Christopher Reeve Superman Collection

Christopher Reeve Superman Collection

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Christopher Reeve Superman Collection

In a major departure from the tone of the preceding two Superman adventure films, this mix of vile deeds and fantasy heroics drops the "S" out of cosmic and goes for comic instead. Right at the starting gate, Gus Gorman (Richard Pryor) and a subsequent slapstick sequence upstage (Christopher Reeves again), who later develops an identity crisis. Gorman, newly trained as a computer whiz, starts working for a conglomerate run by the corporate nemesis Ross Webster (Robert Vaughn), intent on world domination. Gorman is sent to Superman's small town of Smallville to wipe out Columbia's coffee crop by fiddling with the computer side of a weather satellite. Clark Kent is in town for his class reunion, leading Superman to clash with Gorman, which in turn, leads Gorman to develop a hybrid red Kryptonite. Unwittingly, since Gorman's wits are always in doubt, the Red Kryptonite causes Superman to split into a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde schizophrenia -- but in two separate bodies. As the evil Superman swaggers around town, megalomaniac Ross Webster has other tricks in mind -- and in one of the more memorable action scenes (interspersed with a video game sequence), Superman is chased through the Grand Canyon by a fast-flying, very determined missile. Lana Lang (Annette O'Toole) is on hand for romantic interest (Margot Kidder only appears briefly -- she was growing tired of Lois Lane).

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Release Date: 11/28/2006
UPC: 0012569819139
Source: Warner Home Video
Region Code: 1
Time: 8:13:00

Special Features

Superman the Movie: ; New on DVD - Original 1978 theatrical version with commentary by producer Pierre Spengler and executive producer Ilya Salkind; 2000 expanded edition movie with commentary by director Richard Donner and creative consultant Tom Mankiewicz; Documentaries; Additional scenes; Screen tests; Additional music cues; Vintage movie - Superman and the Mole-Men, starring George Reeves; Nine 1940s Fleischer Studios Superman cartoons; ; Superman II: ; Commentary by executive producer Ilya Salkind and producer Piere Spengler; Superman's Soufflé deleted scene; New and vintage making-of documentaries; Eight 1940s Famous Studios Superman cartoons; ; Superman III: Commentary by executive producer Ilya Salkind and producer Pierre Spengler; Vintage making-of documentary ; Additional scenes; ; Superman IV - The Quest for Peace: ; Commentary by co-screenwriter Mark Rosenthal; Additional scenes

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Superman the Movie - Original 1978 Theatrical Movie
1. Intergalactic Credits [5:16]
2. Verdict on Planet Krypton [4:19]
3. The Phantom Zone [1:39]
4. Jor-El's Warning [2:25]
5. A Father's Farewell [3:58]
6. Blastoff to Safety [3:58]
7. Education en Route [1:41]
8. Help With a Flat [2:55]
9. Speeding Locomotive [3:28]
10. Another Father's Farewell [3:47]
11. Time to Leave [5:32]
12. Fortress of Solitude [3:34]
13. Twelve Years Tutelage [5:18]
14. The Daily Planet [4:09]
15. Faster Than a Bullet [3:13]
16. Dead-End Trail [4:31]
17. Luthor's Lair [2:46]
18. It's Not a Date [2:06]
19. Helicopter Emergency [3:08]
20. "Who's Got You?!?" [2:43]
21. Crooks to Cats [4:49]
22. Air Force One [1:40]
23. Story of the Century [1:49]
24. Vital Statistics [1:36]
25. Test Flight [4:55]
26. Can You Read My Mind? [3:02]
27. "That's Clark, Nice" [3:28]
28. Deducing His Weakness [2:11]
29. Diversionary Tactic #1 [3:38]
30. Diversionary Tactic #2 [3:25]
31. Luthor's Challenge [1:22]
32. Land Grab Scheme [3:56]
33. Kryptonite Necklace [4:55]
34. Unlikely Rescuer [3:31]
35. Disasters Galore [2:43]
36. Rescues Galore [3:56]
37. Damming the Dam [2:43]
38. Too Late for Lois [2:47]
39. As the World (Re)Turns [3:18]
40. Prison Break-In [3:42]
41. End Credits [8:19]
Disc #2 -- Superman the Movie - 2000 Expanded Edition Movie
1. Intergalactic Credits [5:16]
2. Verdict on Planet Krypton [4:19]
3. The Phantom Zone [1:39]
4. Jor-El's Warning [2:25]
5. A Father's Farewell [3:58]
6. Blastoff to Safety [3:58]
7. Krypton's End [3:11]
8. Education en Route [1:41]
9. Help With a Flat [2:55]
10. Unbelievable Lois [3:35]
11. Another Father's Farewell [3:47]
12. Time to Leave [5:32]
13. Fortress of Solitude [3:34]
14. Twelve Years Tutelage [5:18]
15. The Daily Planet [4:09]
16. Faster Than a Bullet [3:13]
17. Dead-End Trail [4:31]
18. Luthor's Lair [2:46]
19. It's Not a Date [2:06]
20. Helicopter Emergency [3:08]
21. "Who's Got You?!?" [2:43]
22. Crooks to Cats [4:49]
23. Air Force One [1:40]
25. Story of the Century [1:49]
26. Vital Statistics [1:36]
27. Test Flight [4:55]
28. Can You Read My Mind? [3:02]
29. "That's Clark, Nice" [3:28]
30. Deducing His Weakness [2:11]
31. Diversionary Tactic #1 [3:38]
32. Diversionary Tactic #2 [3:25]
33. Luthor's Challenge [1:22]
34. The Gauntlet [3:15]
35. Land Grab Scheme [3:56]
36. Kryptonite Necklace [4:55]
37. Unlikely Rescuer [3:31]
38. Disasters Galore [2:43]
39. Rescues Galore [3:56]
37. Damming the Dam [2:43]
41. Too Late for Lois [2:47]
42. As the World (Re)Turns [3:18]
43. Prison Break-In [3:42]
44. End Credits [8:19]
Disc #5 -- Superman II: The Movie
1. Trio of Traitors [3:06]
2. Credits and Movie #1 Recap [5:25]
3. Headline Story in Paris [3:44]
4. Lois' Elevator Ride [5:40]
5. Bomb Damage [4:33]
6. Luthor Does Laundry [2:11]
7. Unidentified Flying Villains [5:28]
8. Balloon Bustout [2:59]
9. Honeymooners [4:00]
10. Lois Puts It All Together [4:30]
11. Fortress of Solitude Intruders [4:35]
12. Waterlogged to Make a Point [3:23]
13. Planet Houston [1:57]
14. "You Are Superman" [3:14]
15. Laying Down the Law [2:59]
16. Trip North [1:07]
17. Beginning to Bore Him [2:38]
18. Secrets Revealed [2:00]
19. Something More Interesting [2:51]
20. Blowing a Helicopter a Kiss [3:56]
21. Made Mortal for Love [4:11]
22. White House Visitors [3:31]
23. Diner Humiliation [3:25]
24. "I Have to Go Back" [1:52]
25. Green Crystal [2:40]
26. Luthor Pays a Call [3:00]
27. Daily Planet Visitors [3:10]
28. Battle of Titans [7:20]
29. Catching a Bus [2:00]
30. Big Wind in Metropolis [2:28]
31. Coward After All? [2:26]
32. Final Confrontation [3:47]
33. Molecular Rearrangement [5:10]
34. Slight Case of Amnesia [5:07]
35. Diner Return Match [1:47]
36. Flag Flying High [:46]
37. End Credits [4:10]
Disc #7 -- Superman III
1. Job Hunter Gus Gorman [2:35]
2. Metropolis Credits and Chaos [5:55]
3. Travel Plans [3:34]
4. Penny Larceny [2:25]
5. Blazing Chemicals [5:28]
6. Lake-Sized Miracle [1:53]
7. Smallville Class of 1965 [4:36]
8. Lana Lang and the One That Got Away? [2:08]
9. Complete and Utter Moron [2:08]
10. Bowled Over [2:00]
11. Push-Button Proposition [5:05]
12. Gus in Smallville [1:23]
13. Ricky's Close Call [4:41]
14. Drinking Away the Night Shift [2:36]
15. Hacker Havoc [4:50]
16. Stormy Weather [2:19]
17. Rooftop Skiing [5:23]
18. Formula for Kryptonite [3:09]
19. Key to Smallville [1:00]
20. Three-Star Saboteur [3:35]
21. Too Late the Hero [2:38]
22. No More Mr. Nice Guy [3:13]
23. Gus's Pocketful of Plans [4:02]
24. Big Spill [6:46]
25. Young Fan's Encouragement [2:18]
26. His Own Worst Enemy [5:55]
27. Rid of His Bad Self [2:49]
28. What a Jukebox! [3:46]
29. Let the Games Begin [3:02]
30. Defensive Action [2:16]
31. Lethal Green Ray [2:39]
32. Yo-Yo to the Rescue? [2:07]
33. Attack of the Cyberwoman [2:09]
34. Micro Meltdown [2:12]
35. Gus Flies High [3:55]
36. Ring From Superman [1:46]
37. New Face [1:23]
38. Lean On Superman [1:13]
39. End Credits [3:43]
Disc #8 -- Superman IV
1. Credits [2:49]
2. Space Rescue [2:19]
3. All That Remains [2:38]
4. Long, Long Way [2:17]
5. Lex Luthor Liberated [2:33]
6. Runaway Train [2:02]
7. New Management [2:57]
8. By a Hair [2:40]
9. Jeremy's Letter [3:58]
10. Kryptonian Counsel [1:24]
11. Memorable Flight [5:21]
12. Superman's Pledge [2:51]
13. Nuclear Roundup [1:55]
14. Genetic Gambit [3:37]
15. Nuclear Man [3:06]
16. No Pain, No Gain [2:18]
17. Hot Experiment [3:25]
18. Double Date [5:52]
19. End of Superman [4:01]
20. Great Wall of Mount Etna [3:55]
21. Saving Miss Liberty... but Not Himself [3:08]
22. Lois From the Heart [4:35]
23. Brains and Brawn [2:41]
24. Metropolis Mayhem [2:12]
25. Lunar Battle [4:25]
26. Lights Out and On [2:18]
27. One World [2:51]
28. Luthors in Lockup [1:36]
29. End Credits [3:44]

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4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Superman movies all have good things about them and it is sad that Christopher Reeve is gone,but he is remembered as Superman!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The “Lester film” begins with a montage from the first movie, which was very nice, considering I had never seen the first Superman movie. The montage showed the crime that the three villains committed, Kal-El being sent to Earth, and many other things that catch up the audience members who have never before believed that a man could fly. The 1981 film was the goofy interpretation of Superman. Richard Donner, the director of the first Superman and the original director of Superman II, portrayed the true ideal of Superman. The Donner version is much more practical. The hotel where Clark and Lois go undercover to investigate honeymoon scandals in the Lester film was so impractical that it drew attention to the set and away from the scene. The room is filled with heart shaped furniture and there’s a big pink bear rug on the floor in the middle of the room, right in front of the indoor “campfire”. No hotel would go this far. This setting makes it seem unreal and pulls the audience out of the movie. In the Donner film, it’s a regular hotel, so it is easier for the audience to believe what is happening and it allows you to focus on the conversation that Clark and Lois have in the hotel. In the 1981 film, the audience doesn’t know why the villains have an issue with the “son of Jor-El”. In Lester’s film, he shows the jury but does not show the judge, who in Donner’s film is Jor-El. This occurred because of a schedule change with the films. Originally the films were supposed to be produced back to back, Superman I and Superman II, but they needed to put Superman II on hold for awhile. Because of this Marlon Brando, Jor-El, had a void contract and decided to ask for more money. The producers said no and cut him out of the movie completely. After cutting out the father, the only thing left to do was to replace him in all of the scenes. The keeper of the Fortress of Solitude in the ’81 version was Superman’s mother. The scenes end up becoming very different with very different tones. The mother tells Luther about the three villains and their punishment, and is very caring when she speaks, thinking that the only person that will know to play the crystals was Kal-El. In Donner’s version, the crystals were all recordings of Jor-El, or Marlon Brando. He was much more straightforward and abrupt with his son. He also held much stronger opinions on every topic than Superman’s mother did. His mother was too soft and it was clear that he didn’t take her very seriously, but he took his father seriously. Taking out the father was a huge mistake by the producers. The 1981 film also portrays the uncovering of Superman’s identity as a very odd occurrence. In the ’81 version, Clark trips over the bear rug and falls into the “campfire”. Lois rushes to his side and sees that his hand isn’t even burned. The way that Lois figures out who he is in the Donner version is very different and much more believable. Lois is sitting at her desk with a picture of Superman and she takes a magic marker and draws a suit, hat, and glasses on the picture. She realizes then that he is Superman. This is much more realistic because Clark’s only disguise was the thick glasses. It shouldn’t have been that hard for her to figure out who he was. She knew it after that that’s the only reason that she took the chance with his life in Donner’s version. In an overarching analysis, the Lester film was very horrible. It was not Superman, at least not the original Superman. The film was an attempt to save a movie that should have been canceled when they got rid of Richard Donner. They never should have gotten rid of him, but they did, so they should have forgotten about the movie altogether, and let Donner finish it on his own, like he ended up being able to do in 2006. I for one am glad that Donner was given that chance.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As much as I'd like to go on and on about this film, all I'm going to say here is that Richard Donner, Margot Kidder, Christopher Reeve and a stellar production crew create what I truly believe is one of the greatest moments ever created in cinema! The helicopter crash on the roof of the daily planet is... breathtaking, horrifying, captivating, enthralling, and absolutely unforgetable! I was so enthralled by this scene as a youngster, I'd hang from a strap I'd suspended to the 2nd floor raingutter of my house! Of course I was pretending to be Lois Lane, looking downward at her little feet, suspended hundreds of feet above the magical blue-screened sidewalk! What a rush!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago