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Charlie St. Cloud

Charlie St. Cloud

3.8 10
Director: Burr Steers

Cast: Zac Efron, Charlie Tahan, Amanda Crew


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A young man forms a unique connection to the afterlife after surviving the tragic car accident that claimed his younger brother in this supernatural drama starring Zac Efron, based on the best-selling book by author Ben Sherwood. Charlie St. Cloud (Efron) is an experienced sailor from the Pacific Northwest who has just earned a


A young man forms a unique connection to the afterlife after surviving the tragic car accident that claimed his younger brother in this supernatural drama starring Zac Efron, based on the best-selling book by author Ben Sherwood. Charlie St. Cloud (Efron) is an experienced sailor from the Pacific Northwest who has just earned a scholarship that will take him far from home. The light of his mother's life, Charlie and his little brother, Sam (Charlie Tahan), are driving late at night when they're involved in a deadly car accident that kills Sam and leaves Charlie forever changed. In the aftermath of the accident, Charlie is wracked with guilt, convinced that if he had just been more careful behind the wheel, Sam would still be alive today. When Charlie begins seeing visions of his younger brother that are just as real as if Sam is actually standing before him, his friends and neighbors all start to think he's losing his mind. Shortly thereafter, Charlie's former high-school classmate Tess (Amanda Crew) returns to town unannounced, and together the two old acquaintances forge the foundation of a meaningful romance. But before Charlie can move on with his life he'll have to first let go of his past, and bid his beloved brother Sam one final, heartfelt farewell.

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Ace sailor and all-around great human being Charlie St. Cloud (Zac Efron) is perfect at life. He's a shoe-in to win any and all interschool sailing competitions, and he takes the not-so-good-natured ribbing of his envious competitors with grace and charm. He is willing to defer his enrollment at Stanford (Charlie St. Cloud is very smart) and find a part-time job in order to take some of the financial pressure off his beleaguered mother (an underused Kim Basinger). Most of all, Charlie St. Cloud is a great big brother, and he swears to help 11-year-old Sam St. Cloud (Charlie Tahan) hone his baseball skills every day at sunset, "rain or shine, come hell or high water." Somewhere, somehow, Nicholas Sparks is asking Charlie St. Cloud to tone it down. While "lucky" may not be the proper term, it is, from a film perspective; at least in terms of his career, Efron is fortunate that Sam dies in a car accident, because an emotionally devastated Charlie St. Cloud is a lot more interesting than his flawless former self. In a supernatural twist, having temporarily flat-lined in the accident, Charlie has been given the dubious gift of being able to see, touch, and converse with earthbound souls, the most notable being his brother. Five years after the tragedy, Charlie -- whose reputation has diminished from golden boy to the local loon who gave up a stellar career to work as a caretaker at the cemetery -- has kept his promise to Sam, leaving them both unable to stray from their home for fear that it would break the bond between them. For Charlie, who feels responsible for the accident, abandoning these sessions would be the ultimate breach in loyalty. While the gimmicky feel never subsides -- and despite the fact that the film is every inch an epic, three-hankie tearjerker for young girls -- it's impossible not to notice that Zac Efron brings a levity and palpable sorrow to a character that, in less skilled hands, might have been too sappy to root for. When the paramedic responsible for bringing Charlie back from the brink of death (Ray Liotta) encourages him to fall in love and take full advantage of his second chance at life, one can't help but agree with him. Tess Carroll (Amanda Crew), an equally passionate sailor who has continued to compete and excel in her sport of choice, takes an interest in Charlie after realizing the extent of his respect for the dead while visiting her father's grave. (Incidentally, there is a recurring comedic subplot involving Charlie and a cemetery-defacing gaggle of geese that is more than a little reminiscent of Bill Murray's rivalry with a golf-course gopher in Caddyshack -- and that's not a bad thing.) Crew and Efron have an undeniable chemistry, and between them bring a surprising maturity to the film. Unfortunately, the final scene deviates from what would have been a solid ending to deliver a ham-fisted posthumous message of love, faith, healing, and the importance of letting go that had already been imparted quite concisely, without the weight of a thousand anvils to drive it home. Still, Charlie St. Cloud is a perfectly passable, if more than slightly saccharine, romance for a lazy summer afternoon.

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Universal Studios
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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Zac Efron Charlie St. Cloud
Charlie Tahan Sam St. Cloud
Amanda Crew Tess Carroll
Augustus Prew Alistair Woolley
Donal Logue Tink Weatherbee
Kim Basinger Claire St. Cloud
Ray Liotta Florio Ferrente
Dave Franco Sully
Matt Ward Connors
Miles Chalmers Connors
Jesse Wheeler Green
Desiree Zurowski Carla Ferrente
Adrian Hough Ben Carroll
Jill Teed Grace Carroll
Valerie Tian Girl in Toy Store
Grace Sherman Girl in Toy Store
Brenna O'Brien Girl in Toy Store
Tegan Moss Cindy
Julia Maxwell Rachel
Paul Chevreau Hoddy Snow
Paul Duchart Reverend Polk
Renu Bakshi Reporter
Darren Dolynski Ambulance Driver
Sophie Stukas Mary Rogers
Marci T. House Photographer
Ted Whittall Principal
Natasha Denis Julie
D. Neil Mark EMT
Rolfe Kent Conductor

Technical Credits
Burr Steers Director
Heike Brandstatter Casting
Enrique Chediak Cinematographer
Lewis Colick Screenwriter
Jane English Makeup
Michael Fottrell Executive Producer
Scott Martin Gershin Sound/Sound Designer
Kelvin Humenny Art Director
Allison Jones Casting
Timothy Joyce Set Decoration/Design
Ryan Kavanaugh Executive Producer
Rolfe Kent Score Composer
Jared LeBoff Executive Producer
Coreen Mayrs Casting
Padraic McKinley Editor
Craig Pearce Screenwriter
Marc E. Platt Producer
Ida Random Production Designer
Lisa Satriano Asst. Director
Ben Sherwood Executive Producer
Adam Siegel Executive Producer
Mark M. Soparlo Set Decoration/Design
Ronnie Specter Makeup
Geoff Wallace Art Director
Denise Wingate Costumes/Costume Designer

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Deleted scenes with optional commentary by director Burr Steers; On location with Zac Efron; Zac Efron, leading man; Feature commentary with director Burr Steers


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Charlie St. Cloud 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
NorrieBeth More than 1 year ago
Loved this movie!
Yellowenglish More than 1 year ago
Do you just love a good love story with lots of drama?! Then watch Charlie St. Cloud. I loved this movie because Zac Efron is in it. It¿s a chick flick and has many scenes that will just touch your heart. They have few funny scenes that I just adored. It¿s a great movie because there are love scenes, the acting is amazing, and some material may make you cry. In the movie Charlie¿s brother Sam dies. When he dies Charlie sees Sam¿s ghost and play¿s catch with him everyday like he promised Sam, he would until the day Charlie left for college which never happened, after the accident that caused his brother¿s death. The love scenes are wonderful! The way the actors/ actresses look and speak makes you feel like you with Charlie. Like he¿s speaking to you. Or the sad scenes where Sam dies. You feel like Sam was your brother and he was hit by the drunk driver. It was like when you were at the funeral you were crying. The acting was perfect. There is not a thing that I would change in the entire movie. I guess it¿s the way they cried for Sam and moved with the characters. You want to feel bad for them. Almost as if they are sucking you into watch more and more. You never ever want to stop watching until the end. The material that may make you cry is when Sam dies and when Charlie goes to find his lover. Sam and Charlie were driving and they pulled up to a stoplight. A drunk driver hit the back of their car and pushed them out in front of a tractor trailer and it flipped the car on top of them and when the ambulance and the paramedics shocked Charlie back to life, but couldn¿t help Sam. When Charlie goes looking for that girl he has to lay beside of her to keep her warm, so she could live. It¿s very emotional. I think you should get off you lazy butt and go buy this movie. No matter how nice and warm you are reading this review. Go outside in the cold and get this movie. Don¿t forget to grab a few friends sit on the couch and enjoy. You won¿t be able to resist Zac Efron and his acting. You will thank me in the end. You¿re welcome.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Vicki0052 More than 1 year ago
I thought this was very well done. I'm a huge fan of Zac Efron. Will follow him anywhere.
DarkLotusICP4life More than 1 year ago
this movie stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!