Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Complete Second Season

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Complete Second Season

Director: David Greenwalt, David Semel, David Solomon
Cast: Bruce Seth Green


Product Details

Release Date: 06/11/2002
UPC: 0024543038634
Original Release: 1997
Rating: NR
Source: 20th Century Fox
Sound: [Dolby Surround]
Time: 16:12:00

Special Features

All 22 episodes from Season Two. Audio commentary for "Reptile Boy" by writer and director David Greenwalt; script for "Reptile Boy"; audio commentary for "What's My Line?" (part 1) by co-writer Marti Noxon; audio commentary for "What's My Line?" (part 2) by co-writer Noxon, script for "What's My Line?" (part 1), script for "What's My Line?" (part 2); interview with Joss Whedon on "Surprise"; interview with Whedon on "Innocence"; audio commentary for "Innocence" by Whedon; script for "Innocence"; interview with Whedon on "Passion"; interview with Whedon on "I Only Have Eyes For You"; interview with Whedon on "Becoming"; featurettes "Designing Buffy," "A Buffy Bestiary," and "Beauty and Beasts"; 2 UK TV spots, 6 domestic TV spots; "Angel" video trailer; still gallery of set designs and monsters, updated cast bios, additional still photo galleries.

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Sarah Michelle Gellar Buffy Summers
Alyson Hannigan Willow Rosenberg
Nicholas Brendon Xander Harris
Anthony Head Rupert Giles
David Boreanaz Angel
Seth Green Oz
Charisma Carpenter Cordelia Chase
Armin Shimerman Principal Snyder
James Marsters Spike

Technical Credits
Bruce Seth Green Director
David Greenwalt Director
David Semel Director
David Solomon Director
Deran Sarafian Director
Ellen S. Pressman Director
James A. Contner Director
James Whitmore Director
John T. Kretchmer Director
Joss Whedon Director
Michael Gershman Director
Michael Lange Director
Seth Green Director
Bruce Seth Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Episodes 1-4
1. Boring Summer
2. Main Titles
3. Back to School
4. I'm Ready
5. A New Danger
6. Weird Dreams
7. "What's Up With Her?"
8. Advice From Cordelia
9. Buffy's Issues
10. Showdown With Angel
11. A Trap
12. Interrupted Ritual
13. Over?
14. Saved You a Seat
15. End Titles
1. On the Hunt
2. Main Titles
3. Grave Robbing
4. Daryl
5. Cheerleader Fear
6. The Perfect Girl
7. Getting a Head
8. Chris's Promise
9. Looking for Chris
10. The Chosen One
11. Daryl's Desire
12. Brawling
13. Daryl's Demise
14. Crazy Stuff
15. End Titles
1. The Slayer's Soiree
2. Main Titles
3. Spike and Drusilla
4. No More Disappointments
5. The Night of St. Vigius
6. The Vampire's Prophecy
7. Preparations
8. Parent-Teacher Night
9. William the Bloody
10. The Party Crashers
11. Buffy Takes Over
12. False Allies
13. Face Off
14. A Little More Fun
15. End Titles
1. The Mummy
2. Main Titles
3. Looking for Rodney
4. Ampata
5. First Day of School
6. The Mummy's Power
7. The Bodyguard
8. Already Dead
9. The Chosen One
10. The Trunk
11. Dance With the Dead
12. Kiss of Death
13. Ampata's Last Chance
14. Gypped
15. End Titles
Side #2 -- Episodes 5-8
1. A Quiet Evening?
2. Main Titles
3. School Chat
4. A Party
5. Practice and Patrol
6. Party Invitation
7. The Bracelet
8. The Fraternity
9. A Missing Girl
10. Buffy in Trouble
11. Talking to Angel
12. Calling Machida
13. Fighting for Life
14. A Lesson Learned
15. End Titles
1. A Pumpkin Patch
2. Main Titles
3. A Date
4. Volunteers
5. The Costume Shop
6. Someone New
7. Halloween
8. Showtime
9. New Personalities
10. Halloween Terror
11. Ethan's Costume Shop
12. Old Friends
13. Breaking the Spell
14. A Real Girl
15. End Titles
1. Angel's Heart
2. Main Titles
3. Buffy's Old Crush
4. Ford Knows
5. Angel Needs Help
6. Touring Sunnydale
7. The Sunset Club
8. About Drusilla
9. Ford and Spike
10. Angel and Buffy
11. Buffy Steps In
12. Sunset
13. Take Them All!
14. Lie to Me
15. End Titles
1. Murder and Aerobics
2. Main Titles
3. Mind Games
4. A Homicide
5. Blood Drive
6. Old Friends
7. Ethan
8. What's Going On?
9. The Mark of Eyghon
10. Possessed
11. History
12. Initiation
13. Showdown
14. It's Over
15. End Titles
Side #3 -- Episodes 9-12
1. Career and Cures
2. Main Titles
3. Skulking Around
4. Aptitudes
5. They Were Stealing?
6. The Big Guns
7. Career Fair
8. Buffy's Vocation
9. Regarding Du Lac
10. Slayer on Ice
11. On Guard
12. Who Sent Them?
13. A Healing Ritual
14. Assassin #2?
15. End Titles
1. One Slayer Too Many
2. Main Titles
3. She Died?
4. Where's Angel?
5. Wormy Guy
6. Looking for Angel
7. Play Time
8. Double the Fun
9. A Strange Attraction
10. Young Ambition
11. Saving Angel
12. Buffy Goes Alone
13. The Ritual
14. Life Goes On
15. End Titles
1. Ted
2. Main Titles
3. Mister Wonderful
4. Giles Is Worried
5. Angel's Wisdom
6. Golfing
7. Investigation
8. Bad Behavior
9. Knock Down Drag Out
10. The Boyfriend Slayer
11. Cookie Tampering
12. Trouble
13. Ted's Secret
14. Recovering
15. End Titles
1. Mall Food
2. Main Titles
3. Raising Eggs
4. The Gorch Boys
5. Egbert
6. Fighting Siblings
7. A View on Parenting
8. Hunting?
9. Attack!
10. Grounded
11. Egg Zombies
12. Research
13. Showdown
14. A Gas Leak
15. End Titles
Side #4 -- Episodes 13-16
1. Nightmare
2. Main Titles
3. Loving Concern
4. An Invitation
5. About Buffy's Birthday
6. Party Planning
7. A Gypsy Curse
8. A Birthday Surprise
9. A Present?
10. At the Docks
11. About the Judge
12. The Vampire Party
13. A Living Nightmare
14. Respite
15. End Titles
1. Preparation
2. Main Titles
3. Where's Angel?
4. Angel Is No Angel
5. Angel Has Vanished
6. Buffy Gets Hurt
7. Angel/Angelus
8. Danger
9. Broken Hearted
10. Jenny's Knowledge
11. The Curse
12. At the Movies
13. On the Attack
14. Don't Give Up!
15. End Titles
1. Boys and Girls
2. Main Titles
3. At Lover's Lane
4. Full Moon Defense
5. Buffy on the Prowl
6. At the Bronze
7. A Wolf at Night
8. Remorse
9. Looking for the Truth
10. Larry
11. Theresa's Un-Death
12. The Full Moon
13. The Werewolf Exposed
14. Willow and Oz
15. End Titles
1. A Valentine
2. Main Titles
3. The Truth Comes Out
4. Amy
5. Fatherly Advice
6. Gift Giving
7. Blackmail and Witchcraft
8. Love's Big Winner
9. A Love God
10. The Buffy Rat
11. Mob Mentality
12. Things Get Worse
13. Spell Reversal
14. Better Than Normal
15. End Titles
Side #5 -- Episodes 17-20
1. Passion
2. Main Titles
3. A Visit
4. Finding a Spell
5. Angelus Stalks
6. Drusilla's Vision
7. Shopping for a Spell
8. Mom Gets Educated
9. Jenny's Visitor
10. A Mother's Concern
11. A Shock
12. Anger
13. Acceptance
14. Life Goes On
15. End Titles
1. Buffy vs. Angelus
2. Main Titles
3. One Sick Slayer
4. Hospital Visions
5. Buffy's White Knight
6. Buffy Suspects Something
7. Security
8. The Hospital Monster
9. Doctor Backer
10. Fight Plans
11. Der Kindestod
12. Seeing Demons
13. In the Basement
14. Sick at Home
15. End Titles
1. At the Bronze
2. Main Titles
3. Fight Breaker
4. Student Teacher
5. Strange Happenings
6. A Bad Break-Up
7. A Haunting?
8. Haunted Spaghetti?
9. Exorcism
10. Midnight Strikes
11. Not Forgiven
12. Back to School
13. Ending the Spell
14. Love-Stained
15. End Titles
1. Ocean Allure
2. Main Titles
3. Lessons in Teaching
4. Cameron
5. Swim Team Trouble
6. A Sea Creature
7. Protecting Gage
8. Xander Swims
9. Metamorphosis
10. Steroids
11. Monster Hunt
12. Steam Treatment
13. Monster Splash
14. At Home in the Deep
15. End Titles
Side #6 -- Episodes 21-22
1. Early Angel
2. Main Titles
3. An Obscure Relic
4. Early Drusilla
5. The Obelisk
6. The Restoration Spell
7. The First Time
8. The Spell, Again
9. Obelisk Snatchers
10. Slayer Surprise
11. A Sword in a Stone
12. Early Buffy
13. The Ritual Is Begun
14. Unfinished Business
15. End Titles
1. Buffy the Outlaw
2. Main Titles
3. Head Trauma
4. Captured
5. To Save the World
6. Willow Awakes
7. Terrible Things Happen
8. At Home With a Vampire
9. To Try Again
10. Expelled
11. Giles Talks
12. Whistler Explains
13. Working Magic
14. Where's Buffy?
15. End Titles

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Complete Second Season 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I think so far this is the absloute best season of Buffy i am a Buffy lover and i would suggest getting all but this season is my favorite (season 6 is my second) but this season all the characters act thier best and there is so much emotion. i liked it a lot!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Great show. But let's get Angel out and on his own show where he belongs. Show is much better without him.
Guest More than 1 year ago
BTVS season two is one of the best seasons! I can't wait for seasons 4-7 come out on DVD!! A must have!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Buffy the Vampire SLayer Season 2 is the ALL TIME BEST season (in my eyez)of all of the seasons because it is filled with LOVE, drama, and the best Kick-butt scenes! In this season, Buffy is a little more grown up and wheres the KEWLIST clothes EVER!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The first and second season of Buffy the Vampire Season on DVD were great!The features are awesome and I can't wait for the third season to come out!
Guest More than 1 year ago
the best season collection I have seen so far... nothing less than a masterpiece
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is already one of the best seasons of Buffy. It makes you laugh, cry, and sigh. This DVD collection only makes the episodes come to life.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this is the perfect addition to the Buffy collection. I would recommend it to anyone who is a true Buffy or Angel fan.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is definitely when the show hit its stride. While the first season was great this is when the show became fantastic.
Guest More than 1 year ago
as Buffy moves into its second season, Angel is now a regular on the show and there are new enemies introduced such as the arrival of vampires Spike and his love, Drusilla who was sired by Angelus(Angel). the episodes are much better and funner that the first and now the Slayer has fallen in love with the mysterious and handsome vampire, Angel. this would have to be one of my fave seasons of buffy because its classic and it shows what happens when Buffy and Angel fall in love, Slayer and vampire. one night of passion changes everything in its course for the two of them and also that Buffy now has a new enemy which is Spike now trying to find a way to restore Drusilla to full health, a lot of changes occur also such as the arrival of new Slayer name Kendra, Xander having a crush on stuck up popular girl Cordelia, and Willow studying witchcraft, and Giles falling in love with technopagan-teacher Jenny Calendar. my fave part of the season would have to be Buffy and Angel's relationship because of their love for one another and how they try to make it work even though one passionate night together changes everything. Becoming parts 1 and 2, Suprise, and Innocence are my favorite episodes as they are all directed by the genius, Joss Whedon. Becoming part 2 is the saddest season finale on buffy, believe me at the end you could almost cry.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As an AVID follower of BTVS, Joss Whedon really hooks his audience in this season. Formidable character development and internal issues soar while confronting issues that all teens and parents can relate to. Whitty jokes and real life issues come to play in an interesting plot twisting, quasi-real life soap opera.... it just keeps you guessing. Does really love conquer all?
Guest More than 1 year ago
Definitely the best series to come out in years,I recently purchased the first season of Buffy on DVD.I as a fan look forward to purchasing season two and all the consecutive seasons of Buffy until the whole series comes out on DVD and into my permanent and complete Buffy collection.It's a definite must for any Buffy fan living in the 21st Century.
Guest More than 1 year ago
BTVS season two is considered by many fans to be the high point of the series. The appearance of 'Big Bad' Spike and Drusilla provides interesting insight into the emotions and lives of vampires, and the entire season adds another dimension to Angel/Angelus by showing us some of his history. The heartbreaking aftermath of 'Surprise' and 'Innocence' force Buffy to grow up and her character faces many difficult choices. The season finale is heartbreaking, and a real tearjerker.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Buffy The Vampire Slayer is the best show there is on TV. It also it's own show. There is nothing like it. Season 2 was one of the best seasons on Buffy ( Which is about to go into season 7 ) So I recommend this to anyone. I can personally guarentee you will love it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Seasons 2 & 3 are some of the best episodes of Buffy and this set is totally awesome! Would have loved some extra special bonuses, but other wise, it rocks! The first series I will definitely be buying all seasons of!
Guest More than 1 year ago
It contains all the episodes from season 2. I just love buffy and angel together. I would recommend this to all girls and boys who all love buffy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Buffy the Vampire slayer is a great series though I have not read all of it yet I think it is a great series. It is very imaginative and I think children should have good imaginations. Buffy is a vampire slayer and she ends up falling in love with one of the creatures she hates and is supposed to kill. His name is Angel and he is the only vampire with a soul. Which mean that if he kills he feels it, so all he does is drink blood from donations that he steals. You see when a person is changed into a vampire their soul is lost forever and when Angel was turned he became Angelus and killed his family and many more. He became one of the worst vampires ever and was a cold hearted killer. But then after killing a gypsy the gypsies wanted revenge and so they gave him back his soul. Therefore he could never be happy again because of what he did and if he ever was truly happy again then he would lose his soul again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a dvd set worth getting....there are so many grate episodes in the 2nd season. The Halloween episode was my all time favorite episode in the whole season. I loved everybodys costumes! I really liked Oz lol "who is that girl?". I also thought the Incan Mummy Princess Empada was so buetiful! Buy this wonderful dvd set now and enjoy!!!!!