Baseball Double Feature: Kill the Umpire / Safe at Home

Baseball Double Feature: Kill the Umpire / Safe at Home

Director: Lloyd Bacon, Walter Doniger Cast: Mickey Mantle, William Bendix


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Baseball Double Feature: Kill the Umpire / Safe at Home

William Bendix is perfectly cast as a diehard baseball fan who hates umpires with every fibre of his being. Bendix' devotion to baseball has lost him job after job, so his father-in-law (Ray Collins)--who happens to be an umpire--forces Our Hero to enroll in umpire school. Eventually Bendix learns to respect his new job, even gaining a measure of popularity by earning the nickname "Two-Call Johnson" (the result of double vision brought about by an overdose of eye drop medicine). But when Bendix calls a play against a popular pitcher, he is accused of cheating by the angry fans. Forced to disguise himself to get to the Big Game, Bendix arrives at the ball park to a chorus of "boos." Exonerated by the pitcher, who praises the umpire's honesty, Bendix is the hero of the day...until he makes another unpopular call two seconds later. Kill the Umpire is climaxed by a zany chase sequence scripted by former cartoon director Frank Tashlin.

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Release Date: 04/03/2007
UPC: 0043396168824
Source: Sony Pictures
Region Code: 1
Time: 2:42:00

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Kill the Umpire/Safe at Home
1. Addicted to Baseball [7:36]
2. In the Doghouse [5:17]
3. The Last Straw [8:57]
4. Wise Guy [3:35]
5. Disrupting Umpire School [8:31]
6. Change of Heart [6:21]
7. Bill "Two Call" Johnson [10:22]
8. Attempted Bribe [7:27]
9. The Riot [9:48]
10. "Fire!" [3:43]
11. Wild Ride [3:36]
12. Exonerated [2:32]
1. Hutch [8:57]
2. Start of Trouble [8:11]
3. "A Son and a Partner" [5:28]
4. Digging a Deeper Hole [6:39]
5. A Plan [6:34]
6. Missing Mantle and Maris [7:45]
7. Sneaking In [4:55]
8. Meeting His Heroes [5:46]
9. Active Imagination [7:26]
10. Hutch's Big Break [11:12]
11. Lesson for Father and Son [8:27]
12. Training With the Yankees [2:51]

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