Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection

Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection


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Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection

Seeking a creative challenge after several years' worth of fairly elaborate melodramas, director Alfred Hitchcock stages all of the action in Lifeboat in one tiny boat, adrift in the North Atlantic. The boat holds eight survivors of a Nazi torpedo attack: sophisticated magazine writer/photographer Constance Porter (Tallulah Bankhead), Communist seaman John Kovac (John Hodiak), nurse Alice MacKenzie (Mary Anderson), mild-mannered radio-operator Stan (Hume Cronyn), seriously wounded Brooklynese stoker Gus Smith (William Bendix), insufferable-capitalist Charles Rittenhouse (Henry Hull), black-steward George Spencer (Canada Lee) and half-mad passenger Mrs. Higgins (Heather Angel), who carries the body of her dead baby. This adroitly calculated cross-section of humanity is reduced by one when Mrs. Higgins kills herself. After a day or so of floating aimlessly about, the castaways pick up another passenger, Willy (Walter Slezak), who is a survivor from the German U-boat. At first everyone assumes that Willy cannot speak English, but when the necessity arises he reveals himself to be conversant in several languages and highly intelligent; in fact, he was the U-boat's captain. As the only one on board with any sense of seamanship, Willy steers a course to his mother ship, while the others resign themselves to being prisoners of war. After it becomes necessary to amputate Gus's leg, Willy decides that the burly stoker is excess weight; while the others sleep, he tosses Gus overboard, watching dispassionately as the poor man drowns. When the rest of the passengers discover what he's done, all of them (with one significant exception) violently gang up on Gus, and once more, the lifeboat drifts about sans navigation.

Product Details

Release Date: 10/14/2008
UPC: 0883904109853
Rating: NR
Source: Mgm (Video & Dvd)
Time: 9:54:00

Special Features

The Lodger - A Story of the London Fog:; Includes audio commentary, audio interviews with Peter Bogdanovich and François, making-of featurette; Sabotage:; Includes audio commentary, audio interview with Peter Bogdanovich; Young and Innocent:; Includes audio commentary, audio interviews with Peter Bogdanovich and François Truffaut; Rebecca:; Includes audio commentary, two featurettes, screen tests, audio interviews with Peter Bogdanovich and François Truffaut; Lifeboat:; Includes audio commentary, the making-of featurette; Spellbound:; Audio commentary, three featurettes, audio interview with Peter Bogdanovich; Notorious:; Audio commentary, two featurettes, AFI Tribute to Hitchcock, audio interviews with Peter Bogdanovich and François Truffaut; The Paradine Case:; Includes audio commentary, audio interviews with Peter Bogdanovich

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Cary Grant T.R. Devlin
Gregory Peck Anthony Keane,Dr. Anthony Edwardes
Ingrid Bergman Dr. Constance Peterson,Alicia Huberman
Ivor Novello The Lodger/Jonathan Drew
Laurence Olivier Maxim de Winter
Nova Pilbeam Erica Burgoyne
Sylvia Sidney Sylvia Verloc
Tallulah Bankhead Constance Porter
Ann Todd Gay Keane
Derrick de Marney Robert Tisdall
Joan Fontaine Mrs. de Winter
Marie Ault Mrs. Jackson, her mother
Oscar Homolka Karl Verloc
William Bendix Gus Smith
Arthur Chesney Mr. Bunting
Charles Laughton Judge Horfield
Claude Rains Alexander Sebastian
Desmond Tester Sylvia's Brother Steve
George Sanders Jack Flavell
Jean Acker Matron
Percy Marmont Col. Burgoyne
Walter Slezak Willy, the German submarine commander
Alfred Hitchcock Actor
Charles Coburn Sir Simon Flaquer
Edward Rigby Old Will
John Hodiak John Kovac
John Loder Ted Spencer, the police officer
Judith Anderson Mrs. Danvers
Louis Calhern Paul Prescott
Rhonda Fleming Mary Carmichael
Ethel Barrymore Sophie Horfield
Hume Cronyn Stanley Garett
Joyce Barbour Renee
June Daisy Jackson
Leo G. Carroll Dr. Murchison
Leopoldine Konstantin Madame Sebastian
Mary Clare Erica's Aunt
Nigel Bruce Maj. Giles Lacey
Donald Curtis Harry
Louis Jourdan Andre Latour
Mary Anderson Alice MacKenzie
Reginald Denny Frank Crowley
C. Aubrey Smith Col. Julyan
Norman Lloyd Garmes
Gladys Cooper Beatrice Lacy
Regis Toomey Sgt. Gillespie
Florence Bates Mrs. Van Hopper

Technical Credits
Alfred Hitchcock Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog
1. Main Titles [1:45]
2. Avenger! [2:21]
3. The News Spreads [4:22]
4. Golden Curls [3:19]
5. Daughter of the House [3:49]
6. Room to Let [12:06]
7. On the Case [7:45]
8. Sneaking Out [8:05]
9. That Fiend! [5:39]
10. Suspicion Grows [3:40]
11. The Latest Fashion [1:47]
12. The Place to Catch Him [1:12]
13. Gift From a Stranger [4:36]
14. Through a Closed Door [3:32]
15. Stop Interfering! [6:05]
16. The Kiss [3:34]
17. First Victim [9:33]
18. A Grieving Family [6:50]
19. On a Rampage [6:34]
20. All Stories Have An End [2:45]
Disc #2 -- Sabotage
1. Main Titles/Sabotage [3:55]
2. Refund Policy [5:13]
3. Dinner Help [4:27]
4. Scotland Yard [2:30]
5. Aquarium Rendezvous [3:45]
6. Impending Disaster [1:08]
7. Friendly Lunch [4:51]
8. Perfectly Harmless [4:33]
9. A Little Job [6:08]
10. Questions [2:35]
11. Thoughtful Gift [3:15]
12. Errand Boy [4:54]
13. 1:45 PM [9:32]
14. Bomb Clue [2:19]
15. Blame [2:21]
16. Who Killee Cock Robin? [1:25]
17. The Carving Knife [3:30]
18. Arresting Verloc [3:41]
19. Retrieving the Evidence [2:49]
20. Before or After? [3:50]
Disc #3 -- Young and Innocent
1. Main Titles [1:34]
2. The Unfaithful Wife [1:10]
3. Accused [3:14]
4. A Motive for Murder [4:56]
5. A Case Like This [3:05]
6. The Escape [3:04]
7. An Accomplice [6:06]
8. Lunchtime Conversation [3:30]
9. Innocent [7:38]
10. Tisdall's Coat [4:20]
11. Her Alibi [:39]
12. Unhappy Birthday [9:49]
13. On the Run [2:14]
14. The Train Station [3:37]
15. A Man That Blinks [8:54]
16. Questioned [:58]
17. Risking It All [2:50]
18. A Box of Matches [2:33]
19. The Drummer Man [11:11]
20. Confession [1:34]
Disc #4 -- Rebecca
1. Main Titles [1:47]
2. Manderley [1:53]
3. Chance Meeting [4:11]
4. Paid Companion [4:39]
5. A Broken Man [3:21]
6. Uncorking the Bottle [2:28]
7. Leaving At Once [2:23]
8. New York or Manderley? [7:34]
9. Welcome Home [2:47]
10. East Wing, West Wing [3:53]
11. The Morning Room [6:44]
12. Lunch With the In-Laws [5:18]
13. The Stone Cottage [4:33]
14. What Was She Really Like? [4:02]
15. Gossip [6:36]
16. Rebecca's Favorite Cousin [4:27]
17. Inner Sanctum [6:31]
18. Favorite Family Portrait [4:25]
19. The Wrong Choice [6:14]
20. Shipwreck [2:47]
21. Living With the Devil [12:43]
22. The Other Body [2:25]
23. So Much Older [2:54]
24. Inquest [4:35]
25. Big, Bad Wolf [4:14]
26. No Stone Unturned [7:18]
27. A Matter of Months [6:08]
28. Conflagration [3:32]
Disc #5 -- Lifeboat
1. Main Titles [1:04]
2. Sunk [4:29]
3. All Aboard [6:44]
4. The American Way [2:58]
5. Burial At Sea [1:07]
6. Taking Command [3:58]
7. Underway [6:06]
8. For Rosie [3:31]
9. On the Wrong Course [3:04]
10. A Married Man [11:08]
11. Sitting Duck [5:04]
12. The Master Race [4:30]
13. From the Gutter [2:13]
14. Flesh and Blood [3:18]
15. Raising the Stakes [6:32]
16. A Beautiful Sound [2:20]
17. True Colors [1:45]
18. Q Is for Quitters [:48]
19. Bait [4:02]
20. Danke Schön [5:11]
Disc #6 -- Spellbound
1. Overture [:09]
2. Main Titles [1:26]
3. Green Manors [3:52]
4. A Woman Underneath [1:36]
5. Making Way for the New [1:59]
6. Handing Over the Reins [3:40]
7. Guilt Complex [3:52]
8. An Afternoon Off [2:53]
9. Lightning Strikes [5:13]
10. Doors Open [2:57]
11. Who Are You? [5:41]
12. Holding Back [5:12]
13. Room 3033 [5:10]
14. Nothing to Do With Love [6:09]
15. The Train to Rochester [6:54]
16. Unwelcome Visitors [6:00]
17. Frightened of Lines [3:34]
18. The Razor's Edge [5:05]
19. Just a Few More Days [7:04]
20. Buried in the Brain [4:03]
21. The Dream [6:17]
22. Wanted by the Police [3:18]
23. Racing Downhill [2:46]
24. The Light Dawns [3:33]
25. I Knew Him Only Slightly [4:47]
26. An Excellent Analysis [7:08]
27. A Husband of Mine [:41]
28. Exit Music [:06]
Disc #7 -- Notorious
1. Main Titles [1:21]
2. A Marked Woman [3:19]
3. Going for a Ride [6:01]
4. Leave Me Alone [5:46]
5. Rio [5:14]
6. The Perfect Type [1:21]
7. Important Work to Do [4:44]
8. Mata Hari [5:26]
9. An Old Friend [5:33]
10. Guest of Honor [4:27]
11. Dinner Is Served [3:12]
12. New Playmate [4:31]
13. A Very Romantic Fellow [4:12]
14. Opening Doors [5:52]
15. Watched Like a Hawk [6:25]
16. Running Out of Champagne [3:07]
17. Like An Idiot [3:30]
18. On a Leash [5:52]
19. Back to the Bottle [2:48]
20. A Cup of Coffee [2:24]
21. Just a Social Call [4:46]
22. You Love Me [3:11]
23. The Chance to Die [4:34]
24. End Titles [3:27]
Disc #8 -- The Paradine Case
1. Main Titles [1:41]
2. Charged With Murder [4:01]
3. A Terrible Mistake [2:57]
4. Lovely Delusions [2:47]
5. Sublime Sacrifice [2:52]
6. A Very Dull Evening [4:29]
7. What's She Like? [2:45]
8. A Woman With a Past [3:23]
9. Devoted Servant [3:26]
10. Concocting a Plot [4:19]
11. A Breath of Fresh Air [5:00]
12. Cumberland [3:32]
13. The Country House [4:39]
14. A Knock At the Window [5:45]
15. Fighting in the Dark [3:17]
16. Lost Forever [3:19]
17. No Ordinary Woman [4:24]
18. A Glass of Burgundy [3:43]
19. Telling Lies [3:22]
20. The Whole Truth [1:37]
21. Unforgiven [9:53]
22. Betrayal [3:02]
23. A Passion for Justice [6:30]
24. Getting At the Motive [7:09]
25. Nothing More to Say [2:23]
26. A Heavy Toll [5:22]
27. No Right to Be Cruel [2:26]
28. The Very Best [2:29]

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Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection 2.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like many of you have purchased this boxed set, returned it to my store of purchase, and received a replacement that was just as defective. I looked up the website on the bottom of the box which is and called the phone number on their website. That number is 1-888-223-2369. A customer service rep took my call and said I was the first person who had ever complained about any problems with this boxed set(LIE!) and that it was probably my player. I advised her that many of you out there have complained but haven't been taken seriously. I was told that since none of you out there are returning your sets to them to investigate that they aren't aware of any problem. I was then given instructions on where to send this boxed set to.

I get tired of greedy, irresponsible, coroporations who don't even care about the customers they supposedly appreciate. Furthermore as a taxpayer I'm tired of these companies then expecting you and I to bail them out when things get bad. I think it is high time for us to make some noise. If your with me this is what you need to do.

1. Write a letter of complaint expressing your disappointment with this boxed set and any negative experiences you've had as a result of buying this product.

2. Send this letter, a copy of your receipt, and the defective product to the address below.

Fox Consumer (This is the address I was given to return the DVD set)
Attn: Davide
20102 S Vermont Ave.
Torrance, CA 90502

3.***THIS IS IMPORTANT - Send copies of this letter or e-mail them to the State Attorney General of California, 20th Century Fox Headquarters, and the corporate offices of the store you purchased this boxed set from. I have provided some addresses below.

Attorney General's Office (The State of CA's GA is Edmund G. Brown Jr)
California Department of Justice
Attn: Public Inquiry Unit
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550 (web address)

Fox Entertainment (This is the Fox World Headquarters)
10201 W. Pico Blvd., Bldg. 100, Ste. 3220
Los Angeles, CA 90035

4. When you send back the boxed set insure it and talk to your postal service about making sure somebody has to sign for it when they receive it. Also be sure you will be notified of when it was received and who signed for it.

I know this requires a lot of work for all of us but we have to stand up for ourselves sometime. The truth is threats about the better business bureau don't work but a possible investigation by the state Attorney General is something most companies like to avoid. I thank each of you for your individual help and participation in making right a wrong.

In closing I would like to say I am not an attorney so if you have questions about this advice please consult a private attorney before proceeding as suggested.

Thank you and good luck!
C_A_W More than 1 year ago
These are some of the best films by Hitchcock. I have anticipated the release of these films for quite a while.

Although, I must say that I am disappointed. The films themselves are wonderful. The packaging is unique and functional, except for the folder pocket that the dvds must be pulled out of and could easily scratch.

It is the quality of the dvds that gets me. Notorious does not play perfectly. About one hour into the film, it stops. The pixels show, the sound is distorted, and whole scenes are even skipped. After such a long wait, I cannot tell you how upsetting it was to find this. I have never before experienced a problem like this. I have had the set replaced 3 times thus far, but I am done now.

Hopefully this glich will be fixed quickly!
eglove More than 1 year ago
After purchasing my second defective set of these DVDs, I am giving up because of the poor quality of the discs. The three movies that I most looked forward to- Rebecca, Notorious and Spellbound don't play at all, just make a loud grinding noise in the DVD player. I tried them in several DVD players, including my computer and none work. I am too annoyed to bother with the others and will just send the collection back. I did leave a message on Fox's customer service number (1-888-223-2FOX) and emailed MGM, for what it's worth. I hope they release these movies with a new format. This was such a disappointment. Barnes and Noble, as always, was great about processing the return.
may-bee More than 1 year ago
Not only do I appreciate the candid review of this product (so I will not waste my money) but you are so right in your encouragement of all consumers to begin to let their voices be heard. Both negatives and postives need to be communicated to the companies that enjoy the profits of our labor. Thank you also for taking the time to provide us with the information that will allow our opinions to be heard by the appropriate people.
movielover More than 1 year ago
I recently bought this set through B&N and one of the disc's was faulty (Notorious) of course it had to be the best DVD in the set. I tried calling the 800 number for Fox to complain about the issue and they told me to email all my information to I did that and then was told they wanted the whole set sent back to them (at my expense), I seriously only need to replace one disc. This is an item that should have been recalled along time ago and I know they have fixed the issue on the new sets or at least it appears so (according to the reviews I've seen on another website.)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago