Case Closed: Season One

Case Closed: Season One

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Case Closed: Season One 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Seraphim-san More than 1 year ago
Case Closed as it is called in America, is actually a popular detective series that originated in Japan under the name Detective Conan. Jimmy Kudos, the main character in this series, is a famous 17 year old high school detective who hasn't ever failed to solve a case. Jimmy is a head over heels fan of Conan Doyle's famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. By following the phrase: "With a keen eye for detail, only one truth prevails." Jimmy is known to solve any case that is presented in front of his eyes. But this fact changes by the end of the first episode, when Jimmy learns the hard way that too much curiosity can lead to dire consequences. After seeing some suspicious behavior from two men dressed in black at an amusement park (code names Gin and Vodka), Jimmy decides to follow Vodka to a secret meeting spot. Unfortunately, Jimmy gets too entranced on the shady deal taking place in front of him, that he doesn't sense Gin sneaking up behind him. Before he knows it, Gin is forcing him to take a pill that is supposed to kill him instantly and not leave any traces of foul play for cops to find. Courtesy of their beloved organization. But as you probably guessed, the pill didn't work out the way it was intended to and instead of killing Jimmy, it shrunk his body down to a first grader. With the intellect of an adult and a keen eye for detail, Jimmy is being put to the ultimate test of wits as he tries to solve the many mysteries behind the organization containing members dressed in black. If you are a mystery lover of any sort, then I highly recommend that you take the time and watch this series. Or you can follow the series in its paperback form, usually found in the manga sections of any bookstore. The creator of this series has come up with some of the most ingenious puzzles for the many cases that Jimmy Kudos will have to solve. With a keen eye for detail, only one truth prevails.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago