Dragonball Z: World Tournament - Junior Division

Dragonball Z: World Tournament - Junior Division

DVD (Stereo / Mono)

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Dragonball Z: World Tournament - Junior Division

Package Description: "The World Tournament The wait is over, as the World Martial Arts Tournament opens with the Junior Division! Thirty-five young fighters vie for the prize, but the matches prove to be more comedy than competition -- until Trunks steps into the ring, that is! ( Episode 195) Trunks vs. Goten Goten and Trunks continue to breeze through the Junior Division of the World Tournament until they find themselves going head-to-head in the finals! Who's going to win this match? This is one championship that you won't want to miss ! (Episode 196) Best of the Boys The match for the Junior Division World Championship continues as Gotan and Trunks battle brilliantly for the title! Goten puts everything on the line with a seemingly rash head-on charge! The winner of this final joust becomes the new World Champion! Can Goten outwit the cunning Trunks? (Episode 197)"

Product Details

Release Date: 06/26/2001
UPC: 0704400030475
Rating: NR
Source: Funimation Prod
Region Code: 124
Sound: [stereo, monaural]
Time: 1:02:00

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Vegeta's Punch [2:39]
3. Mr. Satan [3:40]
4. Cell Show [3:28]
5. Jr. Room [1:49]
6. Tournament Begins [4:25]
7. Trunks Fights [2:37]
1. Goten's Next [3:51]
3. Goten Wins! [3:38]
4. More Matches [2:19]
5. Final Match [3:18]
6. Goten vs. Trunks [2:18]
7. Even Fight? [3:42]
1. Goten vs. Trunks [1:41]
3. Enery Blasts [3:48]
4. SS Goten [3:30]
5. No Left Arm [3:33]
6. SS Trunks Wins! [3:40]
7. Where Is Mr. Satan? [2:11]

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