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Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

4.0 11
Director: Paul Annett, John Bruce

Cast: Jeremy Brett, David Burke

Jeremy Brett and David Burke play Holmes and Watson in the 13 mysteries presented on this five-disc set. Some of the titles of the episodes in this collection include "A Scandal in Bohemia, "The Dancing Men, and "The Naval Treaty." Each of the episodes is presented in the original broadcast aspect ratio of 1.33:1. English soundtracks are rendered


Jeremy Brett and David Burke play Holmes and Watson in the 13 mysteries presented on this five-disc set. Some of the titles of the episodes in this collection include "A Scandal in Bohemia, "The Dancing Men, and "The Naval Treaty." Each of the episodes is presented in the original broadcast aspect ratio of 1.33:1. English soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital Stereo. There are neither subtitles nor closed captions on this release. Supplemental materials include information on various fan clubs, a still photo gallery, and biographies of the actors. This would be an enjoyable set for any Baker Street Irregular.

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Mpi Home Video

Special Features

Photo gallery; Actor biographies; Sherlock and Brett societies (fan club information); Paget's drawings; Sherlock Holmes series promo; English subtitles

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Volume 1, Side A
1. Opening Title [1:03]
2. She Is Always the Woman [1:26]
3. Holmes Sweet Home [4:09]
4. There's Money in This Case [6:50]
5. The Well-Known Adventures [9:23]
6. First Masquerade [3:55]
7. A Suprising Chain of Events [7:37]
8. Second Masquerade [6:39]
9. Smoke Screen [3:03]
10. Good Night, Mr. Sherlock Holmes [1:28]
11. You Did It Very Well [7:26]
12. Program Credits [1:09]
1. Opening Title [:45]
2. A Chorus Line [2:06]
3. How Absurdly Simple! [4:14]
4. Tell Us About Your Wife [5:08]
5. The Letter [3:56]
6. It May Be Impossible to Solve [3:05]
7. Marriage on the Rocks [2:50]
8. Cracking the Code [7:35]
9. Prepare [1:45]
10. The Posthumous Client [11:13]
11. Out of the Past [10:17]
12. Program Credits [1:31]
Side #2 -- Volume 1, Side B
1. Opening Title [:46]
2. A Dark and Stormy Night [1:09]
3. A Bright and Messy Day [3:59]
4. Tadpole Phelps [12:10]
5. The Commissionaire's Wife [7:13]
6. What a Lovely Thing a Rose Is [1:46]
7. A Very Busy Man [4:36]
8. The Next Premire of England? [3:31]
9. Stranger in the Night [2:05]
10. Solving the Minor Affair [4:48]
11. As Good an Idea of Breakfast as Any Scotswoman [4:31]
12. A Villian and a Thief! [6:28]
13. Program Credits [1:07]
1. Opening Title [2:00]
2. A Matter of Great Urgency [4:28]
3. The Men From South Africa [2:34]
4. That Odious Red Mustache! [7:59]
5. I Am Being Followed! [4:34]
6. Watson Investigates [6:16]
7. The Slogging Ruffian [6:54]
8. The Trap [2:45]
9. Married in Haste [6:28]
10. Explanations and Confessions [5:48]
11. A Chemical Reaction [3:11]
12. Program Credits [1:27]
Side #3 -- Volume 2
1. Opening Credits [:46]
2. The Quarrel [1:57]
3. A Military Affair [4:50]
4. Nancy Barclay [2:55]
5. Jealousy & Depression [2:59]
6. To the Scene [11:18]
7. An Old Acquaintance [4:48]
8. The Intruder [8:28]
9. Betrayal for Love [4:26]
10. Tricks for Money [1:54]
11. Reunited After 30 Years [6:23]
12. David [1:49]
13. End Credits [1:26]
1. Opening Credits [8:20]
2. The Facts [8:44]
3. A Whistle in the Night [7:14]
4. Guilty Intrusion [3:12]
5. Possible Motive [1:33]
6. The Architects [10:49]
7. Holmes the Meddler [5:40]
8. The Signal and the Snake [6:06]
9. Trained Serpent [1:21]
10. End Credits [2:08]
Side #4 -- Volume 3
1. Diamonds Aren't Forever [6:09]
2. John Horner Is Cornered [1:26]
3. The Tale of the Goose [5:45]
4. Scotland Yard Comes A'Cropper [1:05]
5. Ruminations on a Hat [6:00]
6. The Goose Comes A'Cropper [4:10]
7. The Sinister History of the Blue Carbuncle [1:14]
8. Mr. Henry Baker [6:43]
9. Wild Goose Chase - Mr. Windigate [3:01]
10. Wild Goose Chase - Mr. Breckendridge [6:56]
11. His Goose Is Cooked [8:18]
12. A Dickens of a Finale [3:42]
1. The Night Visitor [2:15]
2. "The Days of the Great Cases Are Past" [4:16]
3. Miss Hunter's Dilemma [7:34]
4. Cutting Remarks [6:40]
5. The Copper Beeches [2:46]
6. A Hair-Raising Discovery [3:07]
7. Violet in Blue [4:49]
8. "Oh, Mr. Holmes, I've Never Been So Frightened!" [6:01]
9. Assault on the Copper Beeches [6:54]
10. "The Mystery of the Shuttered Turret" [7:01]
Side #5 -- Volume 4
1. Kidnapped! [2:30]
2. He Is Heavy; He's My Brother [3:21]
3. The Diogenes Club [1:19]
4. A Window on the World [3:49]
5. Grecian Urnings [5:15]
6. The Greeks Had a Word for It [7:37]
7. Sherlock Takes the Case [3:22]
8. Suprise Visitors [4:45]
9. "Kidnapping Could Become Murder" [6:54]
10. Terror by Night [8:15]
11. The Fat Man and the Little Gentleman [3:11]
1. The Fiery Skull [2:46]
2. "The Unhappy John Hector McFarlane" [4:45]
3. Enter Inspector Lestrade [1:52]
4. Where There's a Will... [3:15]
5. Appointment With Death [3:53]
6. "He Drew up His Death Warrant" [2:21]
7. A Motive for Murder [4:25]
8. "Thank Heavens He Was Wearing His Trousers" [5:08]
9. Dr. Watson Lends a Hand [4:29]
10. The Vanishing Tramp [3:20]
11. "Lestrade's Little Cockadoodle..." [6:15]
12. Room for One More [6:01]
13. "It Was Nothing Less Than Murder" [3:30]
Side #6 -- Volume 5
1. Nightmare on Brook Street [3:46]
2. Dr. Watson Deduces [2:52]
3. House Call [3:20]
4. The Resident Patient [5:35]
5. "A State of Mortal Dread" [1:32]
6. The New Patient [8:32]
7. "Never Trust a Banker" [4:17]
8. The Doctor Loses a Patient [1:39]
9. "For God's Sake, Come at Once!" [7:29]
10. The Facts of Death [6:18]
11. "It's a Hanging Job, Now" [2:06]
12. The Brook Street Mystery [3:34]
1. Gold Fingered [4:18]
2. "The Obvious Facts" [3:16]
3. "I Was Intrigued" [2:33]
4. A Vacancy in the League [5:42]
5. A Is for Architecture [4:02]
6. "Quite a Three-Pipe Problem" [4:16]
7. The Spider in His Web [4:25]
8. Holmes on the Hunt [3:43]
9. Bank Night [7:34]
10. "A Mastermind Has Been at Work" [4:19]
11. Royal Blood [6:02]
12. The Professor Is Incommoded [5:24]
1. Sherlock Holmes Faces Death [2:32]
2. Return to Baker Street [2:25]
3. Air Guns [3:23]
4. "Unique in the Annals of Crime" [5:13]
5. "The Center of the Web" [4:37]
6. A Meeting of Masterminds [6:06]
7. Sherlock Holmes Faces Southeast [5:13]
8. The Hunter Is Hunted [3:03]
9. "A Very Dangerous Companion" [5:46]
10. "A Fearful Place" [3:53]
11. The Final Solution [6:54]
12. After the Fall [2:10]

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Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
mimibelle76 More than 1 year ago
This first set of Holmes stories is very well done. The production team gave great attention to detail from the city streets with their various inhabitants right down to Holmes' watch chain. Both Jeremy Brett and David Burke pull you in with their portrayals of Holmes and Watson. Their chemistry makes the stories sparkle and Brett's performance as Holmes crackles with energy. Very worthwhile and very re-watchable!
DCP More than 1 year ago
As other reviewers mentioned, the quality of the transfer is unfortunate; however, there are few places where it intrudes. In one place, a king's words don't match his lip movements. In another, the ending music is deplorable! In a couple of places with a great depth of field, the closeup visuals are smeared. To me, the most noticeable distraction is the awful overacting by some of the guest actors. It is extremely melodramatic, which is curious. These weren't made in the silent era, but they would have fit right in! This improves as the episodes progress, thankfully. Despite the funny and unfortunate things, however, I love the Jeremy Brett versions of the Sherlock Holmes movies, and I think the attention to detail makes the films worth watching over and over. This set completes my collection of all the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes episodes. I'd put off buying it because of the less-than-stellar reviews of the transfer, but I needn't have worried. Recommended: Flickers, with Bob Hoskins. It's about the beginning of the movie industry in England. Every actor in it does an excellent job.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would highly recommend this boxed set just for Jeremy Brett's very fine and definitive portrayal of the world's greatest unofficial consulting detective. David Burke does a wonderful job as Dr. Watson. The supporting actors who appear in each of the episodes in this set give great performances as well. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's short stories are very faithfully adapted here. The overall quality of the DVDs is very good. There are minor sound problems at the end of ''The Naval Treaty'' on disc one, but this should not be a reason to avoid this set. The extras aren't much either, but it is still worth the money just to have the definitive Sherlock Holmes on DVD for repeated viewing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I purchased this 10/02. The quality of the DVD is pitiful. I had a friend try the disk and he had the same problem. It looks like it was transferred to DVD from a poor quality VHS tape that had intermittent tracking problem. I am very disappointed. I see from other's reviews of the individual episodes that the quality control problem is widespread for these shows.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This wonderful set is marred by a very sloppy transfer from a poor souce, probably tape. The sound is especially annoying as it seems to warble slightly off pitch. The latter episodes improve slightly. The experience is saved by a reasonable price and the BRILLIANT Mr Brett.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jeremy Brett is superb as Holmes. It is very difficult to choose which stories here are best because they are all winners. If you enjoy Sherlock Holmes stories, there is no one who plays the character better than Brett in my opinion. Buying this collection will give you years of viewing pleasure.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The set cotains five dvds, and for some unknown reason the first, which contains the first four episodes can not be played properly in a computer. The makers claim that it plays fine in a standard dvd player, hopefully it does. Also the picture quality in the first dvd is not upto the expectations. I enjoyed the tv series very much which had much better video quality.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
monica1915 More than 1 year ago
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Fiction 1988 "There is mystery, danger and death in the air, the game is a foot," and this is absolutely true in this book, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This book is filled with mysteries, is 255 pages long, and was published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc. It was copyrighted in 1988. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is like a storybook for the more advanced reader. Someone that likes mysteries! All of these stories start at 221B Baker Street and from there the investigators begin. The crimes take Holmes to different houses, murder scenes, and scenes of theft. Sherlock Holmes has quite a big head, but proves himself over and over as an ace at solving mysteries. He and his companion, Watson, battle many villains of all sorts. Watson and Holmes have many adventures together, which are very exciting and detailed. Sherlock Holmes is known to the world as a very observant man, and this is true. An example of this is in " The Case of Identity," in which Holmes notices that his client wrote a note before she came to see him, but she was fully dressed. Not only did Holmes notice that one glove was ripped, but he also noticed that both glove fingers had violet stains on them. Only Holmes could have caught all of this. I think that Conan Doyle achieved his purpose for Holmes because he wanted to make the public love him for solving mysteries. Doyle got his wish, the public loved him! But, unfortunately, Doyle grew to loath Sherlock Holmes in the process. In one book, he even killed Holmes; but the public forced him to bring Sherlock Holmes back to life. Doyle wrote an excellent book, but it was both difficult to read and to follow. The book was very good in the respect of exciting mysteries; though very poor because I about fell asleep with all the details. I thought the book was also very interesting in the way Holmes solved all these cool mysteries. But, by the same token, it was really dull because of the way Holmes had to analyze every little thing. I was just about out of the notion by the time he solved the riddle. I would recommend this book to any middle school, high school, or college students that would like to be a police or investigator. Overall, I would give The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 4 out of 5 stars because it is written very well, but the print is very small making the book hard to read. The book also bores you with so much detail. I think the author did a very nice job on the book. Being a person who likes detail, I still found that the book would be tons more exciting if Doyle took some detail out; for the detail that he uses makes you loose interest. I also believe that many kids should read the book, for it is a great learning experience.