Dungeons & Dragons Character Record Sheets

Dungeons & Dragons Character Record Sheets

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Dungeons & Dragons Character Record Sheets 2.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Ragnon_the_Ice_Wizard More than 1 year ago
So, the only real reason to buy this is for the Power Cards/Equipment Cards... it comes with barely a handful of character sheets (1/2 of which are printed in landscape rather than portrait settings... potentially convenient but not neccessary. There are a lot of blank Power Cards so if you want to make your own cards to keep track for at-will, encounter, daily, utility, and magic items they are great! Also, not to bad is that the folder is useful and I currently keep all my character sheets in one. However, I remember the days when the "character records sheets" came like 50 or so to a pack... you get maybe 6 sheets in this set... also, I remember when most D&D products had some extra like a mini adventure or a "delve" if you will.. this product would have been much more useful if it contained some bonus material like a short dungeon crawl or even an extra grid map for use in the 4th edition game. And finally, this product is quickly obsolete b/c Wizards of the Coast finally got their "character builder" online to work so you can build characters and NPCs with the push of a button and the absolute best part of the online builder is that you can print your own character sheets and power cards specifically for your character... so.. makes hand writing all those cards tedious at best. The online downside to the online builder is you need a subscription to D&D Insider but that is inexpensive and in the long run is much more useful than spending more on these character sheets IMHO.
KO73 More than 1 year ago
This was one of my original purchases when I decided to foray into the world of D&D and start my own home-brew game. I figured my players and I would definitely need these characters sheets as well as the power cards they came with and I was right! The character sheets came with two different layouts, which I liked because I was able to present my players with variety which helped me in my role of Dungeon Master. Also the character sheets came in a beautiful folder which help in the organization process and keeping all of the PC sheets in one spot. And although the players are able to write a list of their powers used on the actual character sheet, this kit also includes power cards which we wrote our powers on and cut apart so they were readily available and much easy to shift through mid game. I recommend these character sheets for those just entering into the world of D&D and also for the experienced player alike!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wampameat More than 1 year ago
Given the online resources available with regards to character sheets and builders and tools, this is really only worth it if you are not going that route. The sheets are okay. I like that they provide both portrait and landscape layouts. And the blank power cards are nice. But the 3rd edition sheets were so much better, with custom layouts per class that had bigger sections for the things that mattered to the class and so on. Whereas here everything is generic, so some things (like attack blocks) are limited while other things (languages, rituals) have too much space. The card templates are nice, but I personally find filling them in for every power to be a pain. And while the character sheets copied easily and cleanly, the cards were a little tricky. Again, you can find something better online. If you would rather not, then this will probably do.