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Daddy Day Camp

Daddy Day Camp

Director: Fred Savage

Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr., Lochlyn Munro, Richard Gant


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Directed by one-time child star Fred Savage, Daddy Day Camp, the sequel to Eddie Murphy's Daddy Day Care, stars Cuba Gooding Jr. and Paul Rae as Charlie Hinton and Phil Ryerson, a pair of fathers who


Directed by one-time child star Fred Savage, Daddy Day Camp, the sequel to Eddie Murphy's Daddy Day Care, stars Cuba Gooding Jr. and Paul Rae as Charlie Hinton and Phil Ryerson, a pair of fathers who attempt to keep their summer camp afloat even though they are under dire economic strain. In order to help improve the financial situation, and to whip together a group of children who have a problem with following orders, Hinton brings in his military-trained father (Richard Gant), even though he and his father have been on the outs. Soon the campers, and the fathers, are involved in a series of adventures that will make the camp solvent, and help mend broken relationships.

Editorial Reviews

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If you're Cuba Gooding Jr., you have to live with critics dismissing your every career move as a gauge of how far you've fallen since Jerry Maguire. Daddy Day Camp is the consummate example of that ongoing downward trend. But Gooding isn't the problem with this limp sequel to the slightly less limp Daddy Day Care. He's not much of a downgrade from Eddie Murphy, and he's plenty lively and charming. The problem is just about everything else, from Gooding's co-stars on down to the writing and the directing. As Phil, Gooding's partner in the day camp venture, Paul Rae defines the term "lifeless." He may look like a slightly thinner John Goodman, but he hasn't an ounce of Goodman's presence; he even comes up short on the low bar set by Jeff Garlin, who played his role in the original. And where the supporting roles in the first film were classed up by the likes of Anjelica Huston and Steve Zahn, it's "household names" Lochlyn Munro and Joshua McLerran filling the same plot function here. But the biggest disappointment may be Wonder Years star Fred Savage, who could have been a deceptively smart choice as director. Instead, Savage wildly over-directs an endless succession of pratfalls and potty humor. (What's more, it can't be a coincidence that there's a romantic subplot in which the boy camper resembles a stammering Kevin Arnold, and the girl camper resembles a hair-tossing Winnie Cooper.) Daddy Day Camp relies on the cluelessness of the dads for laughs, but that doesn't work, because we know they've already set up a highly successful day care. It's also problematic that the primary conflict doesn't have anything to do with the children, but rather, with Gooding's Charlie Hinton getting out of the shadow of his military dad (Richard Gant).

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Cuba Gooding Charlie Hinton
Lochlyn Munro Lance Warner
Richard Gant Col. Buck Hinton
Tamala Jones Kim Hinton
Paul Rae Phil Ryerson
Joshua McLerran Dale
Spencir Bridges Ben Hinton
Brian Doyle-Murray Uncle Morty

Technical Credits
Fred Savage Director
Michael Aller Editor
Matias Alvarez Asst. Director
Matt Berenson Executive Producer
Joel Cohen Original Story
Derek Dauchy Executive Producer
John Davis Executive Producer
Chris Emerson Executive Producer
Chris Ermerson Executive Producer
Adam F. Goldberg Co-producer
Adam F. Goldberg Co-producer
Richard Hull Executive Producer
Jim Dooley Score Composer
Nancy Kirhoffer Executive Producer
Lindsey Hayes Kroeger Casting
Carolyn Leone-Smith Costumes/Costume Designer
Rhiannon Meier Co-producer
Mark J. Mullins Art Director
David Rapaport Casting
Manish Raval Musical Direction/Supervision
Jef Richard Executive Producer
Geoff Rodkey Original Story,Screenwriter
Geoff Rookey Original Story,Screenwriter
Geno Salvatori Cinematographer
William Sherak Producer
Jason Shuman Producer
Alec Sokolow Original Story
Craig L. Steiner Asst. Director
J. David Stem Screenwriter
Les Udy Sound/Sound Designer
Eric Weiler Production Designer
David N. Weiss Screenwriter
Tom Wolfe Musical Direction/Supervision


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