El Ataque de los Muertos Sin Ojos

El Ataque de los Muertos Sin Ojos

Director: Amando De Ossorio Cast: Frank Blake, Tony Kendall, Victor Petit

DVD (Wide Screen)

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El Ataque de los Muertos Sin Ojos

The satanic Templars return for more bloodletting and mayhem in this sequel to Tombs of the Blind Dead. This time around, the Templars are shown in flashback killing and drinking the blood of a virgin -- a process by which they hope to achieve eternal life. Local villagers arrest them, scald out their eyes with their torches, and burn the knights at the stake. This differs from the first film which had a legend explaining that crows ate out the Templars' eyes after they had been hung. Either way, the evil blind knights awaken during a festival celebrating the 500th anniversary of their defeat at the hands of the villagers. The drunken shouts of partygoers are quickly replaced by screams at the sight of the skeletal zombies and the massacre is on. A group of survivors -- including fireworks ace Jack, his old flame Vivian, the town's crooked mayor, and a few other eventual victims -- all gather in an old church that is quickly surrounded by the saber-swinging ghouls. One by one, they make idiotic moves that get them killed until only Jack, Vivian, and a little girl remain. As dawn approaches, they make their move to escape in a tense climactic scene that ends in a surprisingly effective twist. Tombs of the Blind Dead was followed by El Buque Maldito. ~ Patrick Legare

Product Details

Release Date: 09/26/2006
UPC: 0827058105491
Original Release: 1972
Rating: NR
Source: Blue Underground
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Time: 1:27:00

Special Features

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Return of the Evil Dead
1. Program Start/Blood Ritual [1:09]
2. The Burning/Main Titles [3:29]
3. Festival Preparations [3:30]
4. Old Feelings [3:19]
5. Murdo's Warning [3:21]
6. Return of the Blind Dead [4:17]
7. Forbidden Encounter [2:23]
8. A Knock at the Door [4:03]
9. Stolen Horse [2:51]
10. Altercation at the Celebration [4:19]
11. Terror at the Train Station [4:59]
12. The Governor and the Maid [3:14]
13. Town Square Massacre [4:50]
14. Fighting Back [5:01]
15. The Old Church [2:55]
16. A Fiery Defense [3:14]
17. Murdo's Escape Plan [2:42]
18. The Mayor's Bright Idea [4:21]
19. Going for the Car [2:55]
20. A Small Distraction [4:25]
21. The Missing Girl [4:13]
22. Down in the Tunnels [2:01]
23. Howard Gets the Point [4:52]
24. Silent Sentinels [4:24]
1. Program Start/Main Titles [3:33]
2. Festival Preparations [3:30]
3. Old Feelings [3:19]
4. Murdo's Warning [1:13]
5. Blood Ritual [2:30]
6. Sacrificial Victim [2:08]
7. Return of the Blind Dead [4:18]
8. Forbidden Encounter [2:23]
9. A Knock at the Door [4:03]
10. Stolen Horse [2:51]
11. Altercation at the Celebration [4:19]
12. Terror at the Train Station [5:13]
13. The Governor and the Maid [3:14]
14. Town Square Massacre [4:49]
15. Fighting Back [5:01]
16. The Old Church [2:55]
17. A Fiery Defense [3:14]
18. Murdo's Escape Plan [2:41]
19. The Mayor's Bright Idea [4:21]
20. Going for the Car [3:02]
21. A Small Distraction [5:23]
22. The Missing Girl [4:16]
23. Down in the Tunnels [1:58]
24. Howard Gets the Point [5:02]
25. Silent Sentinels [4:00]
26. End Credits [1:36]

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