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Barbra Streisand Giftset

Barbra Streisand Giftset

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Director: Howard Zieff, Irvin Kershner, Martin Ritt

Cast: Barbra Streisand

Four disparate films starring Barbra Streisand -- The Main Event, Nuts, Up the Sandbox, and What's Up, Doc? -- are brought together for this four-DVD collector's set. What's Up, Doc? and The Main Event have both been widescreen transfers at the aspect ratio of 1.85:1, which is letterboxed on conventional televisions and


Four disparate films starring Barbra Streisand -- The Main Event, Nuts, Up the Sandbox, and What's Up, Doc? -- are brought together for this four-DVD collector's set. What's Up, Doc? and The Main Event have both been widescreen transfers at the aspect ratio of 1.85:1, which is letterboxed on conventional televisions and enhanced for 16 x 9 playback on widescreen monitors. The films' original English-language mono soundtracks are mastered in Dolby Digital, as are alternate soundtracks dubbed in French. The discs also includes optional subtitles in English, French, and Spanish. Nuts features the same technical specifications, except that the English-language soundtrack is in Dolby Digital Surround, and the French-language track is in Dolby Digital Mono, while Up the Sandbox also includes the same features as What's Up, Doc? and The Main Event, except for the absence of a French-language audio track.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble
Barbra Streisand's mantel overflows with Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, and other awards from 40-plus years of stardom. This four-film collection celebrates Streisand's golden years as a screen actress, beginning with Peter Bogdanovich's superb screwball comedy What's Up, Doc?, an update of the Howard Hawks classic Bringing Up Baby featuring Ryan O'Neal in the Cary Grant role. The Main Event pairs the two again, this time with La Streisand attempting to whip washed-up pugilist O'Neill into shape for a big-time bout. Next up is Nuts, featuring Streisand in one of her most challenging roles -- that of a call girl charged with murder who desperately fights her parents' efforts to play the insanity card. Also featured here is Up the Sandbox, an interestingly complex film from 1972 in which Streisand portrays a pregnant mother awash in fears, including concern that her husband (David Selby) is having an extramarital affair. Streisand offers commentary tracks on all of these films, which also arrive on DVD with documentaries, trailers, and other tasty tidbits.

Product Details

Release Date:
Warner Home Video
Region Code:
[Full Frame]
[Dolby Digital Mono, Dolby Digital Surround]

Special Features

What's Up, Doc features; Theatrical trailers; All-new scene-specific commentary by Barbra Streisand; Feature-length commentary by director Peter Bogdanovich; "Screwball Comedies.... Remember Them?" -Vintage 1972 documentary; Nuts features; All-new feature-length commentary by Barbra Streisand; Production stills gallery; Widescreen letterbox format; The Main Event features; "Getting in Shaper for The Main Event," a vintage 1979 making-of TV special; Up the Sandbox features; All-new feature-length commentary by Barbra Streisand and director Irvin Kershner; "The Moviemakers," a 1972 making-of documentary

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Barbra Streisand Actor,Claudia Draper,Hillary Kramer,Judy Maxwell,Margaret Reynolds
David Selby Paul Reynolds
Richard Dreyfuss Aaron Levinsky
Ryan O'Neal Eddie "Kid Natural" Scanlon,Howard Bannister
Jane Hoffman Mrs. Yussim
Kenneth Mars Hugh Simon
Maureen Stapleton Rose Kirk, Claudia's Mother
Paul Sand David
Austin Pendleton Frederick Larrabee
John C. Becher Mr. Yussim
Karl Malden Arthur Kirk
Patti D'Arbanville Donna
Eli Wallach Dr. Herbert A. Morrison, Psychiatrist
Jacobo Morales Fidel Castro
Sorrell Booke Harry
Whitman Mayo Percy
Rory Calhoun Fighter in Kid's Camp

Technical Credits
Howard Zieff Director
Irvin Kershner Director
Martin Ritt Director
Peter Bogdanovich Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- What's Up Doc?
1. Credits (You're the Top) [3:10]
2. Lookalike Bags [5:42]
3. "What's Up Doc?" [4:47]
4. A Person Name Eunice [1:32]
5. Shenanigans on 17 [5:04]
6. Croatian Competition [3:58]
7. Burnise [1:54]
8. Bag and Identity Shuffle [4:31]
9. Under the Table [2:16]
10. Use Your Charm [2:10]
11. Saying Goodbye [2:53]
12. Guy with Pants Down [4:30]
13. Out on a Ledge [2:50]
14. Fired Up [2:35]
15. Manager of What's Left [3:05]
16. As Time Goes By [2:41]
17. $20,000 Embrace [2:12]
18. The Eunice Situation [2:40]
19. Rock Query [2:07]
20. Screwball Soiree [4:49]
21. Breaking Up Frisco [3:20]
22. Entering the Dragon [1:35]
23. Wreckful Driving [3:35]
24. "We Can Make It!" [1:46]
25. Judge Dreadful [2:22]
26. The Charges [2:46]
27. Making Things Clear [2:53]
28. "Hello, Daddy." [:55]
29. The Airport [3:10]
30. Back in the Money [2:36]
31. What Love Means [1:45]
32. You're the Top Cast List [1:21]
Side #2 -- Nuts
1. Holding Tank (Credits)
2. Night Court
3. My Name Is Draper
4. Levinsky's Motion
5. Where She Belongs
6. You Must Be Claudia
7. Putting On A Show
8. Pretend We're Sane
9. Her Day In Court
10. Morrison's Office
11. Claudia's Apartment
12. Dr. Johnson
13. I Decide
14. Allen Green's Death
15. Rules of Contempt
16. Dangerous?
17. Girl With A History
18. Outstanding Concern
19. Return to Sender
20. Claudia Objects
21. Her Champion
22. Reward System
23. Always There for Her
24. Don't Be Afraid
25. On the Stand
26. Not A Believer
27. Get It?
28. Love As A Frisbee
29. "I Won't Be Nuts for You."
30. Reconciliation
31. The Verdict
32. Coda and End Credits
Side #3 -- The Main Event
1. Know-It-All Nose [3:01]
2. Workout Credits [2:44]
3. No Money [4:05]
4. His Body on Her Head? [7:05]
5. Knockout Driving Academy (Big Girls Don't Cry) [4:56]
6. Driving Home Her Point [1:56]
7. See You in the Ring [5:11]
8. Bleeders [3:46]
9. Talking Business [2:18]
10. Beaten to the Punch [3:46]
11. No Fooling Around [3:44]
12. Sparring Partners [5:31]
13. Training [3:13]
14. The Cannibal: Round 1 [4:44]
15. Round 2: Disqualified [3:00]
16. Round 3: Through [2:13]
17. The Pitch to Leo [1:03]
18. Victory...On Ice [3:33]
19. Female Crap [3:04]
20. Training Camp Dinner [1:51]
21. The Barracks [5:15]
22. Interviews [6:23]
23. Bed Partners [4:19]
24. Wedding Partners? [8:12]
25. Fight That Never Was [3:01]
26. Throwing in the Towel [3:50]
27. End Credits (The Main Event) [2:15]
Side #4 -- Up the Sandbox
1. Daddy's Home (Credits) [5:51]
2. Pregnant Again [3:18]
3. A Faculty Affair [4:03]
4. Mothers [3:40]
5. Taking On Fidel [5:53]
6. Sex Life of the Praying Mantis [2:35]
7. Latin Seduction [3:26]
8. Commandante's Secret [2:48]
9. Underprivileged [2:28]
10. Menacing Trip to the Park [4:35]
11. Militant Margaret [3:22]
12. Last of Lady Liberty [4:15]
13. Crayon Catastrophe [3:30]
14. New Jersey Home Movies [10:23]
15. Party Patter [5:32]
16. Dueling Chests [2:09]
17. More? [2:06]
18. Africa: Women Warriors [6:59]
19. Breakfast in Bed [3:17]
20. Chapter 20 [5:21]
21. Women's Clinic [6:51]
22. Family Merry-Go-Round [3:08]
23. End Credits [2:24]

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Barbra Streisand Giftset 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
After watching all four Streisand flicks, I enjoyed them even more while listening to her and the directors discuss why scenes were made they way they were (no pun intended!). It was very fascinating to learn about her opinions on various segments of the films. She is very intent on creating a certain style for each movie; this giftset explains this and more. I advise this package for anyone who enjoys successful artists with giftsets.