Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Complete Fifth Season

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Complete Fifth Season

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Complete Fifth Season

All 22 episodes from the fifth season of the cult television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer are collected together on this six-disc package. Each is presented in its original broadcast aspect ratio of 1.33:1. English, French, and Spanish soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Surround. Supplemental materials include writer and director commentary on four of the episodes ("The Replacement, "Fool for Love, "I Was Made to Love You, and "The Body"). The scripts for four of the episodes ("The Replacement, "Fool for Love, "Into the Woods, and "Checkpoint") can be accessed. A handful of featurettes, including an overview of season five, outtakes, a spotlight on the stunt work accomplished during production, and a look at the casting process, round out this solid package that will please the both ardent and casual fans of the series.

Product Details

Release Date: 12/09/2003
UPC: 0024543089223
Original Release: 2000
Rating: NR
Source: 20th Century Fox
Region Code: 1
Sound: [Dolby Digital Surround]
Time: 16:30:00

Special Features

Disc 1: Includes episodes "Buffy Vs. Dracula," "Real Me," "The Replacement," "Out Of My Mind;" script for "The Replacement," commentary on "Real Me" by writer David Fury and director David Grossman.
Disc 2: Includes episodes "No Place Like Home," "Family," "Fool For Love," "Shadow;" script for "Fool For Love;" commentary on "Fool For Love" by writer Doug Petrie.
Disc 3: Includes episodes "Listening To Fear, "Into The Woods," "Triangle;" script for "Into The Woods;" featurettes include "Buffy Abroad," "Demonology - A Slayer¹s Guide," "Casting Buffy," "Action Heroes - The Stunts of Buffy;" outtakes.
Disc 4: Includes episodes "Checkpoint," "Blood Ties," "Crush," "I Was Made To Love You;" script for "Checkpoint;" commentary on "I Was Made To Love You" by writer Jane Espenson.
Disc 5: Includes episodes "The Body," "Forever," "Intervention," "Tough Love;" commentary for "The Body" by writer/director Joss Whedon.
Disc 6: Includes episodes "Spiral," "The Weight Of The World," "The Gift;" featurettes "The Story of Season 5," "Natural Causes," and "Spotlight on Dawn;" still gallery; trailer for "Buffy: The Video Game;" DVD-ROM Buffy Demon Guide.

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc One
1. Sleepless in Sunnydale
2. A New Vamp in Town
3. Secrets
4. Tall, Dark, and Undead
5. Starstruck
6. Recruiting Xander
7. Information and Threats
8. Seduced
9. In Dracula's Thrall
10. Delivering the Slayer
11. Blood-Sucking Babes
12. A Taste of Immortality
13. Playing With Fire
14. Giles Reconsiders
15. Little Sister
1. Dear Diary
2. Quality Watcher-Slayer Time
3. Magic Shop Murder
4. Amazing Profit Margins
5. Harmony the Happy Vampire
6. Fun, Fun, Fun
7. One of the Gang
8. In Harm's Way
9. "Harmony Has Minions?"
10. Evil for Dummies
11. Unkind Words
12. "We're Not Eating the Girl"
13. Mutiny
14. Slaying With Unicorns
15. Truce
1. Time to Move
2. Apartment Hunting
3. Vile Visitor
4. Down in the Dumps
5. Double Trouble
6. Issues
7. A Better Life
8. Convincing Willow
9. An Evil Robot... or Toth
10. Anya Believes
11. Splitting the Slayer
12. Declarations of Love
13. Goodbye, Cleaning Deposit
14. Reunited
15. Moving Day
1. Unexpected Help
2. "Working Hard Is Hard Work"
3. New Training Room
4. On the Lam
5. Heart Problems
6. Big Brother Is Listening
7. The Initiative Comes Calling
8. Where's Riley?
9. Medical Emergency
10. Tinkering With Tinkerbell
11. What a Girl Wants
12. Operation
13. Not Quite Good as New
14. Man Without a Mission
15. Dream Lover
Side #2 -- Disc Two
1. Rave Girl Glo Ball
2. Pampering Mom
3. Grand Opening
4. Recent Acquaintance
5. The Beast
6. Not Much to Go On
7. Interrogation
8. Cloutier's Spell
9. Cute, Weak, and Kitteny
10. Pulling Back the Curtain
11. Intruder
12. Five Words or Less
13. The Slayer Meets Her Match
14. The Key
15. Apologies
1. The Truth About Dawn
2. Moving Day - Again
3. In Need of a Favor
4. Figuring Out Tara
5. Working Off the Tension
6. Kinfolk
7. Secrets
8. Time to Go Home
9. Evil Fashion Queen
10. Tara's Spell
11. Insider Information
12. Cursed
13. Demon Blind
14. Real Family
15. Magic
1. Mis-Stake
2. Paramedic Boyfriend
3. Patrolling... Sort Of
4. A Painful Subject
5. Slayer Stories
6. Spurned
7. Drusilla
8. Spike's Gang
9. The First
10. Bragging Rights
11. Death Wish
12. "You're Beneath Me"
13. Hell Hath No Fury
14. Unfaithful
15. A Weak Moment
1. CAT Scan
2. Glory
3. Not Her Type
4. No Need for Concern
5. "She Could Be Anywhere"
6. Bad News
7. Sale Gone Wrong
8. No Drama
9. Excuses, Excuses
10. Transmogrification
11. Man to Man
12. Flirting With Death
13. King Cobra
14. Slay the Snake
15. Time to Tell Dawn
Side #3 -- Disc Three
1. Taking Care of Mom
2. Where's Riley?
3. Disturbing Behavior
4. Stargazing
5. Doctor's Permission
6. Meteorite Duty
7. Going Home
8. Calling in the Army
9. Not Herself
10. Research
11. Breakdown
12. Dawn Interrupts
13. The Queller Demon
14. Cleaning Up the Mess
15. The Promise
1. Waiting for News
2. Dawn-Sitting
3. Together
4. Recovery
5. The Ugly Truth
6. The Offer
7. Vacated
8. Killing the Messenger
9. Riley's Request
10. Hurt and Betrayed
11. Ultimatums
12. Working Out the Anger
13. Friendly Advice
14. Too Late
15. Making It Clear
1. Considering a Change
2. Trip out of Town
3. Practice Makes Perfect
4. Bickering
5. Big Mistake
6. A Miraculous Love
7. Tracking the Troll
8. A Grand Old Time
9. Babies and Ale
10. Former Flame
11. Credit Where Credit Is Due
12. Hurting Xander
13. The Choice
14. A Love to Last Forever
15. Eavesdropping
Side #4 -- Disc Four
1. The Watchers Are Coming
2. Cutting It Close
3. The Council Arrives
4. Humiliated
5. Messing With Her Mind
6. Threats
7. Frustrated
8. Power Outage
9. Too Much Information
10. Protect the Dummy
11. Glory Pays a Visit
12. Motel Spike
13. Knights of Byzantium
14. The One With the Power
15. Acceptable Terms
1. Something About Dawn
2. Knights, Minions, and a God
3. Weirded Out
4. Birthday Blow-Up
5. Lurk Much
6. Stealing the Truth
7. A Family Thing
8. Blame Big Bad
9. Dawn's Gone
10. Search Party
11. A Glimpse of the Key
12. The Glory Connection
13. Lots of Questions
14. One Tough Skank
15. Sisters Forever
1. The Brush-Off
2. Role-Playing
3. Train Station Massacre
4. Visiting the Crypt
5. Bad News
6. Serious Stuff
7. Stakeout
8. A Changed Man
9. Drusilla's Back
10. Pretty Twisted
11. Not So Changed After All
12. The Shrine
13. Proof
14. Unlucky in Love
15. Shut Out
1. Puffy Xander, Love Expert
2. First Date Anxiety
3. Where's Warren?
4. Party Time
5. Out the Window
6. It's Unanimous
7. A Nice, Normal Person
8. Warren
9. Slurs and Allegations
10. Programmed to Love
11. The Trouble With April
12. Breaking Up
13. Jealous Rage
14. A Good Girlfriend
15. "I Need Me"
Side #5 -- Disc Five
1. "Mommy?"
2. Happier Times
3. Emergency
4. A Miracle
5. The End of the World
6. Telling Dawn
7. Decisions
8. Picking a Fight
9. Why
10. Go, Deal, Help
11. Time of Need
12. Kind Words
13. Someone Who Understands
14. Danger
15. Death
1. Dealing With Death
2. Preparations
3. Unexpected Mourner
4. The Funeral
5. The Natural Order
6. Getting Through the Night
7. To Protect the Key
8. Forbidden Knowledge
9. Spike Helps Out
10. Good News for Glory
11. Dark Magic
12. The Demon's Egg
13. The Spell Is Cast
14. Missing Book
15. Mommy's Home
1. A Quest
2. Satisfied Customer
3. Key Command
4. The Hokey-Pokey
5. The Buffybot
6. Under Observation
7. Nice Night for Slaying
8. A Horrible Sight
9. Carried Away
10. The Question Is Answered
11. Useless but Precious
12. Buffy Times Two
13. Torture
14. Saving Spike
15. Rewards
1. Dropping Out
2. A New Plan
3. Principal's Office
4. Foot Putting-Downer
5. Quarrel
6. Keeping Dawn
7. Mr. Tight-Lipped
8. Mistaken Identity
9. Victim
10. Lightning Rod
11. Powers of Dissuasion
12. Payback
13. Doubtful
14. Nick of Time
15. Found Out
Side #6 -- Disc Six
1. Nowhere to Hide
2. Time to Run
3. "Buckle Up!"
4. The Crusade Begins
5. Winnebago Blues
6. Horseback Attack
7. Something Heroic
8. Putting Up a Wall
9. Enemies
10. The Rules of War
11. Housecall
12. Dissension in the Ranks
13. The Purpose of the Key
14. Sisterly Comfort
15. Surprise Entrance
1. Kidnapped
2. Catatonic
3. Willow Takes Charge
4. Unexplained Niceness
5. Her Own Private World
6. Regression
7. Last Resort
8. "Death Is Your Gift"
9. What Slayers Do Best
10. Resurfacing
11. Infinite Loop
12. Servant of the Beast
13. Internal Conflict
14. One Small Second
15. The Only Way
1. Just a Girl
2. Coming Up With a Plan
3. "Smart Chicks Are So Hot"
4. Preparing the Key
5. One Last Apocalypse
6. Proposal
7. Re-Invited
8. Inspirational Words
9. Willow's Revenge
10. The Battle Begins
11. The Tower
12. Giles Steps In
13. The Portal
14. Realizations
15. Final Words

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Complete Fifth Season 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's One of my Fave Seasons i like how spike fell in love with Buffy it's soo cute and being with that chip helped him to do good although i like him when he was bad but he's funny now in Angel he's my favorite character then Angel then Buffy. Plus My Fave Episodes were Fool for Love, Crush, Intervention oh plus when it was Buffy b-day that was so nice that spike was gonna give her a b-day present but he never actually gave it to her. Also I like When Buffy and Riley broke up because i don't like riley plus Dawn that much there my least favorite characters.
Guest More than 1 year ago
oh my god. i love season 5. i loved the episode 'out of my mind', and also 'fool for love.' this season really shows you how much buffy loves her newly found sister, and how far she would go to keep her safe. i also love the beginning of Spike's obsession with Buffy, and how capable a vamp is of loving without a soul
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Best of Buffy and leds you to want more!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Buffy is the coolest. This season was one of the best because it showed how to get through hard times and shows how when you really get down to it, the people who stick up for you and are always there are your real family and friends. Also it shows that someone can change. Spike really started to act like a good guy and really showed that he could be trusted a little more. I think if he got the chip out of his head during this season then he would still be on buffy's side.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Buffy season five is a great season that explores a lot of aspects including the unbreakable bonds of love and family. It really keeps you wondering what will happen next and what consequences the Scooby Gang will face when it does. Glory is the Big Bad in this season. I don't know the actress's name right off the top of my head, but she played her part to perfection. Also, this season, we get to see a different side of Spike, a side that really made viewers start to fall in love with him. He confesses to himself that he is in love with Buffy, and this, to me, was the best part of the season. My favorite episodes are Fool For Love, Crush, Intervention, and The Gift. There are a few not so good episodes of course, (Buffy vs. Dracula, Family, Real Me) but, all in all, I think that season five is one of the best Buffy the Vampire Slayer seasons and that it is a must have for any Buffy fan. I can't wait until it comes out on December 9th! I know what I want for Christmas!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Buffy rocks. I not only love the Buffy series, but I love Sarah's other movies too. My favorite characters are Drusilla, because I love how she was so helpless and how she always pouted, she always was so delicate, I also like Spike because he is sarcastic and makes good combacks, also he works well with Sarah in the show, I also like Angel (David) he is ausome, he is always caring and looking out for Buffy, but I did hate it when he went evil, my last favorite character is Ania because she is very straight forward with what she wants, I was really dissapointed when she died in the last episode. I am also sad that Sarah didn't want to continue the series because it has been my favorite show since I was five!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Season five is the first season that doesn't revolve around Buffy and the Scooby gang at high school or college. It deals mainly with Buffy's family and her bonds with her friends. Dawn makes her first appearence in this season. I love the actress, Michelle Tractenburg (although can't spell her last name), but Dawn's whiney little sister act gets annoying after a few episodes. She is supposed to be fourteen in this season, but acts and gets treated by everybody like she is seven. Her brattiness is the only reason I only gave this season four stars. The season is great, however for Spike fans. The Spike/Buffy relationship gets started in this season, and we get to see Spike falling head over heels in love (not to mention shirtless in quite a few episodes)! Crush is a great Spike episode, and The Body really shows what great actors the Buffy cast are. The episode featuring Dracula would be my least favorite, because Dracula was cartoonish looking and not at all up to Buffy's standerds of a cool villian.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am in love with the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the 5 season is my favorite season. Buffy goes through and extroadinary amount of tough stuff in the season and if you love buffy as much as i do, you'll just cry with her through the hardships. I definiteley recommened adding this to your dvd library.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of its finest. You have the growing attraction of Spike and Buffy, Dawn coming into the mix, and an ancient hell-god that wants to open portals to all the different hell dimensions on earth, just to get back to her own. It has some of the best episodes Buffy has ever seen, including, "The Gift", a real tear-jerking season ending in the death of Buffy, but don't worry she comes back. A must have for any true Buffy fan.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This show is amazing. I love the whole series and it's great to have it on DVD to watch anytime I want. I HIGHLY recommend these DVDs especially if you're a Buffy fan.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ive seen every eposode and cant wait til its all out on dvd!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was one of the best Buffy seasons of all. That's saying alot because I have the previous four. The BuffyBot was one of the highlites. It was hilarious. This is the season where you start to see Spike as a good guy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been obssed with Buffy since day one. The acting and writting is absolutly amazing! This is my favorite season. I watch Buffy on FX everyday, and have been wating for this season to come out for like, EVER! This is the best season. I think that Buffy has always delt with real issues, but this season talks about what do you do when you dont love the person you are with, and how strong family bonds are. thats what is important
Guest More than 1 year ago
this was an ok season. my fave episode would have to be buffy vs dracula i thought that was a cool episode and the season finale which was cool but sad at the end because of Buffy's death. I don't really like anya and dawn that much cuz i thought they were really boring especially Dawn cuz i thought she was a whiner and a spoiled brat. the episode where buffy's mom died was really sad and it was really good to see Angel again who i should say was Buffy's true love. i was really happy to see Riley leave too i thought he was really selfish because he's been cheating on Buffy with the slut vampire girls while she was going through emotional problems with her mom's illness and taking care of dawn. i thought that was the most selfish thing Riley ever did and i know that Angel would of never had done that to Buffy. NEVER. at least he was true to her. it was a nice change to see a different kind of villain in the picture who by the way is a chic name Glory who's a god but since she is a woman, she would be considered a goddess. i can't imagine Buffy killing a goddess because they are suppose to be immortal and all. they are some bad episodes too but i cant'remember the name of them. oh well. it was an ok season but i love season 2 and 3 the best out of all the seasons.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This season is good. I'm a big Spike/James Marsters fan and I think he did very good in this season. He admits his liking of Buffy and it turns to obsession and its just funny because him being a former enemy!
Guest More than 1 year ago
In the first 4 seasons of Buffy, we as fans had come to expect the unexpected. But when I started watching season 5, i was blown away. The surprising, and VERY sudden addition of Dawn (which REALLY WORKED!) The emotional collapse of Spike, from bad boy to Buffy whipped. The sparks that REALLY started to heat up with Xander and Anya, and the addition of the extremely lovely yet eternally evil Glory. I was hooked to the screen every tues. I even rescheduled my work so i could be home on tues. nights! Then when I thought that the show could get no better, Joss threw a curve ball that shattered my safe little world. With the death of one of the most prominate and influential people in the scoobies lives. and with the way this person died. (natural causes) it was soul shattering. 'The Body' aired only weeks after my father was diagnosed with brain cancer, and now that he has passed on, it is one of the most theraputic episodes of tv i've ever seen. 'The Gift' being another shattering moment leaving us fans wondering; season 6 or no season 6. If you want a season full of action, suspense, and soul searching pain. Season 5 is the way to go. A life changing season!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago