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Dances with Wolves

This widescreen (2.35:1) THX, Dolby Digital film courtesy of Orion Home Video comes with three special features: an audio selection item that allows the user to pick between various types of Dolby audio settings, a subtitle on/off selector, and brief filmographies of the movie's principal actors. The lack of features is more than made up for by impressive audio quality and panoramic scenery. Starring Mary McDonnell, Graham Green, and Rodney A. Grant, this film is directed by Kevin Costner, whose efforts won seven Academy awards. The jacket comes with a brief history of the film, mentioning its origins (i.e., the book of the same title by Michael Blake), production, and setting.

Product Details

Release Date: 02/16/1999
UPC: 0014381515923
Original Release: 1990
Rating: PG-13
Source: Image Entertainment
Region Code: 1
Sound: [Dolby Digital, stereo]
Time: 3:01:00

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Kevin Costner Lt. John W. Dunbar
Mary McDonnell Stands With a Fist
Graham Greene Kicking Bird
Rodney A. Grant Wind in His Hair
Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman Chief Ten Bears
Tantoo Cardinal Black Shawl
Robert Pastorelli Timmons
Charles Rocket Lieutenant Elgin
Maury Chaykin Maj. Fambrough
Jimmy Herman Stone Calf
Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse Smiles A Lot
Maretta Big Crow Village Mother
Clayton Big Eagle Actor
Elise Daniel Christine's Mother
Jason R. Lone Hill Worm
Nick Thompson Actor
Ryan White Bull Kicking Bird's Eldest Son
Sheldon Peters Wolfchild Sioux Warrior
Michael Spears Otter
Tony Pierce Spivey
Doris Leader Charge Pretty Shield
Tom Everett Sgt. Pepper
Larry Joshua Sgt. Baker
Kirk Baltz Edwards
Wayne Grace Major
Donald Hotton Gen. Tide
Annie Costner Christine
Conor Duffy Willie
Percy White Plume Big Warrior
John Tail Escort Warrior
Steve Reevis Sioux #1/Warrior #1
Wes Studi Toughest Pawnee
Buffalo Child Pawnee #1
Richard Leader Charge Pawnee
Redwing Ted Nez Sioux Warrior
Marvin Holy Sioux Warrior
Raymond Newholy Sioux Courier
David J. Fuller Kicking Bird's Son
Otakuye Conroy Kicking Bird's Daughter
Steve Chambers Guard
Billy Burton General's Aide
Bill W. Curry Confederate Cavalryman
Carter Hanner Confederate Soldier
Kent Hays Wagon Driver
Robert Goldman Union Soldier
Frank P. Costanza Tucker
James Mitchell Ray
R.L. Curtin Ambush Wagon Driver
Chad Dowdell Young Cavalry Soldier (uncredited)

Technical Credits
Kevin Costner Director,Co-producer
Bonnie Arnold Associate Producer
John Barry Score Composer,Musical Direction/Supervision
Jeffrey Beecroft Production Designer
Michael Blake Screenwriter
Frank Carrisosa Makeup
Lisa Dean Set Decoration/Design
Jake Eberts Executive Producer
Norman Howell Stunts
William Hoy Editor
Derek Kavanagh Producer
Robbie Knott Special Effects
Elisabeth Leustig Casting
Stephen Potter Editor
Dean Semler Cinematographer
William Ladd Skinner Art Director
Neil Travis Editor
Gregory H. Watkins Sound/Sound Designer
Jim Wilson Producer
Elsa Zamparelli Costumes/Costume Designer

Scene Index

Disc #1
0. Disc #1
0. Chapter Index
1. Main Title; A Wounded Man [4:28]
2. St. David's Field-Tennessee 1863 [6:43]
3. Fort Hayes [5:47]
4. Journey To The Furthermost Outpost [11:02]
5. Clean-up Duty [3:56]
6. The Ruthless Pawnee [5:43]
7. Contact With The Sioux [12:05]
8. Riding Out To The Indians [8:22]
9. Meeting With The White Man [4:45]
10. Stands With A Fist (Christine) [5:09]
11. Invited To The Village [8:54]
12. The Buffalo Return [7:58]
13. The Hunt [8:59]
14. A Good Trade [7:30]
15. Dances With Wolves [3:34]
16. Bestowed A Great Honor [3:24]
17. Falling In Love [13:27]
Disc #2
0. Chapter Index
1. Attack Of The Pawnee [13:18]
2. Told To Mourn No More [4:57]
3. Like The Stars [2:29]
4. Retrieving The Journal [3:28]
5. Do You Salute Him Or Shoot Him? [9:01]
6. A Little Help From Friends [9:17]
7. Leaving For The Good Of The Tribe [10:55]
8. End Credits [5:23]

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Dances with Wolves 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 37 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Dances With Wolves is incredible as prior reviewers have written, but this is to advise you to purchase the newer, extended version that contains 52 extra minutes that more flesh out the film, though it is more expensive. As is often the case, one should always wait for Special or Collectors' editions, since the director and cast have time to do the movie service, instead of the rush-to-DVD job the film industry tries to initially put out. Even the picture and sound are sometimes improved.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Dances With Wolves' is the epic, revisionist western directed by and starring Kevin Costner. In scope and size, this is one gallant, masterfully directed motion picture and the well-deserving recipient of 9 Academy Awards. After surviving a suicide charge on the battlefield of honor, Major John Dunbar (Costner) travels to the west and establishes a life-long friendship with the Sioux Indians. Originally running nearly four hours, a full hour of footage was excised to keep the already elephantine running time manageable. For years only this theatrical cut had been made available, though Image laserdisc did release the full 3 hr. 58 min. version in a deluxe box set back in the mid-1990's. That fully restored running time is finally given the full digital treatment via a new MGM/UA DVD. MGM has spread the feature film over two sides on the first disc. Since no intermission was ever intended, the cut comes about midway through and is obtrusive to your viewing experience. However, as there is no other way to ensure the integrity of compression artifacts, this cut is, if not forgivable, at least palpable. MGM DVD has done a very nice job of remastering 'Dances With Wolves'. The original DVD from Image Entertainment had deeper contrast and black levels, but adjusting the contrast on one's television corrects the softer levels on this disc. Shadow delineation is beautifully rendered. Colors are vibrant, bold and accurate. Some minor edge enhancement occurs but shimmering and pixelization are at a bare minimum. The audio is 5.1 and pretty much the same mix as the original Image DVD. Extras include an audio commentary, an all-new production featurette, the original featurette and a host of other well-meaning, though rather lack luster extras that have merely been designed to fill up space on disc #2.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Dances With Wolves is a masterpiece of filmmaking from start to finish, thanks to Kevin Costner's inspired direction. With an unfailing eye for detail, a deep understanding of his characters, and obvious dedication to this extraordinary story, he has created a movie that takes its audience on a remarkable journey to another place and time. Visually stunning, with a perfect cast and a beautiful score, Dances With Wolves is an amazing film, emotionally soaring high one moment and free-falling the next. And finally, in the end, it lingers forever in your mind and in your heart. The new expanded version two-disc DVD is outstanding, loaded with extras such as two commentary tracts, behind the scenes features, interviews with cast & crew, etc. This is a definite ''must-have'' for any DVD collection.
Guest More than 1 year ago
There needs to be a Music-Only Track. John Barry did more than a fantasting job on scoring the film. The music is what makes the film live.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
The special edition and extended cut of ''Dances With Wolves'' released on DVD in May 2003 is a fitting format for Kevin Costner's wonderful 1990 epic that was awarded seven Academy Awards. As Lt. John Dunbar, Costner's film allows viewers to glimpse the final days of the American frontier and, ultimately, the closing historical moment where the noble Sioux Nation was free. It is a movie that is both entertaining and powerful, and even teaches a few important lessons along the way. The wonderful cast also features Graham Greene and Mary McDonnell.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The story is a powerful and historically sound presentation of the conflict of western expansion. Kevin Costner gives an award winning performance. Dances with wolves will make you laugh and make you cry.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Dances with Wolves, which was directed by Kevin Costner, was a wonderful movie. The one thing i would have changed was they cut a few parts from the book out of the movie. I think they would have been good in the movie. But the moive was easier to understand and everything that happens fits together very well. It is very exciting and is great for all ages.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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