Falcon Down

Falcon Down


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Falcon Down

A secret project turns out to not have been so secret after all as an air disaster threatens to become an international incident in this action thriller. Peter Stanton is an aviation engineer who is asked by the United States military to design a new super-sized stealth aircraft. Since Stanton's project is officially off the government's books (though the Pentagon is indeed footing the bill), his sponsors create a cover story that the new craft is actually a civilian airline carrier being jointly developed by NASA and three major airlines. In order to give the new jet a proper test and support their cover story, the plane, known as FALCON, will carry a group of special passengers for its first flight, a hop from New York to Paris that will take less than two hours. However, Stanton finds out the hard way that not everyone on his team is honest and idealistic when a team of Serbian terrorists take over the plane, intending to land it on the arctic ice cap. The Serbs miscalculate, and soon Stanton has two major problems on his hand: bringing the FALCON up out of the ocean, and saving the passengers from the terrorists before the Serbs can make use of the jet's sophisticated weapons systems. Falcon Down stars William Shatner, Judd Nelson, Cliff Robertson, Jennifer Rubin, and Dale Midkiff.

Product Details

Release Date: 08/26/2005
UPC: 0687797609991
Original Release: 2000
Rating: R
Source: Alchemy / Millennium
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo]
Time: 1:33:00

Special Features

Closed Caption; Trailer; Scene selections; Spanish subtitles; Interactive menus; Full screen presentation

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Falcon Down
1. Start [3:10]
2. Connie Eldridge [1:26]
3. July 17, 1996 [1:47]
4. Test Operation Warning [1:54]
5. "We Have a Problem Sir" [1:04]
6. Flight 800 [:39]
7. Assigning Blame [2:53]
8. The Falcon Program [:19]
9. 3 Years Later [:38]
10. Family [5:43]
11. Meeting Sharon [1:58]
12. A Plan [7:31]
13. Leaving for L.A. [3:10]
14. Extraterrestrial Activity [1:25]
15. The Abduction [15:39]
16. Success [2:46]
17. "Anyone Else Still Alive?" [2:05]
18. Fuel Loss [1:43]
19. The Real Coordinates [7:44]
20. "Fire at Will." [4:13]
21. Beneath the Beufort Sea [2:14]
22. A New Rendezvous Point [2:54]
23. Breaking the Ice [1:35]
24. "Do You Read Me?" [:38]
25. Towing the Falcon [4:31]
26. Inside the Mini-Sub [4:42]
27. Home [1:12]
28. The Conspiracy Continues [7:15]

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