Dull Harbor

Dull Harbor

by Daniel F. L. Endicott


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Dull Harbor was a small border town in the far southeast of the country, right along the coastline and just north of a small marsh that was only significant as it could be contested. There was a lot of trouble with those people over across the border, as they had a whole lack of understanding of simple decency and the concept of dividing lines, often crossing over where they weren't wanted and putting their own feet on soil over which they had not dropped from their mother's wombs.~That was the sort of behavior that had led to the wars of many years ago, that led to the massacres of our people, of our innocents, of our children - massacred in parks as they played, massacred in the bedrooms as they slept, massacred in their mothers' arms. If it hadn't been for old Walker, they would have exterminated the entirety of our country - every one of us.~But Walker had the rigs, and those had brought about a peace that stayed with us for over three hundred years. They came across the border, they came across and visited the shops - especially those on Chronic Creek - but they more or less knew their place since the last war. They more or less stayed away. But you've got to watch them - 'cause they're sneaky: Everybody knows, you can't trust a cat.

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