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Brideshead Revisited

Brideshead Revisited

3.8 5

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Barnes & Noble
This 25th Anniversary edition of Brideshead Revisited celebrates one of the all-time greats of the miniseries format, a truly engrossing adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s classic tale. Set during the period between the two World Wars, Waugh's narrative focuses on the Marchmains, a once-distinguished British family, and the intrigues that embroil its members. Jeremy Irons stars as Charles Ryder, a talented, sensitive young painter so drawn into the family's orbit that the clan's magnificent Brideshead Castle becomes like a second home to him. Ryder's friendship with the Marchmains' dissolute scion, Sebastian (Anthony Andrews), has its ups and downs, but his infatuation with Sebastian's sister, Julia (Diana Quick), blossoms into an even more complicated relationship. Laurence Olivier and Claire Bloom appear as Lord and Lady Marchmain, and John Gielgud guest-stars as Ryder's father. Waugh's vision of the Marchmain family in decline is among the most delicious in English literature, realized on the page with poetic brilliance. Scriptwriter John Mortimer (Rumpole of the Bailey) keeps nearly all of Waugh's best work intact and even saves much of the book's best dialogue, which is in turn translated by the remarkable cast. History records Olivier's Emmy Award for his work here, but of equal merit are the performances of Gielgud, Quick, Simon Jones, and Nikolas Grace. For Irons, of course, it was a breakthrough role, and within a decade he was to win the Academy Award for his deeply satisfying performance as Claus von Bulow in Reversal of Fortune. All 11 episodes of this magnificent series, which begins in the Roaring '20s and continues through the Depression years up to World War II, are collected in a handsomely designed, four-disc box set, which includes an informative 20-page Companion Guide. There's also a fascinating glimpse behind the gates of Castle Howard, the extraordinary estate that became the show's Brideshead, and much more.
Entertainment Weekly
Though the remastered discs provide scant extras, Brideshead Revisited is a keenly observed epic that's magnificent all by itself. Mike Flaherty
New York Times
"Smashing...incredibly lavish...the details are brilliant."
Time Magazine
"Visually ravishing."
Washington Post - Tom Shales
There are so few pleasures in life, really. Sex, money, chocolate and Brideshead Revisited.

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Acorn Media
[Dolby Digital Stereo]

Special Features

A new 50-minute retrospective documentary, Revisiting Brideshead; commentaries from the film's cast and producers; a photo gallery; production notes; cast filmographies; and a 20-page companion guide with director Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s introduction, filming locations, and more.

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Brideshead Revisited, Vol. 1 - Episodes 1&2
1. Prologue [10:10]
2. Brideshead [7:37]
3. Oxford [10:24]
4. An Unfavourable Meeting [8:14]
5. Lunch With Sebastian [9:17]
6. A First Visit [11:14]
7. Jasper's Remonstrance [8:58]
8. Dinner at Thame [8:59]
9. The Long Vacation [12:54]
10. Gravely Injured [12:19]
1. First Summer [11:20]
2. Bridey [11:24]
3. Venice [8:47]
4. Lord Marchmain [11:30]
5. Cara [9:59]
Disc #2 -- Brideshead Revisited, Vol. 2 - Episodes 3-5
1. Mr. Samgrass [10:32]
2. A Party of Julia's [11:48]
3. Not Used to Wine [11:17]
4. Lady Marchmain [9:15]
5. Numbered Days [10:12]
1. A Painful Incident [11:27]
2. Sebastian's Apology [11:45]
3. Running Away [9:54]
4. Disaster [9:44]
5. Leaving Oxford [10:29]
1. Christmas at Brideshead [10:13]
2. Under Surveillance [10:45]
3. The Hunt [10:58]
4. A Blow Expected [11:35]
5. The Light of Common Day [7:25]
Disc #3 -- Brideshead Revisited, Vol. 3 - Episodes 6-8
1. Living in Paris [7:38]
2. Julia [11:42]
3. An Engagement [11:13]
4. Father Mowbray [8:47]
5. Rex's Revelation [11:43]
1. General Strike [9:56]
2. Nancy Tallboys's Party [11:11]
3. Marchmain House [8:47]
4. Morocco [11:40]
5. Kurt and Sebastian [9:37]
1. A First Commission [10:38]
2. Fading Light [9:26]
3. Celia [10:41]
4. Before the Storm [10:09]
5. A Deserted Ship [11:09]
Disc #4 -- Brideshead Revisited, Vol. 4 - Episodes 9-11
1. Orphans [10:01]
2. A Formal Possession [12:28]
3. The Private View [10:26]
4. English Charm [9:22]
5. Rex's Party [10:59]
1. Bridey's Announcement [11:13]
2. By the Fountain [11:17]
3. Two Divorces [9:27]
4. Cordelia's Return [7:54]
5. Sebastian's Story [11:52]
1. Lord Marchmain's Return [9:10]
2. The Deathbed [8:27]
3. Faltering Strength [6:20]
4. Father Mackay [11:01]
5. Better Today [10:56]
6. Last Rites [7:12]
7. A Sign [9:58]
8. Broken Sentences [9:04]
9. Epilogue [6:18]
10. The Chapel [11:42]

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Brideshead Revisited 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This miniseries is not a mystery, nor a comedy, nor an action series. It is a drama in the truest sense. While the pace is slow each episode makes you anxious to move on to the next episode. There 12 epsiodes totaling about 12 hours. So the story has plenty of time to unravel. The plot involves an upper class young man played by Jeremy Irons who is not wealthy and his friendship with a super rich upper class family called Marchmain. The time period is from the 1920's to the beginning of the Second World War. There are no war scenes. You must like high drama with strong characters and great acting suplemented with grand photography. If you enjoy those features then you will be thrilled with the 1981 version of Brideshead Revisited.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I write from the point of view of a costumer. There is no better depiction of the time of the Roaring Twenties until World War II. I also write from the point of view of a literature major. Evelyn Waugh's work is presented very faithfully, here.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This series hooks you right away. It creates a vivid world that you fully inhabit while watching. Also the theme song will totally get stuck in your head. It launched the career of Jeremy Irons, but all the actors are fantastic, especially Anthony Andrews as Sebastian. One of the great depictions of all time, I think. The only reason I wouldn't give it a rating of outstanding is that the later episodes were a bit dry. That's probably true to the book though. Features achingly beautiful passages from the novel throughout.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Magdalena25 More than 1 year ago
I thought this movie started with the "friendship" of 2 men but it ended up being a homosexual love affair. It is not presented as so but what straight 19-year old men frolic in botanical gardens, eat strawberries and drink champagne under the shade of a tree and buy each other flowers.Not to mention that a grown man is obsessed with his Nanny and his teddy bear which he carries everywhere. I finally turned it off when they were sunbathing in the nude on the rooftop. I love British Period Dramas and Anthony Andrews especially but not this. I couldn't get past the 1st DVD.