Christina Ricci
Director: Brad Silberling Cast: Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci
, Bill Pullman
Bill Pullman
, Cathy Moriarty
Cathy Moriarty
Brad Silberling

Blu-ray (Color)

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Based on the popular cartoon character, this family-oriented "ghost story" is about a not-so-scary spirit who bonds with a little girl (Christina Ricci). The eternally irritable Ms. Carrigan (Cathy Moriarty) discovers that the only thing she's been left in her recently departed father's will is a rickety old house in New England. Naturally, the woman is furious about this, until her "close personal friend" and assistant, Dibbs (Eric Idle of Monty Python fame), discovers a secret message that a treasure may be concealed somewhere in the house. The two take off for Maine, only to learn that the house is haunted by Casper "the friendly ghost" and his three ghostly uncles Stinky, Stretch, and Fatso. After futilely recruiting an exorcist (Don Novello, more or less reviving his Father Guido Sarducci character from Saturday Night Live) and a "professional ghost exterminator" (Dan Aykroyd), she brings in a "ghost psychiatrist" (Bill Pullman) and his daughter Kat (Ricci). Innocently attracted to the young girl, Casper befriends Kat as they try to save the ghosts' home from the evil Carrigan. Eye-popping special effects highlight this magical story that touches (albeit lightly) on the theme of what lies at the heart of human desires. Clint Eastwood, Rodney Dangerfield, Mel Gibson and The Crypt Keeper (of Tales from the Crypt) all make cameos as apparitions in the mirror Bill Pullman looks into in the house.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson

All Casper ever wanted was a friend, and he found a bunch of them in executive producer Steven Spielberg and the special-effects wizards at Industrial Light and Magic. They teamed up to bring the friendly ghost to wondrous, um, life, in this 1995 live-action fantasy. Bill Pullman (Sleepless in Seattle, While You Were Sleeping) stars as Dr. James Harvey, a therapist who ministers to the "living impaired." In search of hidden treasure, Carrigan Crittendon (Cathy Moriarty), a real witch, summons Dr. Harvey to rid the condemned Whipstaff Manor of its mischievous poltergeists. Lonely Casper finds a kindred misfit spirit in Harvey's motherless young daughter, Kat (Christina Ricci). The Ghostly Trio (the aptly named Stretch, Stinkie, and Fatso) supply the supernatural slapstick and rude noises. Monty Python member Eric Idle is a real scream as Crittendon's put-upon accomplice. Clint Eastwood, Rodney Dangerfield, Mel Gibson, the Crypt Keeper, and Dan Aykroyd -- as a ghostbuster who suggests Crittendon call "someone else" -- supply haunting cameos. References to death and the afterlife may be upsetting to younger viewers, but, mild profanity aside, this treat will be just the trick for ‘tweens and teens looking to scare up some frighteningly fun entertainment.

All Movie Guide - Robert Firsching

Maybe it's time to start looking at modern Hollywood films from a different perspective. Certainly, the story in this youth-oriented fantasy is nothing to write home about: a haunted mansion containing treasure, a little girl who befriends an amiable young ghost, and various greedy and oafish adults acting like morons. Standard stuff. But the selling points here are the film's visual elements, which take the popular cartoon character and bring him to computer-generated life (afterlife?) with marvelously handled special effects and a production design that's a joy to behold. Other than a few unnecessarily prurient double entendres (which young kids probably won't catch anyway), this is a visual delight despite its workmanlike plot.

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Release Date: 01/19/2021
UPC: 0191329154687
Original Release: 1995
Rating: PG
Source: Universal Studios
Presentation: [Color]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo]
Time: 1:41:00

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