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Avengers 68 Set 5

Avengers 68 Set 5

Director: Don Chaffey, Leslie Norman, Robert Fuest

Cast: Edward Burnham


Editorial Reviews

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The '68 Avengers were a crime-fighting team in transition: The unforgettable Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) had left, and many fans hurled their bowlers into the Thames in dismay. The Tara King era began with the handicap of carrying on in the shadow of the future Dame Rigg, yet Linda Thorson quickly connected with the dashingly dapper John Steed (Patrick Macnee), and the two established a fine rhythm. During the seven episodes compiled here, the duo encounter a high-voltage killer in a church catacomb, tangle with a mad bomber threatening to blow up England, and probe the deaths of unscrupulous tycoons -- all with their characteristic dry wit and aplomb. Digitally remastered and in full color, this two-DVD set is an essential part of The Avengers legacy. Episodes include:
  • "Thingumajig": A killer is preying on victims in a church catacomb.
  • "Pandora": Two brothers lure Tara into a plot to steal a fortune from their insane Uncle Gregory.
  • "Requiem": It looks as if Mother has met his maker. But things aren't always what they seem!
  • "Take-Over": With the flick of a lighter, a peace conference could go up in smoke.
  • "Who Was that Man I Saw You With?": An evil doctor programs people to act out their violent fantasies.
  • "My Wildest Dream": Steed tussles with an evil mastermind planning to bomb England.
  • "Bizarre": Steed and Tara dig for clues in the suspicious deaths of crooked tycoons.
  • Product Details

    Release Date:
    A&E Home Video
    Region Code:
    [Dolby Digital Mono]

    Special Features

    Production stills gallery; Scene selection; Interactive menus

    Cast & Crew

    Performance Credits
    Edward Burnham Brett
    Harvey Ashby Bobby
    Michael Balfour Tom
    Patrick MacNee John Steed
    Ralph Ball Hamilton
    Reginald Barratt Xavier Smith
    Tom Adams Grenville
    Alan Browning Gregor Zaroff
    Diana Rigg Actor
    Iain Cuthbertson Kruger
    John Baker Vicar
    Michael Gwynn Bill Bassett
    Raymond Burke Young Gregory
    Sheila Burrell Mrs. Jupp
    Aimée Delamain Miss Culpepper
    John Cairney Firth
    Kathleen Byron Miss Faversham
    Linda Thorson Tara King
    Patrick Connor Bob
    Vernon Dobtcheff Stenson
    Angela Douglas Miranda Luxton
    George Innes Shaw
    James Cossins Henry Lasindall
    Michael David Reece
    Nita Lorraine Kate
    Willoughby Goddard Prof. Truman
    Alan MacNaughton Gilpin
    Edward Fox Chilcott
    James Kerry Capt. Cordell
    John Horsley Dr. Grant
    Julian Glover Ruper Lasindall
    Mike Lewin Barrett

    Technical Credits
    Don Chaffey Director
    Leslie Norman Director
    Robert Fuest Director

    Scene Index

    Side #1 -- Vol. 9
    1. Intro [3:24]
    2. Strange Tracks [10:32]
    3. No Logical Explanation [6:49]
    4. A Barbarous Period [5:46]
    5. A Little Black Box [11:30]
    6. Appetite for Electricity [6:24]
    7. A Mechanical Animal [5:37]
    8. Perfect Picture [1:46]
    1. Intro [2:39]
    2. Fierce Rabbit [9:05]
    3. Simon Juniper [5:31]
    4. Old Friend [7:04]
    5. The Portrait [9:50]
    6. So Confused [4:01]
    7. Alive and Kicking [11:28]
    8. The Chimes [2:06]
    1. Intro [2:51]
    2. Three Rings [8:27]
    3. Mother Is Dead [5:14]
    4. Fort Steed [8:36]
    5. Associative Techniques [8:53]
    6. Grand Master [5:59]
    7. Game, Set, Match [9:19]
    8. Family Tree [2:29]
    Side #2 -- Vol. 10
    1. Intro [3:48]
    2. Country Life [5:40]
    3. February Christmas [7:32]
    4. The Wager [8:06]
    5. Guilty Secret [6:40]
    6. First Kill of the Day [5:58]
    7. Security Check [11:31]
    8. Invisible [2:31]
    1. Intro [3:44]
    2. The Field Marshall [5:37]
    3. Affectionately G. [8:44]
    4. Gone Over? [8:59]
    5. Security Flaw [8:14]
    6. Circumstantial Evidence [5:54]
    7. Pure Genius [7:49]
    8. Champagne Fountain [2:46]
    1. Intro [3:06]
    2. A Man to Hate [7:09]
    3. The Desk Diary [7:53]
    4. Acme Precision [10:56]
    5. Witnesses [7:28]
    6. Steed Indeed [5:47]
    7. 18 Marlin Street [6:34]
    8. Problem Solved [2:16]
    1. Intro [1:53]
    2. Happy Meadows [6:37]
    3. Resurrected [3:30]
    4. That's Not That [13:19]
    5. Night Watch [10:42]
    6. In Paradise Plot [7:23]
    7. Naughty Mr. Steed [4:52]
    8. Blast Off! [3:36]

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