Broadway Musicals - TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection

Broadway Musicals - TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection

Director: George Sidney, Stanley Donen Cast: Betty Hutton, Howard Keel
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Broadway Musicals - TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection

Judy Garland was originally slated to star in MGM's film version of Irving Berlin's Annie Get Your Gun, but she was forced to pull out of the production due to illness (recently discovered out-takes reveal a gaunt, dazed Garland, obviously incapable of completing her duties). She was replaced by Betty Hutton who, once she overcame the resentment of her co-workers, turned in an excellent performance--perhaps the best of her career. Hutton is of course cast as legendary sharpshooter Annie Oakley, who ascends from dirty-faced backwoods gamin to the uppermost rungs of international stardom. Her mentor is Buffalo Bill, played by Louis Calhern (like Hutton, Calhern was a last-minute replacement: the original Buffalo Bill, Frank Morgan, died before production began). Annie's great rival is arrogant marksman Frank Butler (Howard Keel) with whom she eventually falls in love. She goes so far as to lose an important shooting match to prove her affection--a scene that hardly strikes a blow for feminism, but this is, after all, a 1950 film. Of the stellar supporting cast, J. Carroll Naish stands out as Sitting Bull, whose shrewd business acumen is good for several laughs. Virtually all the Irving Berlin tunes were retained from the Broadway version, including "Doin' What Comes Naturally," "You Can't Get a Man with a Gun," "Anything You Can Do," "The Girl That I Marry," "My Defenses are Down," "They Say It's Wonderful" and the rousing "There's No Business Like Show Business," which was later tantalizingly excerpted in MGM's pastiche feature That's Entertainment II. Alas, due to a complicated legal tangle involving the estates of Irving Berlin and librettists Herbert Fields and Dorothy Fields, Annie Get Your Gun hasn't been shown on television in years.

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Release Date: 05/05/2009
UPC: 0883929060115
Rating: NR
Source: Turner Classic Movie
Region Code: 1
Time: 7:07:00

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Betty Hutton Annie Oakley
Howard Keel Adam Pontabee,Frank Butler,Fred Graham,Gaylord Revenal
Kathryn Grayson Lilli Vanessi,Magnolia Hawks
Jeff Richards Benjamin Pontabee
Ann Miller Lois Lane
Ava Gardner Julie Laverne
Louis Calhern Buffalo Bill
Russ Tamblyn Gideon Pontabee
J. Carrol Naish Chief Sitting Bull
Joe E. Brown Capt. Andy Hawks
Keenan Wynn Lippy
Tommy Rall Frank Pontabee
Bobby Van Gremio
Edward Arnold Pawnee Bill
Marc Platt Daniel Pontabee
Marge Champion Ellie May Shipley
Jane Powell Milly Pontabee

