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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman - Complete Fourth Season

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman - Complete Fourth Season

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Cast: Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, Chad Allen, Jessica Bowman

Jane Seymour plays the strong-willed but compassionate frontier physician Dr. Michaela Quinn in this collection of episodes from the popular television drama Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, which has been given a serviceable presentation on this DVD set. The material on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Complete Fourth Season has been transferred to disc in the


Jane Seymour plays the strong-willed but compassionate frontier physician Dr. Michaela Quinn in this collection of episodes from the popular television drama Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, which has been given a serviceable presentation on this DVD set. The material on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Complete Fourth Season has been transferred to disc in the full-frame aspect ratio of 1.33:1, and the audio has been mastered in Dolby Digital Stereo. The dialogue is in English, with no multiple language options. Bonus materials include biographies of the show's leading cast members and a featurette collecting favorite moments from the show.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Christina Urban
Get the tissues ready for the family frontier drama Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, which begins its slow descent into soap opera territory starting with Season 4. Now that the sexual tension of the past three seasons between Dr. Mike (Jane Seymour) and Sully (Joe Lando) has been resolved with their wedding, the show's plots switch focus -- and many of them are three-hanky outings. In "Brother's Keeper," Brian's (Shawn Toovey) pet wolf bites Matthew's (Chad Allen) fiancée, Ingrid (Jennifer Youngs), causing her to die from rabies. In his grief Matthew flees town and winds up at a railroad camp, where the family later finds him in "Hell on Wheels," volunteering for dangerous jobs handling dynamite. Shopkeeper Loren (Orson Bean) suffers a stroke before being able to propose to his beloved Dorothy (Barbara Babcock) in "Promises, Promises," which offers Bean a continuing acting challenge throughout the remaining seasons with Loren's slow recovery. In "Last Chance" it's two teary plots: Sully's best friend, Cloud Dancing (Larry Sellers), is stabbed, and Matthew's new love, Emma (Charlotte Chatton), is diagnosed with cancer. Reverend Johnson (Geoffrey Lower) mortgages the church to vile saloon owner Hank (the great William Shockley) in order to perform repairs to impress his mentor, played by the legendary Fred Rogers, in "Deal with the Devil." Dr. Mike breaks her arm and is stranded in the wilderness while trying to climb Pike's Peak in "The Expedition," a two-parter. But the one major glimmer of happiness occurs in the season-ender as Mike and Sully welcome their new daughter, Katie, in "When a Child Is Born," a two-part episode that finds a wounded Sully delivering the baby. The town of Colorado Springs also blossoms this season, as Preston (Jason Leland Adams) the banker and Dr. Cook (Brandon Douglas) -- a competitor of Dr. Mike’s -- join the cast. This is also the season wherein Jessica Bowman replaces Erika Flores as Dr. Mike's daughter Colleen. Although Dr. Quinn got a little preachy at times, and historical authenticity often took a backseat to moving story lines forward, the series remains a favorite with fans of strong, character-driven family drama.

Product Details

Release Date:
A&E Home Video

Special Features

Favorites: A Featurette; Cast biographies; Interactive menus; Scene selection

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Vol. 1
1. They're Back!
2. Hardworking Man
3. Rough Diamonds
4. Pretty Little Surry
5. Fiscal Responsibility
6. Freedom
7. Tree, Interrupted
8. Our Garden
1. Risky Business
2. Striker's Behind
3. Start Prayin'
4. The Match
5. Rules of the Game
6. We Got the Heart
7. Striking Out
8. Substitutions
1. Request: Denied
2. Concentration Problems
3. The Consequences
4. Causing Trouble
5. Wifely Duty
6. Snooping
7. Chicken Race
8. Adjustment Period
1. Broken Promise
2. Ornery Critter
3. Spilt Water
4. Use Your Head
5. Seven Days Later
6. No One to Blame
7. Forever
8. Turn Away
Side #2 -- Vol. 2
1. Dead Red
2. No Such Things
3. Gotta Do the Trick
4. Too Afraid
5. Ghost Protection
6. Face Your Fears
7. Magical Sword
8. Halloween Party
1. My Town
2. Writing the Truth
3. Offended Readers
4. The Interview
5. Between Friends
6. Stop Writing
7. Important Decisions
8. Coming Around
1. Hand in Marriage
2. Big Decisions
3. Say a Prayer
4. Welcome Back
5. Go Away
6. I Made a Promise
7. I'm Sorry
8. I'll Be Back
Side #3 -- Vol. 3
1. Monte Carlo
2. Flying Solo
3. A Challenge
4. All for One
5. Bending the Law
6. Lost
7. Next of Kin
8. Odd Man Out
9. Becoming Invisible
10. Competition
11. Do It Now
12. Gone Fishin'
13. A Normal Life
14. Getting By
15. Promises & Lies
16. Happy Birthday
1. Spirit of Thanksgiving
2. Dreams & Expectations
3. Don't Give Up
4. In Need
5. Hope
6. One Thing's for Sure
7. Lost Sight
8. Thankful
1. Trouble
2. Making It Worse
3. Placing Your Bets
4. Guide the Spirit
5. Show Me
6. Pull!
7. Can't Have Everything
8. The Other Side
Side #4 -- Vol. 4
1. Best Christmas Ever
2. Meeting Sarah
3. Piano Lessons
4. Christmas Present
5. Giving Up
6. For My Son
7. I Got a Plan
8. North Star
1. Matchmaker
2. All Alone
3. Broken
4. A Special Lady
5. Good Boy
6. Clueless
7. Just a Case
8. Too Much
1. Sheriff Wanted
2. Trouble in Town
3. Election
4. Standing Up for What I Believe
5. Gun Laws
6. Preparation
7. Honesty Feels Good
8. Showdown
Side #5 -- Vol. 5
1. Cool Off
2. Figured Out
3. Best Laid Plans
4. Talk of the Town
5. Dinner Reservations
6. Working Woman
7. Happiness Isn't...
8. Love Hurts
1. Refrigeration
2. Word's A-Spreading
3. Surefire Investment
4. Make a Killin'
5. Fully Funded
6. Hagglin' Over Husks
7. Scam
8. Slice of Strudel
1. Yes to Statehood
2. Kidnapped
3. Let's Go
4. Word as a Gentleman
5. Slow Down
6. Fight's Not Over
7. Pushing the Limits
8. Cash Creek
1. Let Your Body Heal
2. Scaring Us
3. Quitting Is Not an Option
4. Watch Your Step
5. Nothing to Prove
6. Watch Yourself
7. I Have No Choice
8. Back to Normal
Side #6 -- Vol. 6
1. Big Plans
2. Sickbed
3. Wheeling and Dealing
4. Dirty Business
5. Money Pit
6. Printing Error
7. Pay the Piper
8. Friendly Neighbors
1. Unsettling Stranger
2. Terrible Trauma
3. Trial
4. Gallows
5. Sick Excuse
6. Suffering and Vengeance
7. The Clock Ticks
8. Death March
1. Changes Afoot
2. Stop the Presses
3. Whitewash
4. No Spirit, No Meaning
5. Power Lunch
6. By the Book
7. Playing the Percentages
8. Agree to Disagree
Side #7 -- Vol. 7
1. A Long Way
2. Reminiscing
3. Wolves & Indians
4. Absolutely Charming
5. Too Complicated
6. Silver Platter
7. Side by Side
8. The Right Choice
1. Nominee
2. News Travels
3. Trading Places
4. Lifesaver
5. Irregular Heart
6. Mr. Nice Guy
7. All in the Family
8. Departures
1. Common Enemy
2. Long Day
3. A Better Way
4. The Blood Brothers
5. Caretaker
6. Recovery
7. Trust No More
8. New Garrison
1. Impressions
2. Life Is Short
3. Tired of Running
4. Mixed Feelings
5. A Telegram
6. Fear & Guilt
7. Hawaiian Colony
8. Good Perspective
Side #8 -- Vol. 8
1. I Did It
2. Rioting Indians
3. Investigation
4. A Trial
5. Stand Aside
6. White Man's Court
7. Protecting Them All
8. State of War
1. Fat & Ugly
2. Andrew Cook
3. Regret to Inform
4. Restoring Order
5. Beginning of Time
6. Expect the Unexpected
7. Relocation
8. Waiting & Worrying
1. Female Posse
2. Occupational Hazards
3. Gallstones
4. Cleanliness
5. Beginning of Time
6. Cut the Cord!
7. Introductions
8. Love & Marriage

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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman - Complete Fourth Season 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Prior box sets were not captioned! Buyer Beware!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago