Babylon 5: the Gathering/in the Beginning

Babylon 5: the Gathering/in the Beginning

Director: Mike Vejar, Richard Compton Cast: Bruce Boxleitner, Michael O'Hare

DVD (Pan & Scan / Wide Screen / Dolby 5.1 / Stereo)

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Release Date: 12/04/2001
UPC: 0085392118922
Rating: NR
Source: Warner Home Video
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Full Frame, Full Frame]
Sound: [Dolby Digital, stereo]
Time: 3:05:00

Special Features

First-time widescreen release of In the Beginning, enhanced for 16x9 TVs; new digital transfers; English language with optional French subtitles.

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 -- The Gathering
0. Scene Selections
1. New Arrivals (Credits). [3:38]
2. No Weapons or Dust. [2:35]
3. Why 5? [2:37]
4. Data on the Vorlons. [6:01]
5. Londo's System. [4:44]
6. Dealmaking. [2:52]
7. Face of a Vorlon. [4:21]
8. Diagnosis: Poison. [4:04]
9. Our Reasons. [3:02]
10. Bygone Glory. [3:58]
11. Mindscan Plan. [5:16]
12. "He's the One." [4:36]
13. Suspicions Mount. [6:19]
14. G'Kar's Motion. [3:03]
15. Dead Suspect. [3:28]
16. Londo's Revelation. [3:35]
17. War Memories. [5:17]
18. Deadly Double. [2:08]
19. Unknown Energy. [3:29]
20. Firing Line. [2:53]
21. The Intruder's Identity. [4:15]
22. Farewell to Carolyn. [1:08]
23. Nothing's the Same. [2:10]
24. Insurance for Babylon 5. [5:00]
25. Poetic Ending. [3:12]
26. End Credits. [:44]
Side #2 -- In the Beginning
0. Scene Selections
1. Introduction. [1:12]
2. The Emperor's True Story. [4:29]
3. Arrogant Humans. [4:24]
4. Lenonn's Request. [4:06]
5. My Fault. [1:50]
6. The Grey Council. [3:38]
7. Delenn's Proposal. [2:40]
8. Now It Starts. [1:28]
9. Assignment Refused. [2:30]
10. Not Saying Anything. [2:20]
11. Toward Confrontation. [4:01]
12. No Mercy. [3:07]
13. The Holy War. [3:00]
14. A Kiss for Luck. [2:14]
15. A Deal With G'Kar. [2:30]
16. Creating the Future. [5:29]
17. A Doctor's Principles. [2:14]
18. Enemy Strike. [3:37]
19. "To Live Is to Risk." [4:18]
20. "See You in Hell." [3:07]
21. Hard Orders. [3:10]
22. Peace Sabotaged. [4:13]
23. The Future. [2:21]
24. War and Sacrifice. [3:10]
25. One Last Battle. [2:31]
26. "The Truth Points to Itself." [3:37]
27. Interrogation Candidate. [3:47]
28. A Minbari Soul. [3:37]
29. Never Over; a Toast. [4:27]
30. End Credits. [:54]

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Babylon 5: the Gathering/in the Beginning 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
''and echoes its series contemporary, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'' the B&N review says. Don't be fooled and think that this is a knock-off: 5 years before the premiere of either show the producers pitched B5 to paramount & others, who weren't interested in any non-Trek Sci-Fi. Then myseriously they hane an idea for a Trek show about a space station near a hyperspace transfer point...
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you've had trouble jumping into the middle of B5's complex story lines, this release is for you. In The Gathering, you'll meet many of the main characters at their starting points in the 5-year story arc that made B5 unique (the difference in casts is attributed to the one-year gap between production of the pilot and series production). And for those who can't get enough of those wacky Minbari, In The Beginning will tell you more about them than you possibly wanted to know. What makes this an excellent intro to possibly the best SF show ever? Phenomenal writing, three-dimensional characters that go beyond the usual SF cardboard cutouts, acting that doesn't require much ''willing suspension of disbelief,'' no pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo, aliens that actually act alien, and special effects that will have you asking, ''How'd they get the computer to do *that*?!'' Add in the wide-screen format, excellent sound production, and Christopher Franke's techno-retro soundtrack, and you have a package that never fails to impress. Grab a cup of hot jala, snag some spoo, and enjoy !
Guest More than 1 year ago
Prequels. They are a popular trend these days. Some are better than others. Babylon 5: In The Beginning is one of the very best. I think of B5:ITB as like Herman Wouk's The Winds Of War. What strikes me most about B5:ITB is the emotion put into the performances. As humanity faces certain extinction our best qualities rise to the surface. There is a grim and yet heroic montage in B5:ITB that brings tears to my eyes even now. B5:ITB is a tale told by a corrupted character seeking redemption. It is a tale that puts on display the folly of collective hubris and personal arrogance. In the B5 TV series now on DVD one will hear about the Earth-Minbari War. Well that is what B5:ITB covers.