Technical Credits
George Sidney Director
Stanley Donen Director

Scene Index

Disc #1, Side A -- TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Broadway Musicals
1. Opening Logos [1:35]
2. Cotton Blossom [2:50]
3. Captain Andy's Entrance [2:07]
4. Miss Julie Lavern [1:03]
5. "Just a Sample, Folks!" [1:20]
6. Mr. Pete's Riverside Brawl [3:00]
7. Where's the Mate for Me [4:42]
8. Make Me Believe [7:44]
9. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man [5:14]
10. I Might Fall Back on You [3:37]
11. Trouble for Julie [5:39]
12. Ol' Man River [6:06]
13. A New Leading Man & Lady [4:49]
14. A Gallant Proposal [1:53]
15. You are Love [6:07]
16. Why Do I Love You [3:31]
17. "I Can't Fight Lady Luck" [4:23]
18. Gaylord's Goodbye [3:34]
19. Bill [5:03]
20. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man [4:51]
21. Life Upon the Wicked Stage [5:43]
22. After the Ball [5:43]
23. Magnolia Gives Birth [1:29]
24. Papa Dances With Kim [1:36]
25. Julie Tells About the Family [5:46]
26. Reunited [1:31]
27. Make Believe [3:43]
28. Ol' Man River [3:00]
Disc #1, Side B -- TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Broadway Musicals
1. Credits [1:22]
2. Colonel Buffalo Bill [2:46]
3. The Wilson House [3:12]
4. Bird Bartering [3:27]
5. Doin' What Comes Natur'lly [2:46]
6. Taking a Shrine [1:39]
7. The Girl That I Marry [3:05]
8. You Can't Get a Man With a Gun [2:55]
9. Shooting Match [5:43]
10. The Winter [1:25]
11. There's No Business Like Show Business [3:10]
12. Riding the Rails [3:16]
13. Reading Lesson [3:08]
14. They Say It's Wonderful [5:17]
15. Planning a Surprise [2:00]
16. Pawnee Bill and Sitting Bull [2:24]
17. There's No Buisness Like Show Business Reprise [2:21]
18. A Touch for Luck [:00]
19. My Defenses Are Down [1:56]
20. Dazzling Display [3:24]
21. New Backer-and Father [2:19]
22. Not Yet an Indian [2:24]
23. I'm an Indian Too [3:48]
24. Too Smart for Him [1:33]
25. European Tour [2:14]
26. Homeward Bound [5:09]
27. I'll Say, He'll Say [4:48]
28. Merger Idea [2:49]
29. The Girl That I Marry Reprise [2:41]
30. What a Combination [2:10]
31. "I'd Love to Shoot All of Ya" [3:50]
32. I Got the Sun In the Morning [1:13]
33. No More Room [3:22]
34. Anything You Can Do [2:59]
35. Second Best [3:46]
36. Finale [5:16]
Disc #2, Side A -- TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Broadway Musicals
1. Credits [1:41]
2. Wife Shopping [2:21]
3. Bless Yore Beautiful Hide [2:30]
4. Determined to Marry [4:36]
5. Echo Passion Elation [2:01]
6. Wonderful Wonderful Day [3:20]
7. Brothers From A to G [3:58]
8. Slopping Hogs [2:25]
9. Milly's Terms [2:21]
10. When You're In Love [3:21]
11. Brothers Bare All [3:09]
12. Trouble In Town [1:52]
13. Goin' Co'tin [5:04]
14. Mannerly Men [2:11]
15. Barnraising Dance [6:34]
16. Barnraising Brawl [5:24]
17. Wounded [4:10]
18. Lonesome Polecat [5:17]
19. Sobbin' Women [4:20]
20. Creative Kidnapping [2:56]
21. Pursuit and Avalanche [3:46]
22. Can't Abide [3:51]
23. Poor Little Dears [3:14]
24. Cat Fight [2:33]
25. June Bride [4:04]
26. Spring Spring, Spring [2:37]
27. Brotherly Baby Watch [3:30]
28. Open Pass, Open Heart [3:20]
29. Search and Rescue [3:13]
30. Shotgun Weddings [1:10]
31. Cast List [:57]
32. Chapter 32 [:00]
Disc #2, Side B -- TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Broadway Musicals
1. Credits [1:34]
2. Civilized Adults [2:40]
3. So In Love [3:38]
4. Too Darn Hot [4:47]
5. Parted Down the Middle [1:55]
6. Bowing Down (Kiss Me, Kate) [3:47]
7. Why Can't You Behave? [4:01]
8. Our Anniversary [2:56]
9. Wunderbar [5:26]
10. Fred's Visitors [2:14]
11. So In Love (Reprise) [1:54]
12. Next to Her Heart [2:02]
13. We Open In Venice [1:41]
14. Shrew's Tale [2:32]
15. Tom, Dick or Harry [4:32]
16. I've Come to Wive It Wealthily In Padura [3:13]
17. Wildcat Wooer [1:42]
18. I Hate Men [3:59]
19. Were Thine That Special Face [4:02]
20. Full Contact [3:24]
21. Not In the Script [2:51]
22. Saying Thank You [1:59]
23. Persuasion [2:33]
24. Captive Bride [1:30]
25. I've Come to Wive It Wealthily In Padua (Reprise) [2:14]
26. Attend Thy Mistress [2:09]
27. Shrew Tamer [1:52]
28. Where Is the Life That Late I Led? [1:40]
29. Cattle Call [4:34]
30. Always True to You In My Fashion [5:18]
31. Getting the Message [4:07]
32. Brush Up Your Shakespeare [3:17]
33. From This Moment On [4:30]
34. Ashamed Women are So Simple [4:35]
35. Kiss Me, Kate [2:33]
36. Cast List [1:02]

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Broadway Musicals - TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Smokeyone More than 1 year ago
Broadway songs abound with the fantastic visualization of the MGM movies. Sit back and enjoy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
well, lets start with show boat. i know its a big hit. the music is definitely phenominal. however, i'm not sure how i like some of my favorite actors in such a depressing movie! ava gardner broke my heart, but not in a good way, because they never resolve her problems. kathryn grayson is one of my favorites, but her and howard keel's relationship is so depressing as well! musicals have always been my way to see hope in love that will last forever. this didn't give me that feeling. agnes moorehead and joe e. brown as kathryn's parents were my favorite part of the entire movie, because agnes reminds me of her character endora on bewitched, and joe e. brown has been a favorite of mine since i saw him in some like it hot. but bottom line, no conflicts are resolved, and it's not a happy ending. Annie get your gun-it was pretty good. great music. betty hutton was hilarious as annie oakley, and louis calhern and keenan wynn were great too. howard was better in this one, but her still had extreme jealousy, and in the end makes her sacrifice her love of shooting so he can be number one again. an ego like that should've been dealt with better. kiss me kate is great. the music is lacking a bit more, but the dancing is incredible!! when you have bob fosse and ann miller dancing and howard and kathryn grayson (again) singing, you can't go wrong. keenan wynn is a gem again, he always plays a hilarious sidekick in his movies. howard had his moments of not knowing how to appeal to kathryn and then retaliating by making her more miserable, but eventually he figures it out. the way the plot works is very unique as well. Seven brides for seven brothers is very cute at some points, and lacking in maturity in others. jane powell is fabulous, but howard is back to being very show boat-esque as a spouse. the dancing from the other six brothers are great, and the comedic scenes are just that-comedic. i couldn't stop laughing when the 6 brothers try to kidnap their girlfriends back, under the bad advice of howard keel. jane versus howard in educating the 6 boys in love is an interesting task, and ultimately, these 6 teach howard a thing or two on how to love instead.