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The widescreen DVD of this Japanese classic (co-directed and produced by the late, great Akira Kurosawa) contains absolutely nothing other than chapter selections and the film itself, and as such will not be of much interest to anyone other than collectors. It's a shame that such a magnificent piece of filmmaking hasn't been given the treatment it so richly deserves (the film has been called the Japanese Gone With the Wind). There are a few aspects of the disc worthy of note. First and foremost is the soundtrack, which is a Dolby Digital one-channel mono transfer -- the most one can expect, taking into consideration the source material. It seems that Image has done its best to preserve the look & feel of the film's original TohoScope (the Japanese answer to Panavision) presentation; the 2.35:1 theatrical aspect ratio has been well maintained and lends a sharp edge to the image quality and to Kazuo Yamada's cinematography, even though there is slightly more dust and scratching present than necessary. Overall, the lack of any extra features whatsoever, no matter how trivial, borders on criminal -- this film is an absolute staple of its genre and deserves much more. One can only hope that a special edition is in the works.

Product Details

Release Date: 02/27/2001
UPC: 0014381989526
Original Release: 1962
Rating: NR
Source: Image Entertainment
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Digital, monaural]
Time: 3:27:00

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Koshiro Matsumoto Kuranosuke Oishi
Yuzo Kayama Takuminokami Asano
Chusha Ichikawa Kouzuke Kira
Toshiro Mifune Genba Tawaraboshi
Yoko Tsukasa Yozenin
Setsuko Hara Riku
Tatsuya Mihashi Yasubei Horibe
Yosuke Natsuki Kinemon Okano
Ichiro Arishima Denpachiro Tamon
Norihei Miki Gayboy Geisha
Frankie Sakai Carpenter Goro
Keiju Kobayashi Lord Awaji
Yuriko Hoshi Otsuya
Yumi Shirakawa Ume
Kumi Mizuno Saho
Akira Takarada Gunpei Takada
Takashi Shimura Hyobe Chishaka
Michiyo Aratama Actor

Technical Credits
Hiroshi Inagaki Director
Akira Ifukube Score Composer
Kisaku Ito Art Director
Kiyokata Seruwaka Choreography
Herman G. Weinberg Translator
Kazuo Yamada Cinematographer
Toshio Yasumi Screenwriter

Scene Index

Side #1
0. Chapters
1. Main title [3:56]
2. Part I: Blossoms [3:25]
3. Edo [5:04]
4. The values of life [3:51]
5. Lord Asano [3:39]
6. A visit from Lord Kira [7:04]
7. A matter of honor [6:22]
8. Receiving the envoys [5:38]
9. Asano's breaking point [7:18]
10. Formal questioning [5:53]
11. Following orders [4:37]
12. Kira's pain [2:01]
13. March 15, 1701: Couriers on the run [2:34]
14. The Asano Clan Castle in Ako [5:38]
15. The army of Lord Wakisaka [6:35]
16. Blood pledge [4:42]
17. Surrendering the castle [5:35]
18. Hyobu the protector [3:06]
19. Oishi's home in Yamashina [4:06]
20. Refuge in a brothel [6:48]
21. Sampei's honor [7:38]
22. Oishi gets the news [3:16]
23. Time for revenge; Off to Tajima [8:00]
24. Part II: Snow [3:00]
25. An Edo carpenter [5:15]
26. Okano proposes [6:41]
27. Kira's public appearance [2:31]
28. After the plans [4:23]
29. Duel with Tawaraboshi [3:11]
30. Imperial envoy: Mitsutada Obana [6:35]
31. Studying the plans [4:25]
32. Farewell to Lady Asano [6:55]
33. Time to get ready [6:25]
34. The Samurai gather [5:26]
35. Dropouts [4:35]
36. The loyal 47 [4:24]
37. The truth about Kuranosuké [1:40]
38. March on Kira's mansion [8:58]
39. The elusive Lord Kira [6:59]
40. Retribution [3:33]
41. Their final fate [5:09]

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