Emergency! - Season 2

Emergency! - Season 2


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Release Date: 02/07/2006
UPC: 0025192980329
Rating: NR
Source: Universal Studios
Region Code: 1
Time: 7:47:00

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Robert Fuller Actor
Alicia Bond Dr. Varner
Ann Prentiss Fran Lillington
Anne Whitfield Mrs. Patricia Epps,Mrs. Shirley Gentry
Brooke Bundy Mrs. Nancy Taylor
Elizabeth Baur Sister Barbara
Fintan Meyler Dorothy Teal
Hedley Mattingly Prof. Erik Rossman
Henry Jones Dr. Alexander Knott
Jackie Coogan Slifer
James McEachin Milt
Jo Ann Worley Maude Grayson
Kathryn Kelly Wiget Betty Snyder
Kip Niven Billy Hanks,Stan Taylor
Leslie Charleson Christy Todd
Lloyd Bochner Dr. Sunderland
Lynn Carlin Mrs. Patterson
Randolph Mantooth Actor
Richard Jaeckel Defense Attorney
Robert Alda Raymond Boyd
Sharon Gless Sheila Thomas
Skye Aubrey Madi Duntley
Vic Mohica Steve
Abigail Shelton Mrs. Hale
Candace Howerton Virginia Phillips
Charles Aidman Harry Teal
Cheryl Miller Rochelle Kayner
Dawn Lyn Kelly Thelen
Dennis Patrick Charles Hollister
Dick Van Patten Morris
Gina Alvarado Mrs. Verdugo
Ian Wolfe Dr. Temple
Jack Carter Sy Kliner
Jack Manning Dr. Frye
Jane Merrow Lady Rossman
Kevin Tighe Actor
Lillian Lehman Carol Williams
Paul Fix Gus "Pop" Williams
Ray Ballard John Wellman/Gilbert Wells
Regis J. Cordic Norman Harrison
Robert Pratt Ed Marlow
Roger Perry Gentry
Ronne Troup Lisa Hill
Stephen R. Hudis Larry Snyder
William Campbell Sam Jenks
Ann Doran Mrs. Pettigrew
Ann Morgan Guilbert Tilly Meers
Anthony Eldridge Jerry Gamble
Bruce Kirby Ken
Cathy Lee Crosby Jenny Hollister
Dick Yarmy Coach
J. Pat O'Malley Grandpa George Ryerson
Jessica Rains Edna
Jim Crowell Hammond
Judy Farrell Mrs. Thelen
Katherine Cannon Mrs. Fay Barton
Kres Mersky Gloria
Maria Elena Cordero Kathy Williams
Michael Rupert Mike Allen
Paul Picerni Ed Duran
Paul Ryan George
Russell Wiggins Clements
Susan Madigan Carol
Vincent Perry Vern Kayner
Christian Juttner Frankie Stewart
Christine Dixon Laura Crandall
Ian Carrol Pete
Jean Allison Mrs. Brydon
Joan Pringle Shirley Edmonds
Jock Mahoney Hoyt Herrold
Joe Pizzorusso Mr. Morgan
Kathleen Lloyd Mrs. Clements
Larry Storch Ben Wesley
Laurette Spang Betsy
Laurie Brighton Jill
Margie Haber Agnes
Michael Lerner Martin Noble
Michael Richardson Artie,Doug
Morgan Paull Mike
Nate Esformes Sgt. McNamara
Paul Nuckles MacDonald
Robert Porter George Barton
Sandra De Bruin Betty Lewis
Ta-Tanisha Rosie
Barbara Bosson Mrs. Collins
Beverly Sanders Leslie Noble
Bill DuFrene Tom
Bill Durkin Tim Hutchins
Casey MacDonald Jamie
Charles H. Gray Chief Sorenson
Christopher Cain Robert Bently
Iris Korn Nora Hostetler
Jamie Farr Alan Austen
Janet Baldwin Monica Baldwin
Lew Brown Archie Lewis
Lori Busk Jenny Andrews
Monica Lewis Maury Peeyer
Renee Lippin Rosemary
Ross Elliott Foreman
Solica Jennifer
Susan Keener Elizabeth
Suzanne Charny Mrs. Butler
Willard Sage Dr. Eccles
William Gray Espy Tim Duntley
Zack Taylor Don Herrold

Technical Credits
Christian Nyby Director
Christian Nyby Director
Declan Donnelly Director
Dennis Donnelly Director
Georg Fenady Director
Lawrence Dobkin Director
Sam C. Freedle Director

Scene Index

Disc #1, Side A -- Emergency!: Season Two
1. Man Trapped [3:13]
2. Remote Control Medicine [8:09]
3. Playing Doctor [29:37]
4. Job Satisfaction [8:58]
1. Down in a Hole [5:32]
2. Repetitious Injuries [17:30]
3. No Basis For Fact [13:35]
4. On the Trail [13:18]
1. Be Patient, Doc [10:19]
2. Male Model of the Year [8:28]
3. Daredevil [11:51]
4. Reshoot [19:15]
1. Burning Up [4:21]
2. Isolation Procedures [18:22]
3. Falling Ill [11:13]
4. Experimental Remedies [15:55]
Disc #1, Side B -- Emergency!: Season Two
1. Laws of Life [4:31]
2. Drunk Driving [9:33]
3. Menace To Society [16:38]
4. In the Line of Fire [19:17]
1. Rodeo Roping [7:49]
2. Cowboy Skills [16:26]
3. Tough Kids [15:22]
4. Sister's Angels [10:16]
1. Female Deputy [6:29]
2. Under Surveillance [12:30]
3. Under Arrest [21:00]
4. Caught Red-Handed [9:54]
1. Fire Code Compliance [5:12]
2. Overqualified [24:52]
3. Unprofessional [8:35]
4. Misdiagnosed [11:17]
Disc #2, Side A -- Emergency!: Season Two
1. On Assignment [6:00]
2. Masculine Ineptitude [16:19]
3. Antiquated Attitude [14:22]
4. Routine Skills [13:12]
1. Epileptic Seizure [5:18]
2. Falling Down Drunk [17:07]
3. Tetanus, It's A Bummer [15:31]
4. Down the Drain [11:52]
1. Natural Born Talent [7:57]
2. Full of Hot Air [7:58]
3. Flying High [19:50]
4. Striking A Chord [14:15]
1. Roadside Hazard [4:28]
2. Shortness of Breath [19:28]
3. The Iron Curtain [10:57]
4. Sewer Hunt [14:58]
Disc #2, Side B -- Emergency!: Season Two
1. Syncopal Episode [7:40]
2. Wedged In [8:51]
3. Parental Consent [13:55]
4. Fatal Dose [19:25]
1. In Training [8:55]
2. Ambulance Accident [11:14]
3. On the Job [19:04]
4. Everyday Lessons [10:43]
1. Chapter 1 [7:08]
2. Chapter 2 [10:24]
3. Chapter 3 [20:53]
4. Chapter 4 [11:32]
1. Necessary Precautions [6:55]
2. Going to Great Heights [22:50]
3. Playing Dirty [8:08]
4. Rescued From Rubble [11:56]
Disc #3, Side A -- Emergency!: Season Two
1. Got A Light? [6:41]
2. Tell the Truth [8:47]
3. Avoiding Responsibility [22:19]
4. Noble Lies [12:06]
1. Breaking the Circle [3:24]
2. Psychic Phenomena [10:29]
3. Alice is Here [9:19]
4. Spiritual Delusions [26:41]
1. Doggy Town [3:43]
4. Hospital Explosion [9:57]
2. Expert Advice [19:19]
3. Alternative Medicine [16:57]
1. Missing Money [9:13]
2. Accused of Theft [11:59]
3. Legal Representation [19:01]
4. Off the Hook [9:44]
Disc #3, Side B -- Emergency!: Season Two
1. Routine Spot Check [7:03]
2. Mind Your Own Business [11:45]
3. Professional Patient [18:03]
4. Running Out of Time [13:07]

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Emergency! - Season 2 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was one of the best tv shows I remember watching as a kid. I couldn't wait for next week's episode to be shown!!! To this day, this show has given me a great appreciation for firefighters and paramedics. Still a great show!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I used to love watching the reruns of this series when I was a kid. Several friends of mine became paramedics or cops due to this series! Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe worked well together: they made it seem real. Sure, the clothes are polyester scary and some of the acting is over the top, but it all adds up to great family entertainment.
ELIZABETH67 More than 1 year ago