Breeders/Supernova/Retroactive/Species: the Awakening

Breeders/Supernova/Retroactive/Species: the Awakening


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Breeders/Supernova/Retroactive/Species: the Awakening

All the disgusting possibilities presented by the age-old science fiction plot of aliens coming to Earth to seek human mates are explored in rude detail in this direct-to-video sleazefest. The story involves an investigation into a series of bizarre and violent rapes of young women throughout New York City -- all of which turn out to be the work of a rampaging alien who is able to change into human form at will. A police detective and a young doctor join forces to round up clues, which range from the bizarre accounts of the traumatized victims (all virgins, it turns out) to an unknown residue left on the victims' bodies. They eventually stumble on a network of catacombs beneath the streets of Manhattan, through which the zombified victims return to the alien's lair to take a mutual dip in the world's most nauseating Jacuzzi. This cheap, misogynist exploiter features hideous performances from virtually every member of the cast -- as well as loads of naked female flesh, disembowelments, exploding heads and alien goo -- and seems quite proud of its own tackiness. The alien scumbag even has its way with an elderly bag lady! Released as part of Wizard Video's "Too Gory for the Silver Screen" line, which also included such huggable classics as Headless Eyes.

Product Details

Release Date: 10/05/2010
UPC: 0883904230687
Rating: NR
Source: Mgm (Video & Dvd)

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Helena Mattsson Miranda Hollander
James Spader Nick Vanzant
Jim Belushi Frank Lloyd
LeeAnne Baker Kathleen
Amy Brentano Gail
Angela Bassett Kaela Evers
Ben Cross Actor
Kylie Travis Karen
Dominic Keating Actor
Robert Forster Captain A.J. Marley
Shannon Whirry Rayanne
Teresa Farley Dr. Gamble Pace
Frank Whaley Brian
Lou Diamond Phillips Yerzy Penalosa
Marlene Favela Actor
Owen Flynn Monster
Ed French Dr. Ira Markum
M. Emmet Walsh Sam
Peter Facinelli Karl Larson
Lance Lewman Detective Dale Andriotti
Frances Raines Karinsa Marshall

Technical Credits
Louis Morneau Director
Nick Lyon Director
Thomas Lee Director
Tim Kincaid Director

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