Ace Ventura - Deluxe Double Feature

Ace Ventura - Deluxe Double Feature


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Ace Ventura - Deluxe Double Feature

Overnight sensation Jim Carrey reprises his role as the eccentric detective in this follow-up to the runaway blockbuster Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. The sequel finds Ace on assignment in Africa to prevent a tribal war by saving a white bat sacred to both sides. Along the way, he nearly sleeps with a seductive African princess before her wedding, experiences astral projection with an enlightened monkey, masturbates, collects bat dung and, last but not least, is birthed by a mechanical rhino (much to the horror of an American tourist family). Often short on taste, the film is nonetheless full of good spirit and plenty of genuine belly laughs -- particularly during the fight scene with a diminutive tribal champion (Tommy Davidson, who demonstrates a gift for physical comedy equal to Carrey's). Not for every taste, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls is either hilarious or insufferable, depending on the viewer's opinion of Carrey's unique brand of slapstick and sight gags. Please note: the opening sequence may be upsetting to younger viewers.

Product Details

Release Date: 09/05/2006
UPC: 0012569804340
Rating: PG13
Source: Warner Home Video
Region Code: 1
Time: 4:10:00

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
1. Special Delivery [3:37]
2. Dog Swap [2:09]
3. Real Friendly Around Here [:55]
4. Snowflake is Kidnapped! [1:06]
5. Ace's Kingdom [3:11]
6. Sweet Melissa [2:15]
7. Ace Is On the Case [1:45]
8. Tanked Up [3:11]
9. Lt. Einhorn [4:42]
10. New England Clam Chowder [2:46]
11. Camp's Party [2:37]
12. Do Not Go In There! [4:56]
13. All About the Ring [3:27]
14. Saddlebags [1:51]
15. Scene of the Crime [4:22]
16. The Missing Player [3:32]
17. I Must Be Tired [1:18]
18. Wow! Ray Finkle's House [2:55]
19. They've Got Dan Marino [1:42]
20. Your Gun Is Digging Into My Hip [2:10]
21. Master of Disguise [3:39]
22. Finkle's Grabbag [2:23]
23. The Truth Dawns [3:15]
24. Tailing Einhorn [3:45]
25. Nap Time [2:57]
26. Penalty On Ace [1:41]
27. Trouble With the Lady [1:48]
28. Captain Winkey! [1:31]
29. Lover of All Animals [3:52]
30. End Credits [2:25]
Disc #2 -- Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
1. To the Rescue [2:57]
2. "Hungry, Fella?" [:57]
3. The Raccoon That Got Away [2:04]
4. More one Than Anyone [4:50]
5. Stepping Out [1:34]
6. Menagerie In the Air [1:54]
7. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang [2:38]
8. How Good Ace Is [1:52]
9. The Monopoly Man [2:56]
10. Shadow Play [2:39]
11. The Nature of the Beast [2:20]
12. Gobs of Affection; Shikaka [5:33]
13. The Virgin's Dance of Seduction [2:16]
14. Nearly Clueless [:51]
15. Spitball and Mantra Practice [3:45]
16. Going To Bats [2:15]
17. Master of Disguises [2:09]
18. Mother Rhino [3:34]
19. Eye Contact [3:06]
20. Numbstruck [1:30]
21. Infiltrating the Wachootoo [3:20]
22. Lost In the Translation [1:23]
23. Put To the Test [2:05]
24. The Circle of Death [1:50]
25. Making the Point Twice [2:30]
26. The Wachootoo Sendoff [1:06]
27. The Real Batnappers [2:49]
28. Rafting and Wrestling [2:28]
29. A Valuable Commodity After All [2:58]
30. The Slime Behind the Flimflam [5:02]
31. "Lend Me Your Rears" [:21]
32. Animals Underfoot [2:21]
33. Big Wheels, Little Wheels [2:34]
34. The Bat is Back [2:48]
35. "They Can Tell That?" [1:10]

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Ace Ventura - Deluxe Double Feature 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
While the first movie is plenty funny the story is off-beat enough not to enjoy fully. The sequel, When Nature Calls, is THE funniest movie I've seen in my life and I don't predict that to be beaten. Non-stop laughs, from the Rhino birth scene to the Monopoly Guy. The main reason I got this is for When Nature Calls, there's just too much comedy in here. You want proof? Watch the fight between Ace and the tiny warrior, and you will be sold.
KNYC More than 1 year ago
Oh, it's idiotic to be sure. I only bought it for my husband and kids but I ended up laughing pretty hard myself and chanting "shi-ca-ca" with the kids. Jim Carrey is truly some kind of twisted genius and for escapist nonsense, you cannot beat this double dose of goofiness.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago