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Antwone Fisher

Antwone Fisher

4.5 8

Cast: Denzel Washington, Derek Luke, Joy Bryant, Salli Richardson


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Denzel Washington's directorial debut, the emotionally stirring Antwone Fisher, comes to DVD; while it's a surprise this film didn't do better in theaters, it will now have it's chance on home video. Fox has done a fine job with this disc, producing an excellent transfer that mirrors the theatrical print. The 2.35:1 anamorphic image (yes, there is a severely


Denzel Washington's directorial debut, the emotionally stirring Antwone Fisher, comes to DVD; while it's a surprise this film didn't do better in theaters, it will now have it's chance on home video. Fox has done a fine job with this disc, producing an excellent transfer that mirrors the theatrical print. The 2.35:1 anamorphic image (yes, there is a severely cropped pan and scan version also available) shows fine detail and outstanding contrast. Colors are perfectly realized and very realistic. The English 5.1 Dolby Digital track is nothing to really get excited about, as it's based more in the front-center speaker, but the sound is clear throughout, and, for this dialogue-driven film, that's all that can be asked. A decent number of extras have been included here, such as a scene-specific commentary track from Washington and producer Todd Black. Each is enthusiastic and forthcoming, and contribute plenty to a fine track. Also included are three featurettes: "Meeting Antwone Fisher," as would be expected, is more interview-based information of the man who is not only the subject of the film but also wrote the screenplay; "Hollywood and the Navy," the shortest of the three, looks at the (especially post 9/11) relationship between the Navy and the filmmakers; and the last, and longest, is "The Making of Antwone Fisher," a fairly straightforward (and a tad fluffy) look at the overall production. Finally, although there isn't a theatrical trailer for this film, ones for Drumline, In America, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, and Le Divorce are included.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - David Sobel
Denzel Washington’s powerful directorial debut offers a tale that is at once familiar and wholly original. Written by the real Antwone Fisher and based on his own life, the film opens at a Southern California naval base, where a young seaman’s hair-trigger temper has just landed him in trouble, and not for the first time. Fisher is placed in the care of a Navy psychotherapist, played with great warmth and depth by Washington, who guides him through a process of wrenching self-discovery, helping him identify and conquer the demons of his horrific childhood and guiding him toward the healing powers of home and family. Washington’s directing, like his acting, is rock-solid and unpretentious. He deftly avoids showiness and sentimentality in favor of straightforward storytelling that is all the more powerful for its directness and emotional honesty. The film treads well-worn ground, calling to mind Finding Forrester and Good Will Hunting, and usually in good ways. Yet the details of Fisher’s screenplay and the mesmerizing performances help make it a uniquely inspiring experience. Washington elicits wonderful work from his cast, particularly newcomers Derek Luke as the innately intelligent Fisher, Joy Bryant as his tender love interest, and veterans like Novella Nelson, who makes Fisher’s foster mother seem especially terrifying. In addition to a running commentary by Washington, the DVD features a fascinating interview with Fisher among other featurettes.
All Movie Guide - Josh Ralske
Based on a true story, with a screenplay written by its protagonist, Denzel Washington's directorial debut, Antwone Fisher is a competent tearjerker and self-composed hagiography that's sure to be overpraised for its subtle near-avoidance of racial issues. Talented neophyte Derek Luke stars in the title role, and he's supported by a strong, attractive cast, including director Washington, stolid as he's ever been, as the shrink who helps Fisher come to terms with his past, and the luminous Joy Bryant as the angel of a woman who improbably throws herself at Fisher's feet. Her apparent beatitude is part of the problem with the film. We see the horrific, if overly familiar, privations of Fisher's early life in flashback, but in later life, as the film begins, things seem to fall a bit too quickly and conveniently into place for the young man as he seeks out and battles his demons. The film also risks misinterpretation by accepting the societal racism responsible for many of Fisher's woes as a given. The film doesn't address race directly as an issue in Antwone's life. Of course, more thoughtful viewers will understand that Antwone's oppressors (who are all black) are themselves the products of an internalized racism, but less-thoughtful white viewers may appreciate feeling like they've been let off the hook in this instance because there are no racist, or even unpleasant, white people depicted in the film. Whether or not it's screenwriter Fisher's and/or director Washington's responsibility to explicate the sociopathology of its black oppressors is an interesting question. The fact remains that the film, with its postcard vistas and overblown score, works as drama on only the most rudimentary level.
New York Times
Induces the sort of catharsis that leaves you feeling released, enlightened and in deeper touch with humanity. Stephen Holden
Chicago Sun-Times
A film that begins with the everyday lives of naval personnel in San Diego and ends with scenes so true and heartbreaking that tears welled up in my eyes both times I saw the film. Roger Ebert
New York Observer
A fine film that proves the past is never too bleak -- or the future too hopeless -- to discover a productive new life, and a home and family to share it. Rex Reed

Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Fox Searchlight
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
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Special Features

Director commentary by Denzel Washington; "Meeting Antwone Fisher" featurette; "The Making of Antwone Fisher" behind-the-scenes documentary, "Hollywood & The Navy" featurette; theatrical trailers; more.

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Derek Luke Antwone Fisher
Joy Bryant Cheryl Smolley
Denzel Washington Dr. Jerome Davenport
Salli Richardson Berta
Earl Billings James
Kevin Connolly Slim
Viola Davis Eva
Rainoldo Gooding Grayson
Novella Nelson Mrs. Tate
Yolonda Ross Elaine Pack
Kente Scott Kansas City
Stephen Snedden Berkley
Eddie Baccus Blind Piano Player
Bob Banks Horace
Brandon Biggins Eddie
Linda Cevallos Sexy Woman
Lynne Charles Spinoza's Wife
Michelle Davison Johnny Mae
Jason Dixon Jason
Fran Dorsey Owner
O.L. Duke Uncle Duke
Na'tasha Marie Evans Young Girl #2
Margaret Ford-Taylor Eda
David Fowler Chief Master-At-Arms
Angela Gillespie-Winborn Woman In White
Lissy Gulick Mona
Cory Hodges Antwone Fisher Age 14
Teresa Hoefke Case Worker
Leonard Earl Howze Pork Chop
Doug Jewell Spinoza
Kim Johnson Disc Jockey
Vernée Watson Johnson Annette
Malcolm David Kelley Antwone Fisher Age 7
Sean'e La'dae Edward
Brandon Lewis Ray
Jada S. Louie Jeannette
Mary Bradley Marable Older Lady
Rebecca Morris Anna
Leo Nepomuceno SP #1
Andreas Patton Kenny
Rita Pearson Cashier
John Pittman Another Clerk
Timothy Reddick Dwight Age 8
Edward C. Reynolds Man
Janaya Reynolds Young Girl #1
Charlie Robinson Howard
Ruth Stehle Snide Clerk
Cordell Stokes Keith Age 5
Sung Kang Receptionist
Jascha Washington Jesse Age 8
Ellis Williams Reverend Tate
De'Angelo Wilson Jesse Age 19
Nicolas Dodd Conductor

Technical Credits
Denzel Washington Director,Producer
Todd Black Producer
Conrad Buff Editor
Willie D. Burton Sound Mixer
Keith Butler Stunts
Chris Smith Co-producer
Nelson Coates Production Designer
Melissa "Stanley" Cohen Production Manager
Mychael Danna Score Composer
Sharen Davis Costumes/Costume Designer
Marvin Felton Special Effects
Antwone Quenton Fisher Co-producer,Screenwriter
Randy Fletcher Asst. Director
Amrita-Diane Ford Makeup
Carl Fullerton Makeup
Brad Haehnel Sound Mixer,Sound/Sound Designer
Randa Haines Producer
Steven Kutcher Consultant/advisor
David S. Lazan Art Director
Kathy Madison Makeup
Anne McCulley Set Decoration/Design
Barbara Mesney Set Decoration/Design
Gail Monian Stunts
Neal Norton Camera Operator
Nancy Paloian-Breznikar Executive Producer
David Poole Special Effects
Robert M. Powell Stunts
Lillian Pyles Casting
Robi Reed-Humes Casting
Pamela Rittelmeyer Camera Operator
Frank Rose Costumes/Costume Designer
Philippe Rousselot Cinematographer
Riki Sabusawa-Roach Costumes/Costume Designer
Paul Sonski Set Decoration/Design
Dain C. Turner Stunts
Tom Waite Stunts
Gina White Associate Producer
Nadia Zogby Makeup

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Antwone's Dream
2. Busted
3. The Psychiatrist
4. Cheryl
5. Nothing to Say
6. From Under a Rock
7. The Titles
8. Jesse
9. Feeling Powerful
10. Slipping Up
11. Meet Me at 1700
12. Dating Advice
13. The First Date
14. The Davenports' Problem
15. Touble in Mexico
16. Nadine
17. Davenport's Guest
18. Being Honest
19. Thanksgiving
20. Who Will Cry
21. Time to Move On
22. Losing Jesse
23. Two Tickets to Cleveland
24. Antwone's Lover
25. I'm Still Standing
26. Looking for My Family
27. Auntie Annette
28. The Elkins
29. Eva
30. Welcome to the Family
31. I Salute You
32. End Titles


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Antwone Fisher 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Great film. Very Poignant. Also hard to watch at the same time. Interesting as we can see how Antwone will confront things with courage. Not many people are willing to do that. Anyway, Denzel Washington, as an actor, shines. As a director, this is an audacious try at directing expertise. I have no ill-will comments about his ability. Of course, he has the potential to reach the top mark. The movie was obviously flawed, had a lot of holes, and did not cover every ground. So far, this is one of the best movies I have seen the past few years, and I believe this should have been a winner for Academy Award Best Picture, since a lot of films have been a travesty. Washington also needs to have his directing abilities refined before he can undertake the next project, if he wants to be the best as possible.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I saw the movie once back in January, and I haven't gotten it out of my mind. I recommend it to all my students (I teach at a community college) as well as to friends and family. I learned from this movie and was struck especially by the relationship between Antwone Fisher and the Navy Psychiatrist. I am buying the DVD because I want to hear more; I will read the book as soon as the semester is over (!)--I heard it is as excellent as the movie--and I may buy the VHS version as well, so that I can show it to my students next year. Thanks Antwone Fisher, and thanks Denzel Washington.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Every now and then a gem of a film comes along that squeezes your heart, touches your soul, and brings tears to your eyes, films like "The Notebook", "The Color Purple", "Fried Green Tomatoes", "Trip to Bountiful". Well, add to that list the true story of "ANTWONE FISHER" delivered with compelling impact by Denzel Washington and Derek Luke. A young man filled with anger and anguish for the family he lost and seeks to re-discover, and a psychiatrist who takes him on the journey of discovery, and then in the process reveals what he himself has hidden from his own realization. Loved it. Terrific film. Don't miss it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
THE Best movie u could ever C
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this movie. Its the best thing in the world. I love this movie AND Derek Luke AND Denzel! Everyone should own a copy of this..!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an excellent movie! It's a movie for the whole family and you can't help but to love it! You will want to watch it over and over again! You'll get addicted (but in a good way)!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago