Dead Like Me - The Complete Series

Dead Like Me - The Complete Series

Director: Stephen Herek Cast: Ellen Muth, Rebecca Gayheart, Mandy Patinkin
4.8 11


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Dead Like Me - The Complete Series

While the cable TV dramedy Dead Like Me may resemble a bizarro version of Touched by an Angel, series creator Bryan Fuller insisted that his inspiration was Piers Anthony's novel On a Pale Horse, in which a mere mortal is forced by circumstance to replace "Mr. Death." Ellen Muth stars as Georgia "George" Lass, an 18-year-old perennial loser whose inability to stay in school or hold down a job is matched by the disdain in which she is held by her family. Given George's miserable track record, it is hardly surprising that she is killed in a stupid freak accident, crushed to death by a fragment of the Mir space station's toilet. Upon realizing that she is dead, George finds herself in the company of three other decedents: vapid actress Daisy (Laura Harris), self-styled lothario Mason (Callum Blue), and streetwise Roxy (Jasmine Guy). Assembled by the abrasive Rube (Mandy Patinkin), George and her new companions have been assigned to a post-mortem "Reaper" team, dedicated to helping other departed souls make the transition between life and death. The team's job was complicated by the fact that all of the Reapers retained the memories and emotions of their "living" days, and all of them had left behind unresolved issues that would have to be resolved in the afterlife. Dead Like Me debuted June 27, 2003, on Showtime.

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Release Date: 02/17/2009
UPC: 0883904109662
Rating: NR
Source: Mgm (Video & Dvd)
Region Code: 1
Sound: [Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Season One: Audio commentary by the cast; 30 minutes of deleted scenes; Behind-the-scenes featurette; The music of Dead Like Me, featuring executive producer John Masius and composer Stewart Copeland; Photo gallery; Season Two: Dead Like Me...Again featurette; Putting Life Into Death featurette; Over 10 minutes of deleted scenes; Photo gallery; Movie: Audio commentary by director Stephen Herek and actress Ellen Muth ; Back From the Dead: Resurrecting Dead Like Me featurette

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Dead Like Me: Season 1
1. Death & Disappointment [15:18]
2. Meet the Reapers [11:46]
3. Bright New World [22:37]
4. My So-Called Afterlife [7:05]
5. First Soul [8:18]
Disc #8 -- Dead Like Me: Season 2
1. Superpowers? [5:26]
2. The Art of Lying [12:09]
3. A Trusted Hand(Shake) [6:54]
4. Life on the Periphery [8:34]
5. Going Home Again [14:21]
1. Hide and Seek [9:38]
2. Daughter's Death [11:29]
3. Mason's Out [5:15]
4. No Second Chances [8:56]
5. A Place to Feel Safe [11:53]
1. Not About the Candy [8:56]
2. Ghost or No Ghost [9:47]
3. Cop on the Outside [8:01]
4. Día de Los Muertos [4:35]
5. Behind the Wrong Door [14:49]
Disc #9 -- Dead Like Me: Life After Death
1. Everybody Dies (Main Titles) [5:28]
2. Where's Rube? [2:14]
3. Meet the New Boss [5:03]
4. Full of Surprises [4:02]
5. Potty Mouth [1:20]
6. Hey, Dead Guy [3:11]
7. A Great Question [4:08]
8. Screwed Up [4:29]
9. Touched by an Angel [4:51]
10. Okay to Cry [3:58]
11. The World's Gone Mad! [3:43]
12. Breaking the Rules [11:22]
13. Given the Boot [2:36]
14. You're Not Real [2:50]
15. Fired! [2:33]
16. Pebbles in the Ocean [2:55]
17. Tell Her I'm Sorry [:35]
18. So Many Secrets [3:58]
19. Offing Cameron [3:37]
20. Goodbye, Murray [1:22]
21. The Hardest Part [:50]
22. Going Away Parties [2:51]
23. Raining Post-Its [3:23]
24. End Titles [2:05]

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Dead Like Me - The Complete Series 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
R-F More than 1 year ago
Very entertaining, nice to get the entire series plus the movie in one package.
StuShell More than 1 year ago
Dead Like Me is a comical and engaging show. If you can get past the excessive swearing it really is an entertaining show. Ellen Muth is absolutely adorable as one of the lead characters. (And of course Mandy Patinkin gives his usual stellar proformance.) The cast was well selected and they all play well off of each other. It gives a light touch to death, and even some surprisingly good advice on how to deal with losing one you love. The movie I thought was a bit (oh I want to say this nicely) but I thought it just wasn't well written. It seemed to forced at times. So, I would say; the series is definately worth the watch, and the movie is a take it or leave it.
Heavy_Metal_Sushi More than 1 year ago
Okay, so if it were so, how would you feel if a toilet seat came down from the sky and ruined a perfectly good day by and turning you and the spot you were standing on into a little crater, only for you, after death, to be reincarnated on earth as a reaper and told that you had to extract souls from people before they die? It would be a huge shock wouldn't it, and as one could imagine, it wouldn't be easy getting use to having to take people's souls and watch them die or be killed. Well, that's what happens to Ellen Muth's character Georgia in the first episode of this show, and from there the series expounds upon her afterlife as a reaper and trying to come to terms with having to make a living for herself in a separate body while also reaping on the side when she is assigned someone to do so...joining the ranks of a motely crew of other reapers which actually makes for a pretty entertaining, hilarous, and also somewhat series...though exceptional show. I first borrowed the 2 seasons of this show from a friend a while back and watched through it, but only recently acquired this complete series for myself. It's just a shame that this show couldn't see past 2 seasons, because it was really enjoyable. My favorite character is by far Mason, played by Callum Blue. His character is simply hilarious! No shame whatsoever, lol. All of the actors in this perform sensationally though. If you are into good comedy/drama and have never seen this show before, then my really ought to. It's great!
ChristineEveryday More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love this TV series! It's about a girl who gets killed by a toilet seat from an old space station when she is 18 and instead of being able to go to the Light, she is made into a Grim Reaper. She has a boss named Rube and some fellow reaper coworkers. The show is about how she deals with her new exsistence, how she does her Grim Reaper job but also has to have a regular job just like living people. It is so laugh out loud funny and thought provoking at the same time. It is wonderful! I have laughed about parts days after having watched the show, it is just that funny! This series has helped me to look at my life in a new way, to consider more the time that I have. If you like this show please tell others about it since there is talk about making the series again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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