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Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning

Director: John Cromwell

Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Lizabeth Scott, Morris Carnovsky

John Cromwell's Dead Reckoning is one of the most complex and fascinating of the films that Humphrey Bogart made at Columbia Pictures; along with Knock On Any Door and The Harder They Fall, it is also one of trio of Columbia titles that closely resemble his Warner Bros. output on a thematic level. But it functions on deeper, darker, doom-laden


John Cromwell's Dead Reckoning is one of the most complex and fascinating of the films that Humphrey Bogart made at Columbia Pictures; along with Knock On Any Door and The Harder They Fall, it is also one of trio of Columbia titles that closely resemble his Warner Bros. output on a thematic level. But it functions on deeper, darker, doom-laden psychological depths than all but one of his Warner titles (the appropriately named Dark Passage, which dates from the same year); more than any other of Bogart's features, the movie captures a palpable sense of fatalism that accompanied the end of the World War II, even for those who'd come through it well. The movie showed up on laserdisc relatively late in that format's heyday, but this DVD makes the latter look like the relatively pale, worn television prints that one used to see of this movie. It isn't perfect, with some thin but surprisingly obtrusive vertical scratches marring Leo Tover's otherwise gorgeous cinematography late in the first half-hour, in the first scene at Martinelli's club -- but most of the movie has beautiful, deep, velvety contrast throughout that reveals the necessary details even in the darkest scenes. In fact, the clarity and sharpness is a delight to the eye, making this disc generally a treat to look at as well as to watch. Columbia TriStar has given the DVD an extraordinary 28 chapters, which is exactly what this movie calls for. The plot description is fairly thorough, given its relatively short length. Only some annotation is missing, concerning the fascinating cast: Dead Reckoning offered just about the biggest role that Morris Carnovsky, a legend in the American theater who was later blacklisted, ever had onscreen; Wallace Ford, a highly underrated dramatic actor, and renowned radio actor Marvin Miller, were also present -- all of this beg for comment. The disc opens to a relatively simple menu offering a selection of a half-dozen subtitles, as well as some advertising art and trailers from The Caine Mutiny, Lawrence of Arabia, and Bridge on the River Kwai. The disc also contains the same four-minute account of Bogart's career, focusing on his Columbia Pictures output, that Sirocco contains.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Craig Butler
Dead Reckoning finds film noir favorite Humphrey Bogart in unusual territory -- he's no detective, just a guy who wants to discover the truth about his strange missing buddy. As a result, he's not as in control as usual, and has to struggle a little harder in a setting that is not so familiar to him. That setting turns out to be rather more brutal than might be expected, and there's an air of senseless brutality that hangs over the whole film. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the almost random nature of the film plays up its existential leanings. Fortunately, director John Cromwell doesn't let these leanings become overpowering, and overlays them with plenty of solid action, confusing plot twists and shady characters spouting the kind of classic hardboiled dialogue that is the hallmark of noir. As for Bogart, the character may be in strange circumstances, but he's no stranger to the actor. He plays the role with effortless skill, adding just enough depth in unexpected places to keep the audience on its toes. Lizabeth Scott does the best that she can, but she's hampered by the obvious insistence that she be a Lauren Bacall stand-in -- a misguided notion anyway, as Bacall's femmes generally stopped short of being as fatale as Coral Chandler. If Scott falls a little short of the mark required here, the cracked, throaty voice and penetrating beauty do count for a lot.

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Sony Pictures
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Special Features

Closed Caption; Digitally mastered audio & video; Remastered in high definition; Full screen presentation; Audio: English; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean; Vintage advertising; Bonus trailers; Interactive menus; Scene selections

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Humphrey Bogart Rip Murdock
Lizabeth Scott Coral Chandler
Morris Carnovsky Martinelli
William Prince Johnny Drake
Charles Cane Lt. Kincaid
George Chandler Louis Ord
Wallace Ford McGee
Marvin Miller Krause
James Bell Father Logan
Ruby Dandridge Hyacinth
William Forrest Lt. Col. Simpson
Richard H. Gordon Actor
William E. Lawrence Stewart
Bob Ryan Detective
Isabel Withers Nurse
Lillian Wells Pretty Girl
Kay Garrett Dealer
Hugh Hooker Bellboy
Matty Fain Ed
Charles Jordan Mike, the Bartender
Robert Scott Band Leader
Lillian Bronson Mrs. Putnam
Maynard Holmes Desk Clerk
Dudley Dickerson Waiter
George Eldredge Policeman
Chester Clute Martin
Joseph Crehan Gen. Steele
Garry Owen Reporter
Alvin Hammer Photographer
Pat Lane General's Aide
Frank Wilcox Desk Clerk
Matthew "Stymie" Beard Bellboy
John Bohn Croupier
Sayre Dearing Croupier
Harry Denny Dealer
Jack Santoro Raker
Joe Gilbert Croupier
Sam Finn Raker
Dick Gordon Dealer
Ray Teal Motorcycle Policeman
Chuck Hamilton Detective
Grady Sutton Maitre d'Hotel
Jesse Graves Waiter
Byron Foulger Night Attendant
Wilton Graff Surgeon
Paul Bradley Man
Sid Saylor Morgue Attendant
Tom Dillon Priest

Technical Credits
John Cromwell Director
Sidney Biddell Producer
Clay Campbell Makeup
Louis Diage Set Decoration/Design
Steve Fisher Screenwriter
Seymour Friedman Asst. Director
Oliver H.P. Garrett Screenwriter
Jack A. Goodrich Sound/Sound Designer
Stephen Goosson Art Director
Gene Havlick Editor
Jean Louis Costumes/Costume Designer
Alan Rivkin Screenwriter
Marlin Skiles Score Composer
Rudolph Sternad Art Director
Morris W. Stoloff Musical Direction/Supervision
Leo Tover Cinematographer

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Start [:58]
2. Rip Murdock's Confession [3:27]
3. Dreaming About a Blonde [4:03]
4. A Final Salute [1:40]
5. Johnny Checks In [1:51]
6. September 3, 1943 [2:24]
7. The County Morgue [4:22]
8. Louis Ord [2:01]
9. Mrs. Coral Chandler [2:50]
10. "Either It's Love or It Isn't" [2:08]
11. Testing Pure [3:14]
12. Dusty's Roulette System [2:16]
13. Rip Gets Even [2:06]
14. TNT Highballs [3:06]
15. Strange Bedfellows [9:38]
16. Dusty Road Trip [3:08]
17. Fancy Luncheon Tripe [2:58]
18. McGee [1:04]
19. Taking Louis to the Beach [3:29]
20. The Coded Letter [5:09]
21. A Bruised Guest [2:51]
22. Murdock's Escape [5:25]
23. Coral Confesses [1:45]
24. Packed for Paradise [7:52]
25. A Dumb Play [5:21]
26. Geronimo [2:51]
27. "You're Going to Fry." [6:48]
28. All Square With John Law [3:38]


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