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Disney Peter Pan (1953) (Blu-Ray)

Disney Peter Pan (1953) (Blu-Ray)


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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Peter Pan's stature as one of Disney's most beloved animated features is a testament not only to the animators' artistry but also to a fantasy so irresistible it inspired its own syndrome. A benchmark of the studio's second Golden Age (which began with 1950's Cinderella), Peter Pan (1953) liberates James M. Barrie's timeless story from its stage-bound conventions. Peter (voiced by Bobby Driscoll) is portrayed as an actual boy, and Nana as an actual dog. Tinker Bell is fleshed out as the screen's most fetching fairy, as opposed to a dancing dervish of light. And no wired acrobatics can beat this film's stunning set piece, the Darling children's flight over nighttime London toward Never Land, where the "Lost Boys," wild Indians, Captain Hook, and his sidekick Smee await. The soaring musical score includes the Disney standards "You Can Fly," "Follow the Leader," and "A Pirate's Life for Me." This two-disc Platinum Edition takes Peter Pan to dazzling heights with newly produced featurettes that chronicle the film's history. "A Fairy's Tale" puts to rest the rumor that Tinker Bell was modeled on Marilyn Monroe. Also included is a dramatic reading of a magazine article, credited to Walt Disney, titled "Why I Made Peter Pan." Unearthed treasures from the Disney archives include two lost songs, "Pirates Song" and "Never Land," originally written in 1940. A thorough audio commentary hosted by Roy Disney features, among others, film historian Leonard Maltin, author of The Disney Films, Kathryn Beaumont, the voice of Wendy, and legendary animators Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, and Marc Davis. This two-disc set is DVD pixie dust that will enchant a new generation, who will be carried away by a story and film that will never grow old.

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