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Best Worst Movie

Best Worst Movie

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Cast: Michael Stephenson, George Hardy, Darren Ewing, Jason Steadman

Troll 2 star Michael Stephenson steps behind the camera to explore the phenomenon behind the low-budget Italian-produced horror sequel that young movie fanatics have christened "the Rocky Horror of our generation" in this documentary which proves that just because a movie is awful doesn't mean it won't find an audience.


Troll 2 star Michael Stephenson steps behind the camera to explore the phenomenon behind the low-budget Italian-produced horror sequel that young movie fanatics have christened "the Rocky Horror of our generation" in this documentary which proves that just because a movie is awful doesn't mean it won't find an audience. Twenty years ago, a group of inexperienced Utah actors teamed with an Italian-speaking production crew to shoot Troll 2. At the time it seemed like the production was a complete fiasco; little did they realize that they were making cinematic history. Flash forward two decades, when Troll 2 is playing to packed theaters across America, and fans of the film get the unique opportunity to find out just how this messterpiece came to be. Can director Claudio Fragasso come to terms with the fact that his biggest failure has since defined his cinematic legacy? And what ever became of the Alabama dentist-turned-cult-icon who delivered the immortal line, "You can't piss on hospitality!" Discover the answer to both of these questions and more as Troll 2 star Stephenson reveals why the film that should have been a forgettable horror sequel is still being celebrated 20 years later.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Jeremy Wheeler
A notoriously bad movie is the subject of this crowd-pleasing documentary exploring the cult, fame, and making of Claudio Fragasso's hilariously inept Troll 2. Curious things can happen to movies when they hit both the home-rental and cable market -- for this 1990 sequel (in name only, since there's no other connection to John Carl Buechler's charming puppet-filled original), an obsession has organically popped up with select viewers across the world. Movie parties, dedicated websites, collectible posters, T-shirts -- you name it, Troll 2 has nearly cornered the market on bad-movie love, with its hardcore followers watching it incessantly and praising its many uniquely terrible qualities. Yet this isn't quite what the cast envisioned after they were first sent a VHS copy of this weird movie directed by that crazy Italian director who once barked orders at them. It was more like heartbreak. Their performances were bad. The movie was bad. Years later it was deemed "the worst movie of all time." So the cast moved on with their lives. The lead teen actress continued in the profession, but was sure to leave Troll 2 off her resumé. Another teenaged actor turned to music, with others settling into life's normalities, far beyond this cinematic dark spot in their past. Yet Troll 2 wasn't done with them yet, as starring actor-turned-dentist George Hardy learned when his MySpace page blew up with adoration from fans he never knew he had. Thankfully for viewers, there's a lot of Hardy in the pic. He's a naturally affable and good-natured guy who's just as in love with experiencing the cheering crowds at various sold-out screenings around America as he is laughing it up with his small-town patients. Hardy also finds a dark side to his newfound fame, which is where Best Worst Movie really gets its legs. As soon as the extremely likable Dr. Dentist heads out to crowds who aren't already converts to the Troll 2 bible, reality hits -- and it hits hard. Empty seats await him and the rest of the cast at a convention, and one whiff of the crowd and the has-been B-listers at a horror con sets Hardy off in a way that completely goes against his good-natured roots. In the meantime, Claudio, the director, is pulled into the bad-movie circuit and faces a public (along with his like-minded former cast) who poke fun at his work, which he still deems to be art. This all paves the way for some juicy confrontations as the former child star of Troll 2-turned-Best Worst Movie director, Michael Paul Stephenson, captures some truly cringe-worthy moments between Fragasso and his "actor dogs," as he likes to call them. Stephenson covers a lot of ground, from the adoring crowds to the cast reunions (one of which is straight out of David Lynch territory). Yet there does seem to be something missing from the director's approach. When it's revealed early on in a confessional style that the bratty kid in the pic is actually the documentary's director, one assumes that there will likely be a bit more of a personal slant to the proceedings than there actually ends up being. Instead, the filmmaker takes a fly-on-the-wall approach to the rest of the documentary, saying very little about it all as he captures this whirlwind that swept him and his old peers up. Perhaps this was his intent. Either way, if the newfound filmmaker has achieved anything it's that not only is his documentary a better-made film than that of its subject matter, but Best Worst Movie taps into the same delight that makes Troll 2 so irresistible. So, in a way, this is a best-of-both-worlds scenario -- it's well worth a look for the initiated as well as for virginal viewers looking to see what all of the Troll 2 hubbub is about. Best Worst Movie is a rare glimpse into what it's like to look back on moviemaking gone horribly -- and wonderfully -- wrong, both as an avid outside viewer, as well as from an insider's point-of-view. Therein lies the power of film -- for even at its worst, unspectacular cinema can still bring people together to realize that sometimes you have to celebrate a past failure in order to forgive yourself for it.

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Special Features

Deleted scenes and interviews; Music video; Fan contributions; Filmmaker Q&A with Creative Screenwriting Magazine; A provocative message from Troll 2's Golbin Queen, Deborah Reed

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Michael Stephenson Participant
George Hardy Participant
Darren Ewing Participant
Jason Steadman Participant
Jason Wright Participant
Connie Young Participant
Robert Ormsby Participant
Margo Prey Participant
Claudio Fragasso Participant
Don Packard Participant
Rossella Drudi Participant
Paul Gibbs Participant
Patrick Gibbs Participant
Steven Hatch Participant
Lily Hardy Participant
Pita Ray Participant
Micki Knox Participant
Tommy Bice Participant
Lila Graves Participant
Laura Gulledge Participant

Technical Credits
Michael Stephenson Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Bobby Tahouri Score Composer,Musical Direction/Supervision
Ace Goerig Producer
Katie Graham Cinematographer,Editor
Mary Francis Groom Producer
Alan Hunter Executive Producer
Hugh Hunter Executive Producer
Carl Indriago Cinematographer
Brad Klopman Producer
Andrew Matthews Editor
Jim McKeon Executive Producer
Lindsay Stephenson Producer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Best Worst Movie
1. Alexander City, Alabama [5:03]
2. "He's No Cary Grant" [8:23]
3. A Cult Phenomenon [5:02]
4. Finally Finding an Audience [8:18]
5. "These Are My People" [8:08]
6. An Awful Lot of Sincerity [11:38]
7. Actor Dogs [7:18]
8. "I Just Made it Me" [6:38]
9. Homecoming [9:45]
10. "Does Anybody Want My Autograph?" [7:45]
11. A Film That Moves You [10:07]
12. End Credits [5:15]


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