Bava: The Mario Bava Collection, Vol. 1

Bava: The Mario Bava Collection, Vol. 1

Director: John M. Old, Mario Bava Cast: Barbara Steele, Cameron Mitchell

DVD (Black & White)


More than a quarter century after his death, director Mario Bava remains one of international cinema's most controversial icons. Today his influence -- marked by stunning visuals, daring sexuality, and shocking violence -- can still be seen in the works of Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Tim Burton, Dario Argento, and countless others in a legacy that extends far beyond the horror genre. This collection brings together five landmark movies from the first half of Bava's career: the original giallo; a bold Viking epic; and his three gothic horror masterpieces. All are presented in new transfers, struck from the original European versions, and offer exclusive featurettes to create the definitive celebration of one of the most important filmmakers of all time.

Product Details

Release Date: 04/03/2007
UPC: 0013131485493
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Starz / Anchor Bay
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [B&W]
Time: 7:10:00

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Barbara Steele Actor,Asa / Katia
Cameron Mitchell Rurik
Erica Blanc Monica Schuftan
Valentina Cortese Laura Terrani
Boris Karloff Gorca
Fausto Tozzi Aghen
Giacomo Rossi-Stuart Dr. Paul Eswai
Gianni di Benedetto Prof. Terrani
John Richardson Dr. Andre Gorobec
Giana Vivaldi Baroness Graps
Ivo Garrani Prince Vaida
Leticia Roman Nora Dralston
Luciano Polletin Moki
Michele Mercier Rosy
Andrea Checchi Dr. Tomas Kruvajan
Fabienne Dali Ruth the Sorceress
Jack Stuart Actor
John Saxon Dr. Marcello Bassi
Lydia Alfonsi Mary [The Telephone]
Arturo Dominici Javuto
Dante DiPaolo Landini
Mark Damon Vladimir d'Urfe
Piero Lulli Police Commisioner Kroger
Renato Terra Actor
Jacqueline Pierreux Helen Corey

Technical Credits
John M. Old Director
Mario Bava Director
Salvatore Billitteri Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Black Sunday
1. The Curse (Main Titles) [6:10]
2. The Tomb [8:45]
3. Spellbound [3:32]
4. Every 100 Years Today [5:46]
5. Next to the Cemetery [4:35]
6. The Mask of Satan [6:34]
7. Driver of the Ghost Coach [4:26]
8. Kiss of Death [3:35]
9. Devil's Slave [5:06]
10. Searching for the Doctor [7:33]
11. A Warning [6:01]
12. Hope Over Despair [4:20]
13. The Secret Passage [4:05]
14. Princess Taken [6:07]
15. Duel to the Death [4:23]
16. The Cross [5:29]
Disc #2 -- Black Sabbath
1. Introduction (Main Titles) [2:04]
2. Rosy (The Telephone) [12:01]
3. Mary [7:53]
4. Frank [5:11]
5. Tale of Alibeq (The Wurdalak) [9:57]
6. Father's Return [11:11]
7. The Curse of Love [7:44]
8. Family Reunion [12:28]
9. A Call for Help (The Drop of Water) [3:02]
10. The Ring [8:03]
11. Drip Drop [10:50]
12. Be Careful! (End Credits) [1:44]
Disc #3 -- The Girl Who Knew Too Much
1. Cigarette? (Main Titles) [7:00]
2. Death, Mugging and Murder [6:22]
3. Delirious [4:34]
4. How It Happened [3:08]
5. Funeral and a New Friend [6:14]
6. "D" As in Death [5:59]
7. The Talcum Powder Trap [7:29]
8. Rome [3:10]
9. A Voice [6:49]
10. Looking for Landini [3:44]
11. Tale of the Alphabet Murders [7:07]
12. Going to See Straccianeve [3:55]
13. Room 26 [5:26]
14. The Button [4:41]
15. Behind the Door [7:38]
16. Quitting Smoking [2:06]
Disc #4 -- Knives of the Avenger
1. A Cry for Vengeance (Main Titles) [6:39]
2. The Warning [3:54]
3. Fear of Strangers [4:10]
4. Rescuer [4:27]
5. New Man in the House [7:07]
6. Tales of the Past [10:17]
7. Prey [6:26]
8. Looking for Trouble [7:57]
9. Trap [6:02]
10. Facing the Enemy [9:40]
11. Duel of the Two Kings [8:19]
12. Finding the Target [9:26]
Disc #5 -- Kill, Baby...Kill!
1. Fall (Main Titles) [3:54]
2. Coroner's Arrival [3:11]
3. The Inspector [5:07]
4. Fear of an Autopsy [5:49]
5. Omens [5:51]
6. The Witch's Spell [4:23]
7. Coin for the Heart [4:54]
8. Villa Graps [6:38]
9. Bell Tolls of Death [7:34]
10. Light in the Cemetery [5:16]
11. Cursed [3:09]
12. Hidden Secrets [6:53]
13. Tomb Trap [4:16]
14. "No One Ever Returns..." [6:15]
15. Monica's Secret [4:26]
16. Keeping a Promise [5:33]

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Bava: The Mario Bava Collection, Vol. 1 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you have ever watched a Dario Argento film, you would be aware of his unusual choices of colors in films like Inferno and Suspiria. however, before him there was Mario Bava. Anchor Bay has released a wonder set here. you have Black Sunday, which is probably Bava's Best Black And White film. It is a wonderful medly of the Universal Horror films of old and the Italian horror that would come in the later decades. The Film contains such horrific, yet lovely images. such as scorpions crawling out of a dead witches face and of course the imfamous Torture scene in the beginning of the film. The Version included here is the uncut italian version not the AIP version that was put out by Image Entertainment years ago. Another Masterpeice in this collection is Black Sabbath, one of the first Anthology horror movies ever made. it's a fine film. my only complaint is that the Uncut italian version included here dubs over Boris Karloff's voice. not cool. Kill Baby Kill also stands out as a wonderful black and white Giallo film. In the end, i would highly recommend this Collection to Bava fans and even Casual Classic horror fans