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Battle Royale

Battle Royale

4.2 13
Director: Kinji Fukasaku

Cast: Tatsuya Fujiwara, Aki Maeda, Taro Yamamoto


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In a future where society is on the verge of collapse, the government takes drastic action against the problem of rebellious teenagers in this violent sci-fi opus from Japan. In the year 2002, Japan's economy has taken a dramatic turn for the worse, and massive unemployment and inflation have thrown most adults into a state of chaos; the nation's youth culture


In a future where society is on the verge of collapse, the government takes drastic action against the problem of rebellious teenagers in this violent sci-fi opus from Japan. In the year 2002, Japan's economy has taken a dramatic turn for the worse, and massive unemployment and inflation have thrown most adults into a state of chaos; the nation's youth culture responds with unprecedented violence, delinquency, and truancy. Desperate to restore order, the Japanese parliament responds by creating the Millennial Reform School Act, in which groups of junior high students are selected at random, sent to an isolated island, and forced to play a rigorous war game, in which all but one of their number are killed. Kitano (Beat Takeshi) is an embittered school instructor who guides the 44 students of the Zentsuji Middle School's Class B through the deadly game known as "Battle Royale," as they struggle to survive against the elements and each other. Battle Royale proved to be both successful and highly controversial in Japan, where it set box-office records and prompted political leaders to call for stricter controls on violence in Japanese entertainment; the film was initially rated R-15 (no one under 15 admitted), unusual for violent films in Japan, though director Kinji Fukasaku later prepared a re-edited version that earned a more lenient classification.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Jonathan Crow
If anything else, Kinji Fukasaku's Battle Royale is timely. Fukasaku capitalizes on the fear of children in contemporary Japanese society and savages it. Adults in this film are portrayed as petty and sadistic (such as Kitano), craven and selfish (as in Shuya's father who kills himself in a flashback), or simply absent. Instead of being given love, these teens are literally thrown into the wilderness and told to fend for themselves. To his credit, Fukasaku keeps the social commentary light and the film funny --surprising, given its subject matter. The film juxtaposes animalistic bloodletting with crushes, schoolyard cliques, and other cliches of teendom. Fukasaku also populates Battle with images that simply radiate with a certain pungent absurdism. The Battle Royale instructional video, for example, features an announcer sporting punky hair, a nose ring, bangled arms, and the grindingly sunny disposition of an airport stewardess on Ecstasy. The satirical elements of Battle Royale, however, lie uneasily alongside the inherent horror of the characters' predicament -- having to kill one's best friends in order to survive -- giving the film an oddly ambiguous tone. The result is that the viewer is unclear as to exactly how to react to the work; laughter often dies in one's throat. Perhaps because of the terrific darkness that Fukasaku evokes through the film's mid-section, Battle Royale's dénouement feels too pat and easy. Nothing short of a brisk march into the abyss would feel appropriate. Though not a work for Andy Griffith fans or Sound of Music enthusiasts, Battle Royale is a fascinating, disturbing film that will in turns make viewers laugh, jump, and cringe.

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Tatsuya Fujiwara Shuya Nanahara
Aki Maeda Noriko Nakagawa
Taro Yamamoto Shougo Kawada
Masanobu Ando Kiriyama
Kou Shibasaki Mitsuko Souma
Chiaki Kuriyama Chigusa
Takeshi Kitano Kitano
Yamamoto Taru Actor
Shibasaki Kou Actor
Beat Takeshi Actor
Ai Iwamura Smiling Winner
Ai Maeda Shiori Kitano
Sousuke Takaoka Hiroki Sugimura

Technical Credits
Kinji Fukasaku Director
Hirohide Abe Editor
Masamichi Amano Score Composer
Kobayashi Chie Co-producer,Producer
Kenta Fukasaku Co-producer
Kyoko Heya Production Designer
Teruo Kamaya Producer
Kimio Kataoka Co-producer
Yanagijima Katsumi Cinematographer
Fukusaku Kenta Producer
Fukasaku Kenta Screenwriter
Kataoka Kimio Producer
Hisao Nabeshima Co-producer,Producer
Masumi Okada Producer
Masao Sato Producer
Ikuro Takano Executive Producer
Katsumi Yanagishima Cinematographer


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Battle Royale 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Brandon57 More than 1 year ago
I can only say one thing about Battle Royale. THIS MOVIE IS AMAZING!!! I am a big Hunger Games fan and when i finished it i was thinking "Is there any books like this"? I looked it up and found Battle Royale. I went to buy the book and it was HUMUNGOUS. It would take me a year to read that thing. So when i heard there was a movie i knew i had to buy it. It was just relieced in America and it is flippin awesome!!! The movie is about in the future in Japan, the economy has crashed, and there kids are out of line. So they make the BR ACT, 42 kids from different classes from 9th grade are chosen to participate in Battle Royale. A fight to the death on a abandoned island. They have these neck braces on there necks that will explode if there in a "Danger Zone", trying to get them off, or doing something " Naughty". They have three days to kill each other and if there are people remaining after the time limit, there braces will explode! And there will be no winner. They will get a backpack filled with food, water, a weapon ( Some get weapons like guns or bombs, and others get tracking devises, or binoculars), and a cumpous and map. So now they must fight to the death. Who will win. I defiantly recommend this movie and the book. Bye BYE THIS MOVIE!!!!!! P.S this movie is in Japanese so you will have to use subtitles. :)
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the controversial movie based off of the manga series of the same name. We have a group of students including two dangerous transfer students, that are sent to an island and are told that they must play the ultimate survival game. It centers on all the characters as the game begins and secrets revealed. Shuya and Noriko along with one of two exchange students called Kawada try to survive and not be killed as they're being hunted down by some of the students and especially the other transfer student called Kiriyama. You have to watch the movie to understand what's going on and what the collar around their neck is for. My favorite characters are Shuya "actor who plays him played Light in Death Note", Noriko, Kawada and my absolute favorite Kiriyama. Tell me you didn't think of FFAC "Final Fantasy Advent Children" Reno when you saw him. Film is violent with gore.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Action packed, emotional, political, stressful, romantic, gorey, and much more! WATCH IT!
OliverGrey More than 1 year ago
Based off of the japanese novel of the same name by Koushun Takami, this movie is a scary look at how far one would go to survive in a true life or death scenario. The characters backstories could have been explained more. In the end though that does not matter because the movie is that captivating. When it comes to sitting down during this movie all you need is the edge.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
i loved this movie. a friend reccomended it to me, so i borrowed it, and watched it. if you dont like blood and gore of any kind, stay away from this movie. if you like action, blood, gore, and just a great movie in general, i suggest you get this movie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JonJr More than 1 year ago
I realize that it is the Christmas season but I still have not received this item even though it was shipped 11 days ago.
IHeartBigBang More than 1 year ago
i only want to buy this if it is the subbed version. with original japanese voices. Or... if you can change the language to japanese and the subtitle to english... can anybody tell me what this one is?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought this for my hubby as it is one of his fave movies, but when we got it the movie wouldn't play in our DVD player. I think it is because of the regio code. Does anyone know if something needs to be set on the DVD player, or during the set-up on the DVD itself (maybe under the menu like with subtitles and such)? He would really like to get to watch his movie without having to buy another DVD player. The teacher is one of the stars on the spoof television show played on Spike TV where all of the voices are over-dubbed with humorous statements.