

By Wilma E. Handley, Josie Addison


Copyright © 2015 Wilma Handley
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-0510-7


There once was a place called Duck Valley. It was a lovely place with a large pond and plenty of room for all of the birds, ducks and all the other fowl in the area. Duck Valley was hidden in an area with lots of trees, bushes, beautiful colored flowers, and shrubs around a pond. The pond had cattails reeds, and many beautiful Lilly pads. There were toads and fish and even a few turtles. The valley was not close to people so they really didn't fear much of anything, since nothing bad ever happened in Duck Valley.

And of course, as you would expect there were a lot of ducks living there. There were also a lot of different birds including, robins, sparrows, swans, and colorful canary's with so many varieties of beautiful colored feathers.

In Duck Valley there lived a very colorful duck named Duggie. Duggie Duck was very different form all the other feathered creatures in the Valley.

The swans were white, and beautiful and so graceful. The mallard ducks had green and blue feathers. Robins had a lovely red breast that they so proudly showed off. You could see the long legged cranes and beautiful pink flamingos. Even the Canadian geese with their long necks glided so smoothly on the water.

Duggie Duck was very different from all the rest of the ducks that lived on the pond.

His mother Dottie Duck had smooth feathers that lay so lightly over her body and her colors were so soft and delicate against her head. Her beak was formed just perfectly. Duggie's father, Dooley Duck, had a broad chest and feathers that were strong and could carry him in flight for a long distance and for a long period of time. He could soar and dive for fish like no other fowl in Duck Valley. Dooley was greatly admired among all those in the valley. His strong beak could hold a fish for a long period of time, while he fed his wife and family. Duggie's sisters and brothers looked like their parents. But Duggie on the other hand, well let's just say, he was completely different.

Duggie's wings were not quite the same size; as one wing was longer than the other. When Duggie flew he kinda went around in circles for a while until he could get straightened out. His tail feathers were much longer than the rest of his family and a little on the shaggy side. His feet were also a quite large so when he walked on land he was a little clumsy. Duggie's colors were quite, shall we say interesting. There were some bright yellow ones, some red ones, green ones and some black ones. Oh yes and the ones on the top on his head were purple. WOW! what a colorful sight. I must admit he was a strange looking duck.

But Duggie's mom and dad tried to encourage him. They knew it was hard on him because he was so different. He got teased a lot from some of the other ducks and even his siblings sometimes teased him. But mom and dad would put a stop to that right away and tell his sisters and brothers that Duggie needed all the encouragement he could get and that they should not tease him. They still did (sometimes).

The other fowl would call him clumsy and shaggy tail. Sometimes they would tease him because of how he flew around in circles. He tried to ignore them but it wasn't always easy. Sometimes he would go off by himself and cry and he couldn't understand why he was so very different from the other birds in the valley. He so wanted to be like the other ducks. He wanted to be accepted and at night he would pray that he would wake up some morning and be just like everyone else. But every morning when he looked at his reflection in the water he was still the same different colorful duck he was when he went to sleep.

His uncle Gordie Goose had told him of strange animals that lived in other areas of the valley. He said that on one of his flying trips he came across some strange looking creatures. They were very big, ugly and not very colorful at all. He said they had some strange looking wings, just two long limbs with no color at all. And they could not fly! And they carried something very strange under their wing. It was long and looked like a large stick and it made a very loud noise. They would point the stick in the air and it would make a very loud noise. After the noise one of the ducks, or geese would fall and the strange animals would come and pick up the fallen duck or goose and the rest of the fowl would never see them again. His uncle said they were very scary. That was the only thing he could think of that he was afraid of. These creatures called people.

Life in Duck Valley was the same every day. The ducks, geese, swans and cranes would swim and catch fish and watch the younger ones chase each other or try to catch a bug that was faster than they were. It was peaceful. Duggie still got teased and laughed at but he was learning to laugh with the other ducks and he realized, hey, it wasn't so bad being different, at least sometimes it wasn't.

Then one day Duggie heard something on the outer edges of the pond where the bushes and shrubs were high. The sounds were different from any he had ever heard before. He remembered his Uncle Gordie telling him about the sound that these creatures called people made. Duggie wondered if these people have found their valley. He listened very carefully. It had to be people. Then he saw them. They were tall like his uncle said and ugly and not much color at all. They all had funny feathers that were very flat and they looked like some of the trees and brush that was around the pond. But Duggie spotted them anyway.


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