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Blondie, Vol. 1

Blondie, Vol. 1

3.6 3
Director: Frank Strayer

Cast: Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Jonathan Hale


Product Details

Release Date:
Echo Bridge

Special Features

Digitally mastered; Interactive menus; Chapter selections

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Blue Socks Green [11:40]
2. Dagwood Bumstead [5:44]
3. Opportunity Knocks [6:13]
4. Not Likely to Succeed [10:14]
5. Baby Dumpling [10:13]
6. The Vacuum Cleaner [8:19]
7. Dagwood Gets Fired [8:41]
8. The Hazelett Contract [10:59]
1. Sweep Your Troubles Away [8:33]
2. Your Apron, My Job [9:18]
3. Gone Fishing [8:27]
4. On the Wagon [9:02]
5. A Thousand Words [9:45]
6. Clean Sweep [7:59]
7. The Garden Café [8:56]
8. Man in a Million [10:09]
1. Just Like a Man [10:04]
2. Big Bad Wolf [9:49]
3. The Westview Inn [6:39]
4. A Matchless Husband [7:42]
5. Uncle Jonathan [3:51]
6. The Loan [7:09]
7. Air Conditioning [8:35]
8. Fire on the Lake [7:45]
1. Alvin on Toast [12:21]
2. The Cartwright Building [5:18]
3. Baby Genius [11:10]
4. The Bumstead Scholar [7:40]
5. Daisy & the Dogcatcher [9:53]
6. On the Chin [8:26]
7. Girls Girls [8:07]
8. Silly Mr. Dithers [9:02]
1. Premonition [10:47]
2. Just Fine [7:25]
3. Heart to Heart [9:38]
4. Yes and No [8:39]
5. Lover's Lane [9:22]
6. Lucky Number [8:01]
7. Surprise Party [9:53]
8. Goodnight, Dear [8:08]

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Blondie, Vol. 1 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you are hoping to see full length movies...don't order this DVD. There are just little shorts of each listed movie. Sure it is inexpensive but it leads you to believe that you have quite a few movies on just one DVD. Well, we took a gamble but lost. Don't waste your money.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I grew up watching these movies on TV every Sunday afternoon; always fun; I had forgotten just how funny and sweet they were. A real bargain at this price - and you don't just get snippets as one reviewer claims - they first show a few snippets, which I believe were the pieces used to promo the movies when showed on TV, but these are followed by the entire move. I have volumes 1 & 2, and am hoping more will be released soon - would like to have the whole set
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just finished watching two episodes of Blondie with my brother-inlaw and two kids. We all couldn't stop laughing at the hilarious antics of Blondie, Dagwood, Baby Dumpling, Daisy and Mr. Dithers. My nephew and Niece Nicholas and Carol now know where the term for a Dagwood sandwhich came from. I work for the post office and just love seeing Dagwood or Blondie run into the mail man and seeing all the letters go flying. If you liked Blondie as a kid you will not be dissappointed in the quality of the DVD's available. I almost wondered if they digitally remastered the two 5 pack DVD's of Blondie I purchased. These DVD's are an absolute steal at the price I bought them for! Lastly, if you want some realy funny shows that you can watch with anyone, these are it. Beware: there is no vulger language, no murders, no sex scenes and no, not any political correctness to be found. This a chance to see how truly good movies were back then without resorting to all the crutches modern movie makers feel is needed to sell their product. One final note, If your kids want to know what life was like before computers, gameboys, cell phones and all the other modern trappings of things we must have in order to live, then have them watch these movies.